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A Risk Worth Taking
Teresa Morgan
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Loving Chad Matthews was Nikki Nolan’s one great gamble. She lost. Now an accountant, she prefers numbers to a man’s empty promises. When John Henderson literally knocks her off her skates, Nikki’s anger doesn’t stand a chance against his charismatic charm.

John Henderson swears he’s a changed man. The lure of womanizing that caused an international incident at last year’s World Championships is gone. He’ll have to prove he’s serious, not just to Nikki, but to the entire figure skating community. Then, yet another scandal threatens to destroy their love.

Dizzy, she tried to focus as she stroked around the end of the rink, gathering speed for a forward spiral. Nikki stretched her torso forward, her free leg out behind her. Head up, stretch, hold the turnout. Point the toe. Arms out to the sides and slightly behind her, she wobbled a bit as she found the blade’s inside edge.

"Nikki, watch out!" A sharp cry from Suzanne interrupted her concentration.

Before she could comprehend any danger, something hit her hard, knocking her skating leg out from under her. Arms out to her sides, she landed flat on her chest, the ice knocking the breath from her body. As she slid across the ice, heaving, trying to refill her lungs with air, the frigid dampness soaked her Lycra practice outfit. Shavings of snow made their way up her nose.

What had hit her?

Even before she stopped sliding, Suzanne bent over her. "Are you all right?"

She could only shake her head and heave. Someone had dropped a bag of concrete on her chest. Oh God, it hurts. Finally, she hoisted herself to her hands and knees and sat on the ice, arms wrapped around her ribs.

"Nikki, are you all right?" Ten-year-old Melissa’s eyes were wide with fear. Thirteen-year-old Samuel gaped. Wendy and Amanda stood speechless.

Again she shook her head. Couldn’t these people see she was trying to breathe? Why did they think she could speak?

A male voice interrupted. "Let her catch her breath, first. I am so sorry. I fell on my Axel and slid into you."

Nikki looked up at the face looming over her. Mr. Hot Shot’s face--drained of color--was only inches from hers. John Henderson had hit her? And she’d lived? Finally, she succeeded in catching a breath. Sharp, piercing pain stabbed her. She’d yell at him later. Groaning, she clutched at her ribs with both arms.

"You’ve hurt your ribs," he said. "Let me take you to the hospital to get them x-rayed."

His voice was soft and low, and it did something to the beat of the pulse in her ears. She had hurt her ribs? Nikki glared at him. "No," she croaked.

Suzanne spoke up and said, "Nikki, you’re in no shape to drive. I’d take you, myself, but I have to pick up my granddaughters at the mall."

"I’m fine--" she ground out between clenched teeth. The very idea that she’d been knocked over by a world-class skater going at top speed, when she’d had the right of way, infuriated her. Melted snow seeped through her practice outfit. Nikki started to get up and felt another stabbing pain in her ribcage. She couldn’t keep back a soft cry. Tears filled her eyes as she sank back onto the ice.

"You’re coming with me." John bent over, and with gentle strength that amazed her, he lifted her back onto her skates.

Another spasm of pain shot through her.

"Anything else hurt?"

Still bent almost double, she shook her head. His tone was soft, almost a caress. She didn’t want his caresses, verbal or otherwise. Nikki pulled away from the arm that encircled her.

Teresa Morgan's favorite things are books, history, and puppies, not necessarily in that order. In 1994, after following her engineer husband's career around the country, driving more miles through more states, and being stalked by more natural disasters than she cares to remember, she returned to the Pacific Northwest. Teresa admits that she much prefers a minor "rip the roof off your house" windstorm to a hurricane, tornado or flood.

Years ago, in the days of carbon paper and eraser shields, she was secretary to a manager and twenty or so engineers and scientists. Now, she's wife to one engineer, mom to her grown-up son and daughter and proud Grandma to the most beautiful grand-daughter in the world, Lauren. Currently, she's owned by two scheming cocker spaniels devious enough to work for the CIA.

Though so far she's written only contemporary novels, she loves history so much that, years ago, she took the huge paperback WINDS OF WAR by Herman Wouk on her honeymoon. She loves early 20th Century history, and has a particular interest in World War II.

Though her third book, tentatively titled The Gift, is a contemporary, the characters, their conflicts and secrets are based in events that happened during the Battle of Britian. As Teresa works to draw the men and women of the 1920's, 1930's, and 1940's into the year 2002, she feels compelled to understand not just who they were and what they did, but why.

"Four Stars!! Satin and Steel starts out with a bang! It grabs from the beginning, and the suspense doesn't let up till the very end! You'll flip pages as fast as you can to read the resolution. " --Kathy Boswell, Romantic Times Magazine

"Satin and Steel bears that remarkable quality in which the characters become so real, you feel as if you're watching them through a window. All your senses and emotions come into play. The motivation for Hal's obsession is believable and frightening. - LeAn "Buzzy" Ardnt, "Sharpwriter Reviewer Rating: * * * * *

"Five Stars!! Satin And Steel revolves around a passionate ballerina who is being stalked by a mad choreographer… Extremely well written and the story constantly engaged me.... I couldn't go to bed til I finished it. " - Copyright © 2001 by Grabbermcgrew, Sharpwriter

In SATIN AND STEEL, Teresa Morgan takes us through a fascinating journey in the worlds of figure skating and ballet, of fear and passion. Her characters grab you and pull you into their world, and you'll never want to leave. --Judith Miller, RETURN TO PORT DARKLING, Wings e-Press, January 2003

In SATIN AND STEEL, Teresa Morgan propels the reader into the fascinating and often dangerous world of competition ice skating, and deep into the hidden souls of its stars.

In Sharylynn St. Claire, Ms. Morgan has crafted a heroine who overcomes emotional and physical terrors, then shares her strength and love with skating star, Chad Matthews, as the story races through twists and turns into a stunning climax. --Barbara Clark, Author of award-winning Tears of the Hawk

I thoroughly enjoyed Teresa Morgan’s A RISK WORTH TAKING. Her characters are interesting and sexy, and the plot twists and turns like a skater’s dance. - Judith Miller, Author, RETURN TO PORT DARKLING, Wings e-Press, January 2003

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ISBN: 1590888766
ISBN(13-digit): 9781590888766
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 340
Paper Weight (lb): 14.2

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