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Quade's Quest
Sherry Derr- Wille
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A twist of fate brings both Hannah and Quade to Fort Banner. Hannah to reunite with the people to whom she was born and Quade as a punishment for something that never happened.

Will Hannah ever believe that Quade loves her for herself? Will Quade be able to show her he didn’t use her to arrest Crooked Snake?

Quade was relieved when the fort finally came into view. Within ten minutes of leaving Red’s saloon, he knew Simon Leary was a self-centered bore. After five hours of listening to the man degrade the once proud people he was supposed to protect, Quade wanted to be sick. The trip would have taken less time if the man didn’t stop to relieve himself at every tree and bush he saw. Quade knew dogs that stopped less when they were marking their territory.

A sentry, standing on the catwalk, saw them approach and had someone open the gate for them. The buildings within the stockade all needed attention. The only one that looked decent was a small house with a flower garden that sat just inside the gate.

“That house you’re so interested in belongs to Horace Whitfield,” Simon advised him. “He’s the missionary that caters to those no good Indians at the reservation.”

“You mean the ones you were sent here to care for?” Quade asked.

“It’s my job to be the Indian Agent here. I never said it was something I wanted to do. The bucks are only interested in whiskey and the squaws are little more than breeding stock. You’d think they would hunt or something.”

“If you recall, we just drove the length of the reservation. I didn’t see any game for them to hunt. Besides, I’ve been in the army long enough to know that these people aren’t even given weapons.”

“I should have known you were one of those Indian lovers. Well, you can get that notion out of your head. I’ve been here for two years and there’s nothing worth loving about any of them.”

Ahead of them, Quade saw a young woman leave the store. As she did, many of the soldiers watched her intently. He was certain they had thoughts about her that were anything but honorable.

“Well, lookey over there. Good Day, Miss Hannah,” Simon said, as he touched the brim of his hat in greeting.

The woman nodded in their direction but kept walking, as though she wanted nothing to do with either of them.

“Uppity Bitch. You’d think she was the Queen of Sheba instead of just old Horace’s adopted daughter. Every man on this post gets hard just lookin’ at her and she won’t give any of them the time of day. Don’t know where she got them ‘better than anyone else’ ways about her, but one day she’ll find out what it’s like to be with a man. If I have my way, I’ll be that man.”

Quade studied the young woman until they drove past her. He didn’t want to appear nosey, so he did not turn back to stare at her the way he wanted to do. She was indeed a beautiful young woman, but there was no way that she was white. He’d seen enough Indian women to know that Hannah Whitfield had to have some Indian blood in her. Perhaps she was an orphan that the missionary and his wife had adopted.

“Did you hear what I said?” Simon asked when Quade made no comment on the man’s statement.

“I heard you. I’m afraid that if you think you’re going to have anything to do with the lovely Miss Whitfield, you have another thing coming. Just by the way she looked at you I could see that she wasn’t interested in anything you have to offer her.”

“And I suppose you think she’ll take an interest in you? Well, my young friend, I’m afraid you’re sadly mistaken. She’s the prettiest thing this side of the saloon and don’t you think she doesn’t know it. She won’t give anyone at this fort more than a smile and a nod and that’s just because she’s polite.”

Quade tended to agree with Simon. He couldn’t help but wonder what kind of a future this young woman could expect.

Simon pulled on the reins to stop the carriage in front of what Quade decided could only be the office of the commanding officer of this fort. When he got out of the carriage, Quade untied his horse and took his gear from the back.

“I’m obliged for the ride from the saloon to here,” he said to Simon. “I’m certain that we’ll be seeing more of each other in the future.”

“Don’t count on it. I don’t spend much time here. Just stop by the office to make a

Mild Mannered receptionist, wife, mother and grandmother by day, Sherry Derr-Wille spends her nights writing and writing and writing. Having been inspired by an English assignment in her sophomore year of high school, she had never quite finished the assignment. New stories pop into her head every day with never enough time to write them all.

A Wisconsin native, she grew up a country girl, but enjoys her “city” home. She and her husband of over 40 years, Bob, live in a mid-sized town close to the Illinois border, where she works as a receptionist for an insurance office and he is retired. Deeming Bob “A Saint” for putting up with her, she has never regretted marrying her high school sweetheart just two days after graduation in 1964.

Becky's Rebel: Ms. Derr-Wille brings the spirit of understanding the plight of the Civil War survivors. Becky Larson and her Rebel, Joe Kemmerman, reminds us that love and faith overcome all obstacles. A must read for those who still need to understand there is no different in the hearts of people, North or South. Becky’s Rebel will make you laugh, shed a tear or two and have you falling in love, once again, with a time and it’s people that is uniquely America’s ... the Civil War era. -- Debbie Fritter – The Perfect Match – Whippoorwill Press

Hello Do You Know Me is a wonderful heart-warming love story. It touches your heart from the very beginning. It has everything that makes you turn the pages. Matt Bratzman has lived another man’s life for thirty-five years. Betsy Connor is a widow again. Now out of the blue her first love is back from the grave. But it can't be. Jerry Fellows was killed in Viet Nam. Sherry Derr Wille’s characters are real and you find yourself cheering for them and wanting them to find a happy-ever-after. If you like stories that grab a hold of your heart and don’t let go. You'll love this one. Along the way there is some humor and tears and love that survived through time. There were many tragedies out of the Viet Nam War but thanks to Ms. Wille this one had a happy ending.-- Judy Leigh Peters, A Father’s Hope, Joshua’s Faith, http://www.judyleighpeters.com

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ISBN: 1597057614
ISBN(13-digit): 9781597057615
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 312
Paper Weight (lb): 13.0

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