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Now And Forever
Lori Libby
booksXYZ price: $17.95
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Becca yanked the card from the holder buried in the roses. A thorn caught her finger. With trembling hands, she raised her wounded finger to her mouth. The metallic taste of blood served as a reminder of her new reality. She read card. Roses are red, violets are blue, I’ve told you twice, I want you.

She closed her eyes, inhaled with a slow, calm, and relaxing breath. She exhaled through her mouth. She forced her hands to stop their nervous shaking. This made the third time roses appeared at her door with an unsigned card. The card’s message didn’t sound threatening so why do her nerves prickle with danger?

Becca Maginty stared at the blood red roses encased in a smoky black vase. The roses sat on the cement steps as if they were cobras ready to strike. She froze. Her breath hitched in her chest.

"I’m not going to let this bother me," Becca said with more authority than she felt. Her gaze swept the empty parking lot. She scanned the beach to her left. Only the pounding waves against the beach broke the tomb-like silence.

Becca yanked the envelope from the pronged holder and a thorn caught her finger. With trembling hands, she raised her wounded finger to her mouth. The metallic taste of blood served as a reminder of her new reality. She read the small card.

Roses are red, violets are blue, I’ve told you twice, I love you.

She closed her eyes and inhaled a slow, calm relaxing breath. She exhaled through her mouth. She laced her hands and pulled them to her chest to stop their nervous shaking. The card’s message didn’t sound threatening, but her nerves prickled with danger. This made the third time roses appeared at her door with an unsigned card.

Becca snapped up the roses as anger replaced fear. She marched to the dumpster a short distance from her dance club, Maginty’s on the Beach. She slammed the roses into the big steel trash bin with as much vehemence as she could muster. If he were watching, maybe he would take the hint. Sliding the card into the pocket of her faded jeans, she turned toward the bar and her apartment above.

None of the people she knew had sent the flowers. Yet, this was the third time they had appeared on her steps, the same roses with the same vase and mysteriously unsigned card. She pulled her eyebrows together in concentration and chastised herself a bit for the foolishness. Someone must be trying to cheer her up. The message didn’t sound threatening, but then why did her nerves prickle with danger every time she saw the roses?

Tanner sent her roses once. A dozen white ones, an apology for having to end their fledgling romance. Her heart skipped a beat as Tanner’s memory ran through her mind. A fleeting glimpse at what had been and a longing for what could have been if fate hadn’t been so cruel.

Entering Maginty’s On the Beach, the bar she inherited from her father, she looked at the watch on her left arm, ten o’clock. She climbed the stairs. There were two doors; one lead to her office and the other led to the apartment she had grown up in and now raised Drew. She opened the one for the office and stared at the phone.

"I guess it’s not too early to call, although Dylan hates for anyone to wake him up," she said aloud and reached for the green phone styled like the ones from the forties.

Dylan Cooper was her first attempt at dating since Tanner’s death. He was tall, muscular, and crazy about both Becca and Drew. His blonde hair was longer than Becca liked, but fit perfectly into the musician’s lifestyle he made for himself. He’d answered an ad in the paper for a DJ at Maginty’s. He poked and prodded her into one date then another. A smile pulled her lips apart at that memory. The two of them had never been on a traditional date. Drew was always included, for he was the man of the house and whatever they did would affect the seven year old.

Dylan hadn’t sent the flowers, but asked her to notify him of any more deliveries. She pushed the buttons made to look like a rotary dial, chuckling because she remembered watching the dial spin as a child. She had dialed Korea once playing with the phone.

The phone rang and rang. Becca sighed. Dylan was asleep after all. On the eighth ring, she almost hung up, but frowned knowing to hang up now would add insult to injury. Maybe he was in the shower. She hoped, no, she wanted that to be true.

"What?" Dylan’s voice stretched out in a yawn.

"Hi Dylan, its Becca. Sorry to wake you." All thoughts of a shower disappeared.

Lori Libby lives in a quaint little town in Maine with her husband, Ted and her two wonderful children Kelsea and John. A feisty Akita puppy named Boshido Katahdin Inu (otherwise known as Boo) completes the happy family. Lori and her family reside in her husbands ancestral home. She enjoys a short commute to Augusta, the capital of Maine, where she can enjoy the enmities of the city.

Lori has a BS degree in Elementary Education. For the past eight years Lori’s been a schoolteacher and loves molding the young minds of our future generations into independent and creative adults.

She enjoys hiking and crocheting. But writing is Lori’s passion. The challenge and learning process have exhilarated her, inspiring her to reach for the moon. She loves romance with a happily ever after ending and hopes her stories portray the love she has for the English language. She loves words and the power they wield.

Now and Forever: This book is filled with suspense and intrigue. I was amazed by the story Lori Libby weaved, creating not only the suspense and mystery Becca was dealing with, but also creating an equally fantastic story about love’s second chance. I was on tenterhooks throughout the entire story, waiting to find out who Becca’s stalker was. Though I had something of a clue, I was still surprised by who the stalker turned out to be. Now and Forever is a well written story that has a great combination of suspense and romance. If you like a little mystery and lots tension with your romance, Now and Forever is the perfect story to pick up. -- Reviewed by: Sarah, Fallen Angel Reviews

Hunter’s Arrow: This is a tautly woven romantic thriller filled where jealousy and a murderous hunger for ultimate power lurks at every turn to destroy all those in its path. Love and loyalty are put to the test and it becomes a battle to the very end to see who winds up victorious. This was a well crafted story that catches you from the very beginning and leaves you satisfied at the end. -- Charissa, Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance

Hunter’s Arrow: This steamy, sexy tale between lovers will make your toes curl and your heart sing. Despite both their faults, her shaky disguise to spy on him and his omission of being a shifter, love will transcend. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel. Filled with both adventure and romance, it will unleash everyone’s wild side! If this became a series of books based on Belen and Hunter, I would buy every one! -- Reviewed by: C.C., Lighthouse Literary Reviews

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ISBN: 1590886747
ISBN(13-digit): 9781590886748
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 272
Paper Weight (lb): 15.5

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