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Racing With The Moon
Jane Toombs
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Vella Frazier has no idea the gift of a wolf belt will change her life--but will it be for better or worse? When she meets Guy St. Simon, she’s plunged into such strange and confusing circumstances she can’t decided what and who to believe. How can it be true that shapeshifters actually exist? Desperate to save her hafling daughter, Vella must learn to trust Guy, frightening though that is. The idea of loving him, though, is even more scary.

"I’ll come to you here if I can," he told her. "When and if I do, you’ll have to face what I am then. Will you have the courage to open the door and throw the chain over the head of the beast?"

Vella couldn’t find an answer. She didn’t know. How could she know?

Without another word, he closed the door, leaving her shut safely inside.

Feeling as though her knees wouldn’t hold her up, she sank down on the wicker loveseat. How could he refer so coldly and calmly to himself as a beast? And how could she ever bring herself to face that beast? Vella tried to control the tremors shivering through her and failed. It wasn’t so much fear of the awful creature she knew he’d soon become, but more being unable to accept that beast as Guy.

She tried not to so much as glance at the hot tub, only a few steps away. Her rebellious mind, though, flashed back to some hours earlier, when they’d held one another close, making love there. Willing the memory away, she told herself she hadn’t known what he was then. A Shifter. If she had known...

If she had known--what? She wouldn’t have allowed him to touch her? Dropping the clothes and the chain with the medallion onto the loveseat, Vella put her hands over her face and sobbed, the word if instead of when echoing in her mind. What if he never returned?

Jane Toombs, along with the Viking from her past and their calico cat, Kinko, spend winters in Florida and the rest of the year on the south shore of Lake Superior in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Jane is the author of seventy plus published books and fifteen short stories. Her favorite reading and writing genre is fantasy/paranormal.

Race With The Moon -- Vella Frazier is a healer, but her powers extend far beyond the nursing she did before summer commenced. When she bumped into Guy St. Simon in a rush to catch her plane back to Minnesota, his energy passed through her, leaving her to contemplate the strange life changing experience.

Ms. Toombs again enthralls us with exacting details of ancient Finnish and French cultures relating to loup garou--the werewolf--the shifters. As family members come close to the pain and danger of shifting, Vella and Guy work under time constraints governed by the moon to save them.

The storyline is well-done, the suspense riveting, and the ending heartwarming. Readers of romance paranormal or otherwise will enjoy this exciting trek into a world of unearthly charms. -- 4 Hearts, Mary Ann Carman, http://www.mywordsworth.com

Night Of The Owl -- Jill M. Smith wrote: 4 Stars “...fast paced and taut psychological thriller.

ISBN: 1590888006
ISBN(13-digit): 9781590888001
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 228
Paper Weight (lb): 9.8

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