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New Prints In Old Calico
Jennifer Lynn
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Some people dream of life in simpler times, but when dreams turn into reality, Amy learns that even simpler times can be complicated. Mysteriously transported back to the old west, she finds that the line between good and evil isn’t always clear as she encounters deceit, treachery and love.

She pushed through Lil’s saloon doors, her chest heaving and her heart pounding in her throat. "Lil!"

The brunette barkeep’s mouth dropped open at the sight of her friend rushing through the bar. She quickly took in Amy’s disheveled appearance and ripped gown. "What the hell happened to you?"

"Hide me quick." She looked fearfully over her shoulder. "He’s coming!"

"Who’s coming? Who did this to you?"

Footsteps thundered along the boardwalk. "Amy! You can’t hide from me!"

"He’s coming!" Amy cried.

"Back room, now!" Lil ordered, holding the red velvet curtains aside. Amy ducked inside and Lil adjusted the drapes before returning to the bar.

Austen burst into the bar, eyes wild and blood streaming from his nose. He scanned the saloon, searching out the source of his anger. His eyes settled on Lil.

"Where is she?"

Lil ignored him but let her gaze flicker up and down his body. "Looks like you’ve met your match, Marshal. ‘Bout time someone knocked you down to size."

"I’ll kill that bitch, where is she?"

Her hand slipped under the bar and brushed against the pistol she kept for emergencies. "I don’t know who you mean, Riley. No one’s here but me."

He wiped his nose with the back of his sleeve, wincing with the contact. He squinted and peered around the room, moving closer to the bar and the red velvet curtain. Lil’s fingers closed around her pistol.

Austen lurched a few steps closer, and hearing no movement behind the bar, gave his nose another dab with his sleeve. He blinked and focused his gaze on Lil.

"If you’re lying to me," he stabbed at the air with a finger, "you’ll get a taste of me too!"

He stomped out of the saloon, looking left and right before turning left towards Dory’s, and the blonde schoolteacher with the audacity to fight back. She was no better than the last one. But he’d shown her. She didn’t laugh at him by the time he was through. She didn’t do much of anything by the time he was through. And neither would the Bradshaw bitch.

Amy peered out from behind the curtain. "Is he gone?"

"Yes," Lil answered. "Amy, he’s crazy. Going on about wanting to kill you. What happened?"

"I’m not quite sure," Amy gulped. "I think I saw something I wasn’t supposed to see. He dropped by to talk about it."

"Looked like one hell of a conversation."

"Thank God for Miss Mackey’s Kick His Ass School of Self Defense." She took the mug Lil offered and quickly swallowed a mouthful. Her eyes bulged and watered, and her throat burned with liquid fire as the brew burned its way toward her stomach.

Lil took the mug away and smiled apologetically. "Sorry, forgot to mention that it was whiskey, not beer."

"Thanks," Amy choked out. "I’ll be okay once I can breathe again."

Her smile faded, and Lil became serious once again. "What are you going to do?"

Amy swallowed with difficulty and tried to find her voice. She held her hands tightly together to quell their trembling. Her voice was low and shaky. "I don’t know. I have to get to the ranch though. He can’t hurt me there, and Chili will know what to do."

"You might also want to tell him that the Circuit Court has not been wired to send a judge out here."

Amy shook her head. "I didn’t think so."

"Need a horse?" Lil queried.

AUTHOR'S BIO: Jennifer Lynn has been writing professionally for fifteen years and has written three novels and several articles appearing on such websites as Authors Den, Heartstrings and Road to Romance. The author of Hoodwinked and Rebel Road, she is thrilled to have a new release from Wings ePress Inc. These days, she calls Calgary, Alberta home. Please visit Jennifer at www.jenniferlynn.ca . She said to mention that she loves company.

"Rebel Road is a sizzling romance with non-stop action that draws the reader in from the beginning. Ms. Lynn does a wonderful job starting the novel with a great hook that draws you into the story, the characters and makes you wonder what’s going on, making you turn the pages, and she never lets you go from there.

Rebel Road is an enticing love story with wonderfully developed characters that you can’t help but to cheer for. The heroine Melissa is a strong lady, one that every woman admires and wants to be, and the hero Alex, is a proud strong man, every woman’s dream come true. Ms. Lynn makes you hope that there is a way for Alex and Melissa to be together at the same time putting them in a situation that makes you think they’ll never be able to work it out and be happy. With the war going on and both of them on opposite sides, you start to believe that it is impossible for these two lovers to ever be together as they truly should be. Ms. Lynn does a great job, making the reader feel as the characters feel, and long as the characters long.

Rebel Road is a definite must read. It’s a great story from start to finish, with great characters, a fast moving plot and a well-researched story line. It’s not to be missed, once you pick up a copy, you won’t be able to put it down. -- Erin Moore, All I Ever Wanted, Wings ePress June 2004

"If you love your romance steeped in non-stop action, this is the book for you. The author has taken the timeless 'female captive of war' scenario and given it a fun, modern twist. From the steamy opening, the chemistry between stern but sensual alpha hero, Alex, and feisty Lissa never slows for a second." -- B.G. McCarthy

“Ms. Lynn’s characterizations are engaging, her plot is thought provoking, and her prose is simple and delightfully unfettered.” --C.L. Jeffries, Heartstrings

“Jennifer Lynn excels at putting lovers through their paces as they play seductive cat and mouse games. The end is always worth the wait, but this time she throws in a few sly twists and turns to up the ante for her readers. New Prints in Old Calico is an entertaining read. --Laurel Johnson, Midwest Book Review

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ISBN: 1590887735
ISBN(13-digit): 9781590887738
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 234
Paper Weight (lb): 10.0

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