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Quixotic Fantasy
Christine Poe
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Writer Georgette Jones is a widow raising three teenagers. Her hottest date is with the computer and the fantasy heroes she creates. Country star Colt Ryder sings about love, but in real life the novelty eludes him. Winning the perfect woman's love is like chasing windmills, until he meets Etta Jones.

A dozen long-stemmed pink roses, arranged neatly in an open florist’s box, sat on the wide library table inside the front door. Georgette Jones gazed down at the flowers in surprise. She set the groceries on the table and looked for a card. It was probably one of Marcy’s love-crazed boyfriends. Her pretty daughter was always getting flowers--lucky girl.

"They’re for you, Mom." Marcy passed by with a sly wink, her blond ponytail swinging with her bouncy walk. She flopped on the sofa in the living room, released a dramatic sigh, and flicked on the television.

Curiosity itched at her to find some answers. "When did they come, Marcy?"

The spunky teenager peered back over her shoulder. "The delivery guy was about to leave when I pulled up from school, so I signed for them. Got a beau, Mom?"

Georgette studied the long silver box. They were from that expensive florist across town. She pushed back the crisp green tissue and found a small white linen envelope. A nice masculine cursive sprawled her nickname across the note card inside.

Marcy walked up beside her. She removed the bouquet of delicate roses from the box to sniff them. "Wow, these smell great, Mom. What does the card say?"

She read the message aloud. "Etta, your heart sings music to my soul. It’s signed Don Quixote."

"Don Quixote?" Marcy echoed in total awe. "Who the hell is that?"

"Marcy, don’t swear! I don’t know who it is, dear." She turned the card over in her fingertips, trying to get a clue. Who was this mythical Don Quixote, as in Cervantes charming, romantic character inspired by chivalrous but impractical ideals? Impossible! She shook her head and laughed. Tucking the card into her purse, she picked up the overflowing grocery bag.

"Don’t you know a Don Quixote, Mom?" Marcy followed her into the kitchen and slipped the fragrant roses into a tall glass vase.

"Too well, I’m afraid." Georgette watched her daughter arrange the roses to her satisfaction and add cold water.

Marcy shoved the groceries aside and placed the roses in the middle of the kitchen table. "You’re weird, Mom." She grabbed a handful of chocolate chip cookies from the jar on the counter and bounced out of the kitchen, singing an unfamiliar song, way off key.

"I’ll take that as a compliment, Marcy. Thank you very much."

She sighed with fatigue and resigned herself to putting away the groceries alone. She should be harder on the children and make them help more around the house, but they had to have their time to relax too. She really didn’t mind taking care of them; it kept her mind off thinking too much--most of the time. Then there were days like earlier today when all she thought about was Ben. Gosh, she missed him so much!

She grabbed a box of cereal from the paper grocery bag and slipped it up into the cupboard above the stove. She may be weird and life was truly hectic at times, but receiving flowers from a stranger was simply an interesting mistake. That’s what it was, someone’s computer error. All it took was the touch of one wrong button to mess up a whole ordering system. She shook her head and slipped a gallon jug of milk into the refrigerator. She paused by the counter and stared dreamily out the window at the dog lying on the patio.

Then again, wouldn’t it be romantic to have a secret admirer?

Christine Poe grew up in California, moved to Utah, married and raised four wonderful children. She has been writing books since her early teens, mostly to entertain friends. Many of her schoolteachers encouraged her to write. Her high school play “Take A Trip” was a hit comedy and received great reviews. She has completed seven manuscripts in various genres, and has many more in the works. She has also written several children’s stories and over two hundred poems.

Christine currently resides in Virginia with her devoted husband, a large multi-generational family, lots of Blue Ridge Mountain wildlife, and far too many pets to enumerate, but cats are her favorite animals.

“This reader thoroughly enjoyed Heroes and Hunks; it was sexy, humorous, and guarantees a happy-ever-after ending that is most satisfying. I would recommend this book to everyone who loves a story filled with great real-to-life characters, sensual imagery, sexual tension, humorous moments, and an everlasting love.” Five Roses Kari Thomas

Christine Poe has come up with a real winner with Heroes and Hunks. A sure-to-please romantic comedy about a modern day, oh-so-sexy cowboy and a strong yet feminine heroine. The main characters are both strongly developed and readers quickly find themselves rooting for their inevitable union. Air filled with sexual tension each time these two powerful characters went head to head from a verbal sparing to a passionate embrace. The worst part of this book was that it ended.

This excellent romantic comedy is highly recommended and a definite addition to this reviewer's keeper shelf. ~Miriam van Veen ~ Love Romances Reviews

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ISBN: 1590888383
ISBN(13-digit): 9781590888384
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 314
Paper Weight (lb): 13.2

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