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Risk Takers
Eleanor Cocreham
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The restoration of an abandoned house forces two unlikely people to work together—an uninhibited supermodel who flaunts her sexuality and a divorced-scarred architect desperate to ignore the woman representing the antithesis of everything he wants in a mate.

Will love prove to be the risk worth taking?

She watched through the window as the two men settled into their chairs. Taking a deep breath, she tightened her grip on Gulliver’s leash and stepped outside.

The dog fought the unfamiliar restraint, giving Emily only a cursory glance at the architect. One was enough. Her attempt to look sexy was wasted. A man wearing multicolored Armani wasn’t likely to get turned on by anything she wore.

When she drew closer and heard the deep timbre of the man’s voice, she froze. What were the odds the famed architect held in such high esteem would land at her feet in a pile of shit the moment he arrived? No wonder her father had hustled her off to San Francisco on a buying excursion that very day. He’d trumped up a trip to get her out of town until the architect cooled off. Damn. Now what? Retreat? She could. Neither man had noticed her.

Emily back stepped quickly and in her nervousness to escape, she dropped Gulliver’s leash and he bolted. She stood horror-stricken as he tore through the clutter of trash toward the newcomer.

Jonathan made a frantic grab for the dog’s collar and missed as Gulliver raced past. Mike reared back as the exuberant animal’s two huge paws landed on his chest. Choking on the whisky he’d just swallowed, he sprayed the front of his pants with scotch. His chair teetered and both of his hands went up to stop the drooling, pink tongue from bathing his face. Regaining his balance, he motioned to Jonathan for help and caught a glimpse of the woman scrambling after the dog’s leash lose her balance in the scattered debris.

Jonathan seemed to be frozen in place, and Mike shoved the mammoth dog aside, leaped up and reached out to help her. Instead of breaking the woman’s fall, his feet got entangled in the long leather strap and he followed her down onto a thick mound of sawdust.

Landing in a most embarrassing position, Mike’s hands spanned voluptuous breasts, his lower extremities were wedged firmly between splayed legs, and his face was buried into warm skin drenched in scents of jasmine and gardenia. He lay still, as if afraid to move.

Emily knew why he wasn’t moving. Pinned down by hips encased in soft, somewhat damp linen trousers, she felt his body’s instant response. She’d worked with enough gay men in the modeling profession to know such a reaction from that type of man was unlikely. She had pegged this man wrong. Despite the choice of flamboyant colors, Randolph was straight and definitely into women.

With the man’s tanned face hovering close and his warm whisky breath teasing her lips, her eyes closed and her body pulsed to life. She shifted unconsciously to accommodate the increasing pressure against her thigh, centering him in place. Seconds later a sudden puff of air feathered her face. Her eyes popped open in time to catch the man’s lips tighten as though suppressing either a grimace or a grin. She couldn’t tell which.

Damn. Damn. Damn! In less than ten seconds she’d acknowledged this stranger’s arousal in the most elemental way. And from the look on his face, he knew it.

She bucked and tried to get out from beneath him. He didn’t budge. Rotating her hips, trying to dislodge that part of him she didn’t want to feel, she grabbed his shoulders with her hands and pushed upwards. He still didn’t move. Her chest began to hurt like it had in childhood when she was held down and tickled by her brothers.

Her breath exploded in a hiss. “Get off me.”

His eyes were shut tight and his teeth were clenched. His lips barely moved in a rush of whispers. “Don’t. Wiggle.”

Emily realized then that her attempt to separate them was adding to his dilemma; that he was so hard he couldn’t extricate himself without Jonathan noticing his bulging zipper. She wondered how the man was going to solve his embarrassing predicament until he somehow managed to remove his hands from her breasts to the terrace floor. Then she decided anything else he did to free himself would be possible.

Texas born, but Louisiana reared, I was once asked in an interview by a fellow romance writer if I’ve had adventures in my life. I had to admit being married many years to the guy I met on a blind date, and having two sons and twin daughters has certainly been an adventure. Plus having a mate who likes to cook, entertain and travel provides endless backgrounds for my stories.

I am a long-time resident of Baton Rouge, and until writing became my passion, tennis, golf and rearing four active children filled my days. Now, grandchildren, good friends and the computer occupy my time. My encouraging husband couldn’t be happier--writing keeps me from the shopping malls.

I am often distracted by my critique group’s stories, my husband’s dinner parties, golf trips, travels, and anything and everything else that pops up to drag me from the computer. But my imagination never stops--plots, characters, and happy endings are always on my mind.

Eleanor Cocreham has done it again--another epic tale of romance. In Risk Takers, the sequel to Choice Makers, Eleanor takes the reader on a whirlwind adventure from the fashion runways of Paris to the highest echelons of American society. Fascinating characters and convoluted sub-plots offer an escape from the ordinary.

Sparks fly when super model Emily Wannamaker and architect Mike Randolph meet, but one calamitous event after the other turns a possible relationship into a war of obstinacy. Despite past demons and the fear of uncertainty, their hunger for one another intensifies. Can they shed the shackles of the past? Are they willing to risk everything for love? --Sylvia Rochester, Shadow of the Soul, www.sylviarochester.com

Risk Takers, the second book in the Wanamaker series is as exciting and sensual as Choice Makers. Pair an irresistible woman searching for herself and a man trying to avoid women, and sooner or later things have to heat up. Yet even as their passion grows, Emily and Mike fear commitment, and try everything they can to avoid the truth of their feelings for one another--until a horrific accident brings them together again and they realize that their love and need for one another is far stronger than their differences. You won’t want to put this one down, either. --Elaine Grant, http://www.elainegrant.com/, www.myspace.com/eygrant

Risk Takers: A true family saga the like of which was never seen by the Waltons. Everything is challenged, morality, fidelity, even legality. Risk Takers exposes the not so pretty underbelly of the glamorous world of models. Each chapter reveals another aspect of this tightly crafted tale. Ms. Cocreham has once again woven a story that both entertains and enlightens. The author unfolds not only the story but the multi-layers of her characters. You see their flaws and how they grow in spite of them. The reader has a stake in the outcome and finds themselves compelled to turn each page until the final page. This reviewer is continually amazed at this author’s ability to create multi-leveled and cleverly interwoven tales that so engage the reader. Rather than reveal any of her tale I will simply say this book rates a five out of five. You really must read this book. --A. Dee Carey. www.foxladycarey.com, Foxpaw Reviews www.careyfoxlady.googlepages.com

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ISBN: 1597057304
ISBN(13-digit): 9781597057301
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 330
Paper Weight (lb): 13.8

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