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Replacing Barney
Patrice Wilton
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Lydia O’Reilley, divorce attorney is on fast track to make partner until she sleeps with her new client’s soon-to-be-ex husband. To make matters worse the condom breaks and she is pregnant. Now her perfect plans are seriously derailed, and it may take a little magic to make everything right.

“Lydia, you are the best damned divorce attorney in Miami--no, the state of Florida, maybe the country,” Terri slurred, sloshing champagne. “I should remarry just so I can get another divorce.” The Candy Bar was crowded so she shouted to make herself heard. “Hey, anybody want to get married this weekend? I’m free, free, free...”

She was waving her full glass around and laughing as people ducked from the spillage. I cringed with embarrassment and tried to take the glass out of her hand, but no way was she letting go.

“Thanks, Terri, but you only got what you deserved,” I said quietly, hoping my serious tone of voice would be enough to subdue her without having to wrestle her to the ground.

She had ordered the magnum of Dom before I showed up, and I wondered how much of it she had consumed. A little too much, I was thinking. I signaled to Candy, bartender extraordinaire and sole owner of this happening South Beach bar, and whispered in her ear. “We need some food, ice water, and two cups of coffee.”

“You’ve got it.” Candy nodded then hustled off to the kitchen. I turned to Terri. “You need to take a breather between men. You’ve already had two husbands since I’ve known you.”

“Spoil sport.” She gulped her drink. “I just so happen to like men.”

“I know you do, and so do I. The difference is that I don’t marry every guy who gets my hormones hopping.”

Her laugh was infectious. “Oh, poor you. The wedding is the best part. How often do you get to wear the most beautiful gown in the room, and be the center of attention for the entire evening? And later, open all those lovely gifts! Why, what girl in her right head wouldn’t want to get married?”

I shrugged. “Me?”

“Then, you’re just plumb dumb.” Terri looked around and nodded toward a guy sitting at the end of the bar staring morosely into his beer. “Now, if he’s not a candidate for husband number three, I don’t know who is.”

I checked him out, and he was seriously hot, with a hard, muscular body, and a face I could easily get used to. I laughed and fanned myself. “Please don’t tell me I’m menopausal, but I just got a hot flash.”

She eyed me curiously, as I gulped a sip of champagne. “Your face is flushed.”

“Too many bodies not enough air. So,” I said, looking at the guy, “getting back to him. I’d skip the damn wedding and fast forward to the honeymoon.” I lowered my voice. “And then, I’d give him the ride of his life.”

The lights in the bar flickered, and the candles on the tables grew dim. I thought they were having a power outage until I heard Candy laugh and clap her hands. “Magic’s in the air,” she told her customers.

The guy looked up, and it was like being caught in headlights. Our eyes locked, and I couldn’t break contact while my body temperature continued to soar. I don’t know how long we would have continued to stare at one another if Terri hadn’t shot up out of her seat.

I watched Terri grab the magnum and teeter off to the end of the bar. Here was a woman who’d had two husbands, neither of them loveable, and was willing to take a chance on a third, while I would rather jump off a cliff than step down the aisle. I preferred my battery-operated friend to getting my heart broken. After all, I was batting two for two.

Terri bumped the guy’s arm and said too loudly, “Hey, my friend and I are celebrating. Wanna join us?”

He shook his head no.

“Oh, come on,” Terri gushed, “at least one drink.”

He looked over at me, and I made an apologetic face. He grinned, and I found myself grinning back. The guy was seriously cute and looked like he needed some cheering up.

“That’s better.” I heard Terri say. “I thought your face was permanently frozen in a sour mash. You’d be a real lady-killer if you smiled a bit more.”

She grabbed one of the girls behind the bar. “Hey, give this guy a champagne flute. He’s joining us for a drink.”

As a very young girl, I knew what I wanted—to see the world and to write books and set out to do both. I was a flight attendant for seventeen years and moved around the world as a corporate wife, living abroad in such interesting places as Australia and England.

At the age of forty I sat down to write my first book—in longhand! Now, my interests include tennis, golf, and writing humorous stories for women of all ages.

I have two wonderful children, who both made me a grandmother this year. With two beautiful grand-daughters to love and spoil, I am doubly blessed.

I also have a terrific man in my life, a retired golf pro, and we live in sunny West Palm Beach. What could be better than that?

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ISBN: 1597056758
ISBN(13-digit): 9781597056755
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 314
Paper Weight (lb): 13.2

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