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Naught For Satan
Lorraine McNamara
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So the old cow was getting out, was she? That would make things more difficult. The brothers would have to help now….

Sarah Campbell had no idea what evil lurked nearby, nor what dreadful plans were being put in place to keep her from revealing information about a satanic cult in her city. She would find out all too soon.

You have a problem.”

“Yes.” Steiner tossed down his drink and then pulled from his pocket a crumpled photograph: “The bitch here,” (it was a picture of Sarah Campbell with her previous year’s graduating class) “is making trouble. She was a friend of that traitor Belcourt, and we don’t know how much she knows or what she’s told the police. She should have been taken care of immediately, but the job was botched. Now it will be hard to get near her.” Steiner stared down at the photograph in his hand. “I want to talk to her first. Can you manage it?”

“I must have more information. Fill me in on everything you know about her. So far it does not sound good.”

Steiner related all the information about Sarah that he felt would be of assistance to Thomas. When he had finished, the owlish bookkeeper nodded reluctantly, then said:

“It’s too rushed, that’s bad. I can do it, but… is it absolutely necessary that you meet with her?”

Steiner responded grimly, “I must find out how much the police know. Besides…” his glance came to rest on the padlocked crawlspace door, “…she could provide a most satisfactory offering.”

Thomas’ black eyes came to life with an unholy flame. Licking his thin, pale lips in erotic anticipation, he spoke barely above a whisper:

“It’s been such a long time… tomorrow, then, if it can be arranged. You will be here all day?”

Steiner nodded, visibly relieved. Thomas had never failed yet. The matter was in good hands. Within a day or so there would be no need to worry about that interfering busybody of a schoolteacher. As an afterthought, he added:

“Watch what you say to Gallo. He knows she must be eliminated, but don’t let him know I want her first. He wouldn’t go along.”

Luigi Gallo, local crime syndicate and Family head, who, together with the motorcycle gangs, was chief distributor for drugs in the Toronto area, would most certain have objected strenuously to their plans. Not that he had any moral scruples--far from it. Steiner and his friends were an important and flourishing drug dealership, and although Gallo knew vaguely about the cult and of Steiner’s role as high priest, he deliberately avoided learning anything more. However, his Catholic background--which held, unfortunately, more superstition than Catholicism--was still influential enough to make him uneasy about the strange rites practiced by Steiner. He had no idea that Samuel Thomas was also a privileged member of the cult.

In response to Steiner’s urgent appeal, Gallo had agreed to obtain the services of Samuel Thomas to dispose of Sarah Campbell. Steiner had convinced him that the schoolteacher posed a serious threat to the drug trade in the Oshawa area, and it was simple enough to arrange. Gallo had an understanding with Thomas’ employer; occasionally he would “borrow” the little accountant for special assistance with an “accounting” problem. Aside from Gallo and Steiner, no one else had the slightest inkling of Samuel Thomas’ true role.

After seeing Thomas to the door, Steiner joined his wife in the living room. She was still reclining on the sofa, asleep now, soft snores issuing from her slack, half-open mouth. Gerhard stared in distaste at her thick body bulging under the thin nightgown, then walked to the television set and flicked the dial off. Velma woke up and drowsily asked what time it was. He answered shortly,

“Half past twelve. Better get to bed. Tomorrow will be busy; there are preparations to be made--”

Lorraine McNamara is a semi-retired legal secretary, actively involved in promoting strong traditional values. She was a homemaker for 23 years, and together with her husband, Harold (formerly a high school Art department head), raised six children, some of whom still live in the family home. Lorraine returned to the workplace at age 50, and even though she is past the usual retirement age, she has no intention of quitting her job in the foreseeable future. Her favorite pastime has been reading mystery and suspense stories. She decided to try her hand at writing Naught for Satan some years ago, but only recently made a serious effort to complete this novel.

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ISBN: 1597059498
ISBN(13-digit): 9781597059497
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 185
Paper Weight (lb): 8.0

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