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The Preacher Takes A Husband
Sherry Derr-Wille
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Jayne Algrim is about to start her life as a pastor. When the call comes from Minter, she is on her way to a new start in a new town.

Jim Preston has mourned his late wife, Meg. When he decides to live again, he runs into a woman who is about to change his life.

“How can you get lost in a town this size?” Claire teased as they drove down a residential street that looked no more familiar than the last street Jayne had been on.

Before she could answer her friend’s question she saw a sign for the business district. “I guess I zigged when I should have zagged. At least I know where I am now. All I have to do is turn right at the stop sign. That will take us through the business district and I know how to get to the church from there.”

At the stop sign, she turned onto the street that ran past the historic storefronts. This was to be her home. These stores were where she would be doing her shopping and interacting with the people of this town.

“Look out!” Claire shouted.

Out of instinct, Jayne slammed on her brakes. Years of being a mother kicked in as she immediately held out her right arm to keep Claire from going through the windshield even though she wore a seat belt.

The sound of metal against metal jarred Jayne’s senses before the jolt of impact sent her forward and into the air bag that immediately deployed.

“Are you all right?” Clair’s question echoed off the silent interior of the car.

It took Jayne a moment to get her bearings and come to grips with what had just happened. With great effort, she loosened her grip on the steering wheel, even though she couldn’t see beyond the air bag.

“I--I think so. What happened?”

“That idiot backed out without looking and smashed into your front fender.”

Jayne looked toward the car that was butted up against her fender. The man who was getting out of the car was tall with an unruly shock of gray hair.

“Is anyone hurt?” he asked when he came up to the driver’s side.

She knew if she hadn’t had the window down, she wouldn’t have heard what he was saying. “I don’t think so. What happened?”

Before he could answer her question, sirens screamed and a police car along with an ambulance arrived at the scene. Just the sight of the officer as well as the paramedics made her sigh in exasperation. Even with getting lost on the streets of Minter, she should have arrived at the church early for her appointment. Now the delay would make her hopelessly late.

Someone pulled open the door and helped her get out from behind the air bag.

“May I see some identification, Ma’am?”

Jayne looked up at the officer who towered over her. He had to be well over six foot tall, making her five foot five inch frame feel almost like she was a child.

“Of--of course. I just have to get my purse from the car.”

“Here it is, Jaynie,” Claire said as she came around to join her.

Jayne took her purse and searched for her wallet. Her hands were shaking so badly that she could hardly get her wallet open to say nothing of retrieving her driver’s license.

“Let me do that,” Claire suggested. “I think you should sit down. You’re white as a sheet.”

One of the paramedics guided Jayne to the ambulance. While they took her vitals, she listened to the conversation between the officer and the man who hit her car.

“Can you tell me what happened, Jim?”

Oh, this is just great. He’s on a first name basis with the cop. Something tells me that I’ll end up being at fault in this accident.

“I was backing out of the parking place and I didn’t see her coming. You know how it is with all these SUV’s and big trucks. You can’t see around them. Look, Tom, this was my fault. I’m just happy no one was injured.”

Jayne could hardly believe her ears. Instead of pleading innocence, this man was actually stepping up to take the blame.

“We’re going to take you and your friend to the hospital to be checked out, Ms. Algrim,” the paramedic said, breaking into not only her thoughts but also what the man named Jim was saying.

“Hospital?” Jayne questioned. “I can’t go to the hospital. I’m already late for my meeting.”

Mild Mannered receptionist, wife, mother and grandmother by day, Sherry Derr-Wille spends her nights writing and writing and writing. Having been inspired by an English assignment in her sophomore year of high school, she had never quite finished the assignment. New stories pop into her head every day with never enough time to write them all.

A Wisconsin native, she grew up a country girl, but enjoys her “city” home. She and her husband of over 40 years, Bob, live in a mid-sized town close to the Illinois border, where she works as a receptionist for an insurance office and he is retired. Deeming Bob “A Saint” for putting up with her, she has never regretted marrying her high school sweetheart just two days after graduation in 1964.

Becky's Rebel: Ms. Derr-Wille brings the spirit of understanding the plight of the Civil War survivors. Becky Larson and her Rebel, Joe Kemmerman, reminds us that love and faith overcome all obstacles. A must read for those who still need to understand there is no different in the hearts of people, North or South. Becky’s Rebel will make you laugh, shed a tear or two and have you falling in love, once again, with a time and it’s people that is uniquely America’s ... the Civil War era. -- Debbie Fritter – The Perfect Match – Whippoorwill Press

Hello Do You Know Me is a wonderful heart-warming love story. It touches your heart from the very beginning. It has everything that makes you turn the pages. Matt Bratzman has lived another man’s life for thirty-five years. Betsy Connor is a widow again. Now out of the blue her first love is back from the grave. But it can't be. Jerry Fellows was killed in Viet Nam. Sherry Derr Wille’s characters are real and you find yourself cheering for them and wanting them to find a happy-ever-after. If you like stories that grab a hold of your heart and don’t let go. You'll love this one. Along the way there is some humor and tears and love that survived through time. There were many tragedies out of the Viet Nam War but thanks to Ms. Wille this one had a happy ending.-- Judy Leigh Peters, A Father’s Hope, Joshua’s Faith, http://www.judyleighpeters.com

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ISBN: 1597057649
ISBN(13-digit): 978978159705764
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 282
Paper Weight (lb): 11.8

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