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Rosie's Dilemma
Weta Nichols
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Rosie Gleason loses her husband in a trucking accident. She must learn to handle his business, fight her own inadequacies, and cope with an 8-year old boy who claims her late husband is his father. When wealthy businessman Max Winthrop comes to her rescue, he awakens new feelings of love.

Max has stayed single by choice until he sees Rosie’s dilemma. He fights his growing attraction to her and the resentment of the boy she adopts. Perseverance pays off and Rosie and Max discover a house is not a home without love and laughter.

Knoxville, Tenn.--1972

Rosemary Gleason started down the hill into Knoxville, then realized she was going too fast. "Oh no!" she wailed, and pumped the brakes, but to no avail. She knew they were faulty, but had decided to take it to the garage, though Wayne told her not to drive it. She looked up to see that she was headed straight for a classy red sports car, and crashed into the left fender

Rosie hung her head, tears springing to her eyes. She couldn’t face this person, much less her husband, Wayne. He would be furious with her.

"Look what you’ve done!" a loud voice bellowed.

Rosie cringed, looking up at the red-faced man, his blond hair springing up wildly. His dark blue eyes flashed in anger, and his knotted fists told her he might like to use them on her.

"I’m all right. I’m sorry about your car. I’m taking ours to the garage in Knoxville to get the brakes fixed."

"Evidently you’re an incompetent driver on top of everything else. I expect full restitution for the repairs to my Porsche. I don’t even have a hundred miles on it."

"I said I’m sorry. My name is Rosemary Gleason, and I’ll tell my husband, Wayne, and let him handle it. I’m sure our car is insured with the business trucks."

"Gleason…as in Gleason Trucking? What do you plan to do now?"

She nodded, hating to look at him again. "Why, get the cars untangled and be on my way, I guess."

"Just like a woman." He gave her a cold look, then said, "How am I to get mine to the garage?"

"You back up and see if it’s drivable, the same as I’ll do," Rosie replied, hoping the man would just go away.

"Here’s my card. Have your husband give me a call as soon as possible. I don’t like this one little bit, Mrs. Gleason." He stalked back to the car and seated himself behind the wheel.

Rosie glanced down at the card in the palm of her hand, still feeling the hot prickles. An "Oh no," escaped from her. He was Max Winthrop, the wealthy and eccentric bachelor that everyone mentioned with their tongue in their cheek.

She heard him start his car, back up, then drive away. She sat stunned, too horror-stricken to move. Wayne would do more than call her an incompetent driver. How could she explain this to him?

Taking several deep breaths to calm herself, Rosie had to face reality. An accident like this was something to upset anyone. It could only have been with this rich man who thought he owned the world.

Thinking they had a perfect marriage, Rosie well remembered how irritable Wayne was lately. How, just this morning, he jerked a letter with feminine handwriting on it from her hand, telling her he would take care of it. It wasn’t the first time a letter from Nashville came to the house, and he ignored her when she asked about it.

Still, thoughts of the red Porsche and the angry man flashed through her mind. That was an expensive car compared to her two-year old Chevy. She started the car, but when Rosie tried to turn the wheel and pull back onto the road, a terrible scraping noise came to her.

Weta feels she has been writing most of her life, taking an active part in high school, writing a play and performing in several.

Her husband’s work took them to many states, plus Peru, South America. Writing letters and in a journal wasn’t enough. She soon wanted to put those places into stories, thus her interest in writing grew.

IN 1987 she attended the Dallas RWA conference, then founded the Ozarks Romance Authors chapter and played an active part. As the saying goes, “She hasn’t slowed down since, just keeps writing those stories.” She has published several short stories, four novellas and six novels.

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ISBN: 1590888782
ISBN(13-digit): 9781590888780
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 268
Paper Weight (lb): 11.6

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