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One Rainy Night
Kathye Quick
booksXYZ price: $16.95
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Their relationship began with a bang.

Correy - corporate, practical, focused on her career and determined not to let anything stand in the way of success with her new job.

Dan - not long after helping Correy when her car broke down during a hurricane, he realized he was going to be her new boss. But the intense attraction he felt for her made him hide that fact.

They met one rainy night and were carried away by the intensity of their passion that rivaled the lightning that crackled around them. As their working relationship throws them into impossible situations and each other's arms, Dan has a lot of explaining to do and Correy must make a decision. Was that rainy night a mere coincidence or the start of an adventure that would lead them to love?

"This isn't a vacation, it's a Stephen King nightmare!"

Corrine McCullough smacked the palm of her hand on the steering wheel of her dark blue sports car for emphasis and crumbled the map she was trying to read. As she drove down the country road, she strained to see something recognizable. She was nearly out of gas and the cloudburst that had begun as a gentle late summer shower mid-afternoon had now turned into a full-blown downpour by early evening. This was no way to start the new chapter in her life.

Even at the steady crawl the car made along the unfamiliar roadway, sheets of water streamed down the windows, making it hard for her to see out. Correy leaned forward just as a sudden streak of white lightning sizzled overhead and she started counting. "One thousand one, one thousand two--" And then the thunder crashed. Very loud and very close.

The rain drummed with new intensity on the roof of her car and her irritation rose. "Why did I ever answer that help-wanted ad? This is an omen. I just know it," she muttered.

This was supposed to be the start of a relaxing vacation before starting a job as comptroller with a newly reorganized transportation company. Knowing it would be a tough transition when she left the safety of a bookkeeping job she held for five years, she’d let her friends talk her into taking a condo in Virginia Beach for a week to relax and regroup. But if this storm was any indication about the rest of her vacation...

Correy pushed the negative thought out of her head and adjusted her position in the driver’s seat. Her blue eyes became fixed and focused in an attempt to concentrate on the white centerline marking that snaked ahead of her. Every few minutes a flare of lightning would blaze overhead, lighting the blackness and giving her a chance to scan the shoulder for a highway sign, any highway sign. At this point she wasn't even sure what state she was in any more. She strained to see the signs the headlights lit up in the blinding rain. They only warned of the speed limit.

Her hometown of River Edge near the New Jersey-Pennsylvania line was somewhere four hours behind her. To save time and avoid the usual heavy traffic on the New Jersey highways and interstates during a Friday evening rush hour, she’d left right after the farewell party and had taken back roads. Now she prayed the right turn she made at the last junction had been the correct one. She was tired, hungry and not at all happy about the prospect of more driving in the designer suit she’d worn to work.

Suddenly a weather bulletin announcing a severe storm warning interrupted the soft music coming from her car radio.

"... We repeat, Hurricane Andrea has taken a surprising turn, strengthening instead of weakening as expected, and is now buffeting the area. Although losing momentum as it sweeps over land, the accompanying winds last clocked at more than seventy miles per hour, have downed trees, closing many local roads.

"Fires caused by broken power lines have fire and rescue crews busy and police report a rash of accidents. Motorists are urged to keep the roadways clear and be alert for emergency vehicles. Shelters have been set up along major highways and motorists are urged to make use of them until the storm passes.

"The system is expected to clear our area by morning. Stay tuned to this station for further weather updates. We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming."

Correy grimaced. She'd known a storm was coming, but when she'd checked the weather report in the morning before leaving for her last day on the job, it had been on a path that would take it out to sea. That was good enough for her and she had been too busy wrapping up her last day at work to bother to check again. The light rain falling when she left on her trip gave her no reason to believe the storm had changed direction.

A member of New Jersey Romances Writers for thirteen years, Kathye Quick loves to write. She has held numerous positions within NJRW since joining, including President (1992 and 2001), Vice President, Hospitality Chair, Volunteer Chair, Conference Chair (1998) and Secretary.

Fascinated with myths and legends since childhood, it was only natural that one day Kathye would write DAUGHTERS OF THE MOON, a historical romance that blends the captivating myths of the Greek Gods and Goddesses with the rich history of ancient Greece and a July 2003 release for Wings e-Press. DAUGHTERS OF THE MOON is the story of Alliya and Artemis whose love defied both the gods and the laws to change the course of the world.

“WINGS ePRESS, INC. is the prefect combination of computer and print books for today’s sophisticated reader. Since DAUGHTERS OF THE MOON will appeal to a wide audience with a wide range of reading habits in a variety of genres, WINGS ePRESS, INC. is the perfect publisher through which I can share this exciting story. From the highly developed computer user who now thinks paper is a thing of the past, to the traditional print reader; this story has a home on both playing fields.”

Kathye Quick lives in Manville with her son, Jarrett, who currently attends New England College in Henniker, New Hampshire where he studying Business Management. She also has a set of twin sons. Scott lives in Arizona with his wife Lisa, and Mark is a Corrections Officer and lives in Washington, NJ. She works for county government, and secretly dreams of winning the Pulitzer Prize to allow her to write full-time.

She attributes contributes her love of writing to her high school journalism teacher, Paul Burst, who selected her as the editor of the Middlesex High School Newspaper (the Blue Print) during her junior and senior years. And she’s been writing ever since.

She has been published in Women’s Magazines, has written a weekly column entitled “A Quick Look Around” for a local newspaper, has worked as a stringer for a regional New Jersey Newspaper, and writes speeches for local and state political figures. She has contributed a short story to Romance Recipes for the Soul, published in the fall of 1999.

In addition, Avalon Books, a Division of Thomas Bourgey Company, New York has published two of Kathye’s short contemporary romance novels, BLUE DIAMOND (December 2000) and JESSIE’S WEDDING (August 2001). A third, STEALING APRIL’S HEART, is a February 2003 release.

Writing must run in the family because Mark is currently penning a sci-fi novel between shifts. Kathye’s niece, Devon, is illustrating a non-fiction book Kathye is working on entitled HI, MOM, HOW ARE THINGS IN HEAVEN, which will deal with grief with humor and understanding.

"One Rainy Night had me wanting to watch old Tracy and Hepburn films, nibble popcorn, and cuddle with my husband." –Promo Preview, 12/2000

"Highly sensual, frequently suspenseful, and often hilarious, it’s a quick read with nearly evey scence giving the reader a reason to smile." – Romantic Times July 2001

"Think Tracy-Hepburn. Think Jayne Anne Krentz. Think Kathye Quick. ONE RAINY NIGHT sparkles with witty repartee. Don't miss this book!" ----Christine Janssen, author of STAND ON YOUR OWN (4 Stars, Romance Times)

"Good dialogue, a different job setting, lots of humor and funny situations. I hope to see more of Kathye's books. And soon." -----Dovey Jacoby, ROMANCE CENTRAL

"Kathye Quick's debut novel, ONE RAINY NIGHT, has lovable characters that will charm you and work their way into your heart. ---Shirley Hailstock, a HOLT Medallion winner

"ONE RAINY NIGHT is a charming story of two people who are meant to be together. I enjoyed the comic elements especially when they literally fell into each other’s arms." ---FOUR STARS, Diane Burton, Scribes World

"Kathye Quick has crafted a charming story in her debut novel. An experienced survivor of a hurricane herself (she lost her home in Hurricane Floyd), Kathye brings a wealth of realistic description to her tale. Look for more exciting romance to come from this New Jersey author in the future." -- Sharon Galligar Chance, Book Browser

Daughters Of The Moon Alliya has been raised in the Religion of Hecate and has been raised to be a priestess. She meets Artemis and against her religion and her goddess, falls in love with him, As they make plans to be together, Artemis must leave for war. Alliya decides to wait for him. Along the way both the gods and man throw obstacles in their path. Are they truly meant to be together? Can their love survive?

I loved this book and you will, too. I couldn't put it down and read it all in one day. You won't be disappointed. It is a keeper. --Jennifer Bolwig, Romance Book Reviews, April 2003

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ISBN: 1590889908
ISBN(13-digit): 9781590889909
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 188
Paper Weight (lb): 8.2

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