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Not Without You
Tamia Dawn Osburn
booksXYZ price: $16.95
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Darr Xenobe is an officer with the Alliance and he crash-landed in a field in the state of Nebraska and was rescued by Shannon Taber. As Darr and Shannon finds love with each other Darr is rescued from Earth by his long time friend and fellow officers Dage and Leslie. Danger is also lurking behind the Rescues.

The ship rocked as Darr slid into the pilot’s seat. He looked out the screen of his ship and noticed that the planet’s surface was getting closer. Heavy smoke was filling the air, and he coughed as the smoke filled his lungs. Sparks flew out of the console and the ship shook harder this time, knocking his head against the console with strong force. He didn’t feel any pain but felt the blood oozing down the side of his face. Needing both of his hands to steer the ship, he was unable to wipe the blood away. He was bruised and battered, and he could feel himself begin to grow weak and dizzy from being knocked all over his small ship as he entered this sector of the universe. He didn’t recognize any of the planets that he had passed. He’d been searching for a safe heaven to land his ship when he came across the blue and green planet and the computer informed him that it was habitable.

Darr looked for a safe place to land the ship before it exploded--he knew that the ship was about to go at any given moment. He wasn’t sure how much longer he had, since the computer was no longer working or he would have asked it for help. After being attacked by another ship that was unmarked, he couldn’t tell if the ship had been an enemy or Alliance ship. He wondered if The Alliance knew what he was about to do.

Giving up the steering, he raised his already bloodied hand to wipe the blood from his face, then wiped his hands on his leather pants. Turning away from the screen, he grabbed his black survival pack. He ran to the back of the ship, then pulled the lever to the hatch and pushed it open. There was a rush of air that brushed over him as he jumped the last twenty feet to the ground. He continued rolling over and over until the ship impacted with the earth about forty feet away from him. A piece of hot metal flew up and hit him on the side of the head--the same side that he had hit on the console earlier. His last thought before darkness claimed him was to thank The Alliance for the hell that they’d put him through.

Tammie Ainsworth writing as Tamia Dawn Osburn is a California Native. She enjoys watching the Sci-Fi channel, whenever her three kids will allow her. She also enjoys reading as much as she loves to write. She would love to hear from her fans and they can write to her at tamiaosburn@hotmail.com or tammieainsworth@yahoo.com

The Guardian of Paradise is a wild futuristic romance filled with twists at every turn, and a romance to knock anyone's space socks off. ~” Jenn Nixon, Author Play Nice and Live to See Tomorrow.

Her Imprisoned Heart: The son of revolutionist leaders, Kole Adrian, since the age of five, has been imprisoned for twenty years. He has never seen a woman. Taira is the daughter of the President of Kapnek a man who has grown hard and ruthless. He has no idea that his daughter is the leader of the hated rebels. When the rebels break into Hazen Prison to rescue some of their members, Kole escapes and comes face to face with Taira. Love blossoms, but can it survive and grow in the explosion of a country torn apart, pitting rebels against soldiers, daughter against father, and a man who has suffered much, fighting for what he believes in? An incredible story that unfolds against a backdrop of violence, betrayal, hope for the future, and a tender, passionate love that will linger in your memory long after you've finished the book. -- Angela Verdenius Heart of the Betrayed, Golden Wings Award

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ISBN: 1590886488
ISBN(13-digit): 9781590886489
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 212
Paper Weight (lb): 9.1

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