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Outside Time
Cathy N. Miller
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During a spring rainstorm, sixteen-year-old twins, Kara and Carl, hear pounding on the side of the house, and are surprised to see bright sunlight beyond the study window. A shaggy-haired barbarian is striding toward them, a dead deer draped over his pack pony. Carl unintentionally falls into the other world and pulls Kara with him. The window to their world closes and they are trapped in the wilds of King Arthur's Britain.

Where's a knight in shining armor when you need one?

"There’s no way you can help me on this dumb paper. The topic’s worse than stupid. Even the school library didn’t have anything on it," Carl Freeland growled at his sister. "So drop it." He slammed the front door to his grandmother’s old house behind him and stomped mud across the entry hall floor.

Kara looked at her twin as she dropped her books on the chair in the hall. "It’s just a history report, Carl. What are you so bummed about?" She peeled off her rain-soaked sweater and kicked off her shoes. Spring in the Rockies. God, what a place to be stranded. Talk about a nowhere, backward excuse for a town. The closest real shopping mall was all the way back down in Denver.

She shoved her long hair back over her shoulder, and caught a glimpse of the two of them reflected in the mirror over the chair. Outwardly they looked a lot alike with the same length curly auburn hair, lean bodies and long legs. Although Carl’s legs were more muscular than hers were, the two of them had the same green eyes. A pink sticky-paper hung in the middle of their reflection.

"Aunt Jen’s out," she announced, reading the note she pulled off the smoky glass. "‘Book signing in Denver, then a meeting. Home late. Food in the fridge.’" Kara shivered. Just the two of them alone in this creepy house. It didn’t make any difference that they’d been here almost a month now. The place was still probably crawling with ghosts. Gram’s included.

"So, what’s new? Good thing Aunt Jen never got married. She’s always flitting around somewhere or other." Carl slicked back his wet hair with his fingers. "We could disappear into thin air and nobody would ever notice. Not that I particularly mind. I don’t need anyone keeping tabs on me, breathing down my neck or telling me what to do. I like being on my own."

"Well, take off and strand me at school again and see who’s breathing down your neck then!" Kara flipped on the hall light, pushing back the gloom. The more light the better as far as she was concerned, that was for sure.

Carl dropped his backpack on the bottom step. "Look, Beanpole, I came back for you, didn’t I?" He stripped off his fleece vest and dropped it on the floor.

Kara glared at him, then picked up the soggy vest and added it to the pile of stuff on the chair. Aunt Jen was such a neat freak, not laid back the way Mom had been.

"You were late, so I gave Tiffany a ride home. It isn’t as if I had anything else to do. She just lives down by the lake, not the other side of the state. Besides, it was raining and she’d have gotten wet."

"Cheerleader getting wet? No. You couldn’t let that happen, now could you?"

"Come off it, Kara. It’s not my fault you decided to paddle home like a drowned duck. Besides, I picked you up halfway here, so back off." Carl slouched down on the stairs. "Besides, you could make a few friends yourself. Try to fit in, make my life a little easier."

Kara pushed past her brother and headed toward the kitchen. God, Carl is such a self-centered idiot. Not like Dad was, I could always count on him. He and Mom understood. They always cared what we did. Kara heard Carl’s shoes drop on the bottom step before he started to follow her through the formal dining room and into the kitchen.

"Like you care if anyone notices me, Carl? Please. But hey, if you have any doubts that Aunt Jen knows every time you smile, just get sick again. She’ll definitely have something to say about you coughing and hacking around. Besides, everybody always notices you. Me, I’m like a radio. You know, just background noise. But not you. We’ve only been here four weeks and you fit in after the first day, Mr. Oh Wow!" Kara sounded grouchy, even to herself. What does it matter anyway? I don’t like this house or this town or--maybe some food will help my attitude.

Cathy Miller has a masters in Reading Education from University of Missouri-Kansas City and taught in the public schools for a number of years before she settled down to raise a family and write full time. She enjoys writing, reading, weaving, needlework, cooking and teaching. Most days she can be found substitute teaching or at her computer surrounded by her collies

Outside Time is a wonderful story, rich in history and characters. The details of everyday life are an insight to the Celts of those times, and there’s a tantalizing teaser that Lord Arturius and his wife Gwennuvar might be the fabled King Arthur and Lady Guinevere. Outside Time is a delightful read, and a book I recommend for any young reader interested in time travel, adventure and romance.

Wow, I loved this! I found the story to be rich with description, without being "heavy". I really liked the romance between Kara and Bedwyr, especially when he was claiming her! And her reactions were priceless. -- Angela Verdenius, Heart of an Outlaw, Futuristic romance

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ISBN: 1590888669
ISBN(13-digit): 9781590888667
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 176
Paper Weight (lb): 7.2

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