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Retreat To Danger
Carol McPhee
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Reclusive fisherman, Greg Sanders, treasures his privacy, but the half naked woman on the beach is magnetic. Had he known the danger of meeting her, he would have stayed out at sea.

“Mauri, there’s an unusual island about nine miles out that would be a nice place to picnic. It would provide a good history lesson for Sam. We can take time to go if you’d like. Are you game?”

“Please, Mom?”

“It’s fine with me, Sam. What is its history?”

“The island is almost surrounded by rocks which have seen many ships wrecked there in the last two hundred years. It’s all been recorded. There’s not much on the land but an automated lighthouse, an empty lighthouse keeper’s home, and lots of birds.”

Mauri could see the interest in Sam’s eyes. She’d bet he was already thinking he might find souvenirs of the day’s fun. “Okay, let’s go.”

Greg nodded and entered the wheelhouse. The boat lunged toward deeper water. A frothing white wake surged behind as they slashed through the waves. The island’s lighthouse had just come in sight when several misses in the motor’s rhythmic purr took all ears in the direction of the engine. The boat regained its even momentum, continuing to within a half mile of the far side of the land where the passage was situated. Suddenly, the motor sputtered and died.

Greg walked from the wheelhouse and shrugged. “I thought I had that glitch repaired; doesn’t scare you does it?”

“Not at all,” Mauri answered.

Greg tilted his head and studied her. She was fibbing. Her clenched fists gave her edginess away. He checked the sky again. The clouds hadn’t cleared. Just then he heard the static-laced radio voice of another fisherman mentioning a shift in the storm pattern. “It looks like the storm may fall back on itself and head your way, Greg. We’re going in. Suggest you do the same.”

Greg quickly answered. “I have another repair job; will do so as soon as I can.” He tapped Sam on the shoulder. “Sam can you haul my tool box over to the engine hatch while I pull off these coveralls so I can be more flexible?”


“Casey, get out of the way.” Mauri spoke with an edge in her voice that she regretted when the dog’s ears flattened and his tail drooped. “Here, boy, come with me.” The dog, looking mournfully over his shoulder at Sam followed her to the bow. Mauri scanned the water on all sides. The boat rolled back and forth causing her to hold onto the railing. Greg crawled down the hatch.

“Greg, you better see this,” Mauri yelled.

His head rose above the opening. “What?”

“There.” She motioned to the front of the boat.

“Bloody hell!”

Carol lives in Nova Scotia, Canada with Karl, her hero of forty plus years. Now that their four children have left the nest, there is time to enjoy taking trips to scout out locations intended for her stories. As fast as she finishes one story, another is burning in the back of her mind, its characters urgently needing release to continue their development. She would love to hear how you like her stories in the guestbook of her homepage at: http://www.geocities.com/carolmcphee2003

"Dietitian Andrea Martin has a special connection with the cardiac patients in the hospital where she works. She believes in living life to the fullest, without regard for time. Dr. Braeden Landry is an overworked but brilliant heart surgeon who has forgotten that life is meant to be lived, and not simply saved. Andrea helps Braeden reconnect with his patients and shows him he needs to live life too, while Braeden gives Andrea her heart's desire. With vivid descriptions, well-drawn characters, and touching plot twists, Carol McPhee brings this romance to a happily-ever-after that is as real as it is satisfying." -- Paula Altenburg, President, Romance Writers of Atlantic Canada

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ISBN: 1597058785
ISBN(13-digit): 9781597058780
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 336
Paper Weight (lb): 14.2

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