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One Stolen Night
Peggy Parsons
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Having broken up with her high school sweetheart after graduation, Pamela Tate follows her dream of attending the University of Hawaii where she meets the legendary Robin, who steals more than her bruised heart.

Years later they meet again when he’s hired to work at the same insurance firm where she is an officer and the company Treasurer. He claims he wants to pursue a relationship. But Pam isn’t interested. Despite her determination not to get involved with him or any man, they’re thrown together, and her resistance begins to weaken--until she sees him with another woman in his arms.

“If your reason for not marrying me isn’t the other Steve and it isn’t Carla, what is it?”

“It’s too complicated--”

“That’s a bunch of bull, and we both know it.”

“It isn’t bull,” she said, hackles rising. “It’s the truth. I tried to tell you in the beginning that we had no future. I’ve tried to keep our relationship on a friendly basis. I care about you a lot, and I want to be friends. Can’t we be friends?”

“No. And if you really think that’s what you want, you’re either a coward or a liar.”

She backed away, needing distance. “I may be a coward, but I’m not a liar.”

He stepped forward. “You know what I think? I don’t think you’re a coward. I think you’re incapable of love. You’re just an empty shell of a woman.”

Speechless, Pam could only stare as he turned, and stormed out the front door, leaving it open and letting the screen bang behind him.

She stared down at the ring on her left hand. She should have taken it off and thrown it at him. Why hadn’t she? Because you can’t bear to give it back, a still small voice replied.

He was mad, but so was she. He had no right to accuse her of being a lesbian. No right to demand answers. Who did he think he was? Your fiancé, that still small voice said. The man who loves you and wants to spend the rest of his life with you. And you’ve just broken his heart.

Tears clouded her vision, and remorse flooded her heart. She twisted the ring on her finger, unable to bring herself to take it off. She tried to remember what she’d planned to say, how gently she’d planned to deliver her message, and ask him if they could remain friends.

But he didn’t want friendship. He wanted a wife.

Pam stood there in a dither, trying to redeem herself in her own eyes. But all she could see was the hurt and rejection in Steven’s before he stomped away, out of her life. Forever?

Less than a minute had passed, yet already she regretted what she’d said and done. Blasted by remorse, tears slashed down her face with the fierceness of a terrible winter storm. Regret and panic gripped her. She had to do something. But what? How could she tell him what she’d buried so long ago?

How could she make him understand if she didn’t at least try? She grabbed the phone and called him.

He didn’t answer.

She dashed out the door without bothering to put her coat back on, ran to his condo, rang the bell. He didn’t open the door, not even when she pounded until her knuckles bled.

With more fear that she’d alienated him forever than fear of revealing her secret she stumbled home. In the space of a few awful minutes her world had turned into a living hell.

Born in Utah, Peggy sometimes writes under the pseudonym of Evanell. She graduated from Orem High School, attended both Brigham Young University and the University of Utah.

After working as a secretary, she moved into the oil and gas industry.

In addition to Utah she has lived in Colorado, Nevada, Arizona and England. She served as both Treasurer and President of the American Women's Club of London and contributed articles to their London Bridge magazine.

Peggy has three sons and thirteen living grandchildren having lost a twelve year old grandson in 2000.

Married to her current husband for twenty-nine years, she also has four step children and three step grandchildren.

Peggy has always loved to read and vowed to give the characters in her head their own written stories someday.

Her hobbies include Golf, Tap Dancing, Ladies Putters, Mah Jongg and being a Queen Mum of a Red Hat chapter.

One Stolen Night is a page turning story about Pam and Steven fated to meet and spend one night together. A night that will affect the ensuing years as each searches for happiness apart. Years later, fate gives them another chance at happiness, but first they will need to forgive past lies and have the faith that they were meant to be together forever. --Cherrie Kimbrough, ~Keepsakes~, ~Rosewood~

One Stolen Night: Love doesn’t follow smooth paths for Steven and Pam, especially since they both used false names the night they met, and Pam later believed he died. This intriguing tale holds the reader through all the ups and downs until love is at last realized by both Steven and Pam. The reader also is given an insight into the faith of the Latter Day Saints which has guided Pam’s life and helps her find peace for the one mistake she has made. --Cherie Lee, Co-author/“The Saga of Thundercloud and Dancing Star”,

Also President of West Valley Authors

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ISBN: 1597057452
ISBN(13-digit): 9781597057455
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 340
Paper Weight (lb): 14.2

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