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Regardless Of Time
Cathy Miller
booksXYZ price: $16.95
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Seventeen-year-old twins, Kara and Carl Freeland finally manage to reopen the window to Bedwyr’s world but Kara’s reunion with Bedwyr doesn't go quite as planned.

Betrayal, murder, and life threatening battles stand in the way of Kara accepting the love of the man destined for her if she can learn to accept others as they are and not as she'd have them be.

"No," Bedwyr ap Breiddan heard himself scream. His throat-ripping cry didn’t stop Kara or bring her scrambling back over the window’s edge to him from her magical world. Back to the life he offered her as his wife.

The red cloak he’d gifted to her earlier this evening during their formal betrothal slid from her fingers when she couldn’t free it from the briars that kept it anchored in his world. With a quick movement of his sword, Bedwyr sliced through the cloth, deftly flipping the section of wool attached to his cloak pin toward her. Catching the fabric, she looked at him, tears sliding down her face. Light from hundreds of candles behind her lit the fiery nimbus of her hair, each strand crackling and lifting from her scalp almost as if with a life of its own.

Something more than physical hands held him back, kept him from leaping after her.

"Wait for me. Please wait for me." Her words burned into his heart while, as he watched, her face faded back into her strange, alien world beneath the hollow hills. And he was helpless to stop her.

Her whispered words echoed in his brain as he struggled from the depths of sleep to wide-awake, gasping for air. The pre-dawn cold seeped beneath his blanket, chilling him to his soul. Sounds of his war-band stirring around him filled his ears. Several horses nickered.

By the Goddess, but he’d tried to wait for her. Almost an entire year had passed now. And the waiting had cost him dearly both in prestige and in the respect of his men. Yet the wound to his heart she’d caused him still had not healed. Rarely did two days pass without someone asking about his elven betrothed and if he’d seen or heard from her. Their disrespect to her, referring to that innocent as his lover, irritated him and left him feeling angry. Usually he recognized the questions as good-natured teasing. But some days he wanted nothing more than to strangle those who asked. Then there was the rift between him and his little brother--though that was healing, albeit slowly.

Bedwyr stretched and forced himself to rise from his rough bed of forest leaves and moss. The mist that had chilled him earlier clung thick as a curtain to the ground and trees, giving his men the appearance of ghosts as they moved. He shivered with more than the cold.

Without Artorius’s intervention on the night Kara vanished, Bedwyr knew he would have killed his little brother for the part he played in her disappearance. Dayffed’s treachery still rankled, even now nearly a year later. The boy freely admitted that he had helped the twins escape. And that he had been the one who first held Bedwyr back from following Kara into her strange world.

After the portal faded to Kara’s world, it had taken both the war leader and the combined strength of the assembled Combrogi to keep Bedwyr separate from his traitorous brother. Both Artorius and the members of that elite mounted fighting force had stood by him that night, drunk with him and watched over him as he grieved for his elven bride. How could she have put her grievously injured twin brother’s needs above his offer to take her to wife? While her loyalty to her family was credible, Kara need not have fled back to her world to find one who would protect her as Lord Artorius did his own wife.

The return up the hill from the vanished portal to the fortress of Deganway had been grim and the resulting drinking heavy spirited. The Lady Gwennuvar absented herself after proclaiming total and complete innocence concerning Kara’s intentions. And of course the war leader believed her, or at least gave lip service to her alibi. All these many months later, Bedwyr was not convinced the lady had spoken the truth. Not that it mattered any longer. The deed could not be changed nor Kara brought back.

Outside Time is a wonderful story, rich in history and characters. The details of everyday life are an insight to the Celts of those times, and there’s a tantalizing teaser that Lord Arturius and his wife Gwennuvar might be the fabled King Arthur and Lady Guinevere. Outside Time is a delightful read, and a book I recommend for any young reader interested in time travel, adventure and romance.

Wow, I loved this! I found the story to be rich with description, without being "heavy". I really liked the romance between Kara and Bedwyr, especially when he was claiming her! And her reactions were priceless. -- Angela Verdenius, Heart of an Outlaw, Futuristic romance

Cathy Miller has a masters in Reading Education from University of Missouri-Kansas City and taught in the public schools for a number of years before she settled down to raise a family and write full time. She enjoys writing, reading, weaving, needlework, cooking and teaching. Most days she can be found substitute teaching or at her computer surrounded by her collies.

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ISBN: 159088714X
ISBN(13-digit): 9781590887143
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 236
Paper Weight (lb): 10.0

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