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Night Brigade- The Satellite
Elliot Love
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When Ian discovers Zoe belongs to a sisterhood of warrior women who fight with Sai daggers, he dupes her into hunting an evil incubus. A sensual cat and mouse game ensues as Zoe and The Satellite merge into battle. He wants her fire! She wants him dead! While watching for the sneaky creepers, Mott and Sax watch her back. Can Zoe outwit the seductive Satellite and destroy him once and for all?

Ian hung his head. “I’m sorry about that. We had no idea. And we also never knew about Cassy’s betrayal.”

“Don’t underestimate her,” she said, touching his arm. “We just have to be more careful and prepared for anything. Cassy’s infidelity ruined everything. I will kill her if she poses a threat.”

Intense heat burned through his arm where she touched it. He looked at her strangely. “You would kill Cassy?”

Zoe stood up and gazed out the window. The reality of their situation distressed her. “Cassy freely gave herself to the Satellite and still lusts for him. I am a threat to her, she wants revenge.” She turned back and stared at him with cold eyes. “If she gets in the way, I will kill her.”

She finished her coffee and left the room to shower. Ian sat dumbfounded. Cassy’s disloyalty had wrecked his life. When Zoe returned freshly dressed, Sax was not in the room.

“Where’s Sax?” she asked.

Ian shrugged. “He said he needed something from his bike.”

Zoe pounced on Mott, shaking him awake. “Get up, we have to find Sax.”

Mott opened his eyes suddenly and tried to focus. Zoe tugged at him frantically. “Get dressed,” she said.

Shaking the sleep off, he threw on some clothes and followed her. He grabbed his blades on the way out the door.

“What’s wrong, baby?”

“None of us can be split up, not for a second. Especially after last night. The female creepers will want to feast on the fire I have given you.”

They approached the bikes, but did not see Sax. Zoe quickly scanned the area. Kneeling down, she felt the ground until her hands came across a warm patch of grass.

“He went this way,” she said, breaking into a run.

Mott ran beside her to the back of the hotel. There in a pavilion, lay Sax on a picnic table with several beautiful women hovering over him. He was openly enjoying himself as they smothered him with affection. His clothes were partially torn. Zoe and Mott withdrew their daggers, doused them with lighter fluid and lit the blades. The females transformed into black panthers upon seeing the flaming daggers.

“Oh shit,” Mott muttered, completely taken aback by the unexpected alteration.

“Yeah... really,” Zoe agreed.

The huge black cats came at them full force, with razor-sharp teeth bared and claws ready to strike. Zoe leapt onto a table and wielded her daggers against the fierce animals. Mott stood his ground and tried to strike the panthers down. Once the fighting began, Sax came out of his trance but did not have any weapons with which to fight. He suddenly realized that he would be able to kill them if given the chance.

Zoe fought with all her might but could not fend off the cats. There were too many of them. In a bold act, she dropped the daggers and squirted lighter fluid around her in a circle. With a flip of her Zippo, a ring of fire sprang up around her. She closed her eyes and stroked the emblems of her armbands. Instantly a huge, golden-haired lioness appeared, driving the black panthers back. Mott was then able to drive his daggers into the creatures as the lioness pushed them towards him. Black smoke filled the air with dreadful, ear-splitting screams of pain. When the smoke cleared the panthers lay dead, but quickly turned to ash before their eyes.

The ring of fire protecting Zoe faded, utterly swept away, and she fainted into Mott’s arms. He carried her into the hotel through the back entrance. Sax picked up the daggers and stayed close beside, his mind still foggy.

Since I can remember, reading and writing have served as escapism for me. I grew up on a farm where life was hard, leaving very little time for dreaming. Somehow in between school and work I found time to create my own world with words. There is a hidden rainbow of dreams for those who can write their way into other worlds. That secret place carries me through the storm of life.

I was born with a deep love for animals which formed who I would be as an adult. I am an animal guardian with the ASPCA and have rescued several dogs and wildlife babies. After raising two daughters, I now stay at home and write full time while taking care of my four toy breed dogs. There had been a time when I gave up hope on my dreams. But someone I admire very much once said, “living is the best revenge”. Not merely existing, but grabbing each moment and hanging on. So that is what I do.

Night Brigade: The Satellite: This is a story of love, friendship and betrayal, liberally sprinkled with the supernatural and giving an insight into the world of bikers. Nothing is as it seems, and what seems to be, is something you really don’t want to know about… This is the first book in what promises to be a very unusual series, starring an older heroine and a cast of characters who will do what it takes to win. If you’re looking for something far different to the normal paranormal romance, then this is an intriguing read for you! -- Angela Verdenius, Soul Of A Predator

Night Brigade: The Satellite: A sexy, spicy, rollercoaster of a read; fast paced and action packed. One surprising turn after another.” -- Mary Paine

I was hooked right from the start of Elliot Love’s debut novel, Night Brigade: The Satellite, and this fast-paced paranormal doesn’t let up for one moment. The tension builds with such seductive force that I found myself holding my breath on more than one occasion. Just when the story promises to go in one direction, it unexpectedly twists and strikes off in another. Elliot Love certainly doesn’t aim for the anticipated with the plot or with the characters, the latter being complex, colourful and so believably drawn it’s hard not to feel you know them personally. An exciting, sensual and provocative novel by a storyteller extraordinaire. Great stuff. --Tricia Jones

Night Brigade is a multifaceted story. Layer upon layer is woven to make a complete story. Elliot Love pulls elements from the world of rock music, motorcycles, and most unusual, a mythical group of strong women. The characters are compelling and move with ease between the different cultures. The tale has the urgency of a mystery and the poignancy of a romance combined with an insight into the world of rock music. I found myself intrigued by the tightly woven story and was compelled to read straight through. If you want a story that defies convention and will leave you wondering if there are actually Sai warriors somewhere among us, I highly recommend Night Brigade. --A. Dee Carey

Night Brigade: The Satellite: Readers should hold on tight as they are swept along on a roller-coaster ride of fury, determination, passion and sensuality. Elliot Love has skilfully interwoven contradictory emotions to create an extremely potent mix. This riveting story had me well and truly hooked--from beginning to end. The first in a series, I can safely say it is a tale readers won’t forget in a hurry, then somehow, somewhere, everyone has to struggle against their own personal “creepers”. --Tricia FitzGerald-Petri

Night Brigade: The Satellite: She's smokin' hot! She's a firecracker in red leather! She's a badass warrior on a mission to destroy the wicked Satellite. That's Zoe! Settle back and prepare to cheer as Zoe, along with hunky lover, Mott, set out to kick some serious butt in Night Brigade-The Satellite. This paranormal tale twists and turns and grabs the reader by the throat packing a powerhouse punch that'll keep you clinging to the edge of your seat. The evil Satellite is out to steal sassy, sexy Zoe's fire. She just wants him dead! I loved the connection she has with her daughter, it's a very close relationship and you could just see how proud she is of her. I also loved the fact that she'd faced so many tough things in her past but had overcome them to just be stronger because of them. I like to think women are strong that way and it's a great portrayal... Grinning. She's a survivor. A fabulous read by author Elliot Love. --Rita Thedford

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ISBN: 1597057347
ISBN(13-digit): 9781597057349
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 302
Paper Weight (lb): 12.6

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