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Mythradies Boutique
Scott DeLane
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Welcome to the strange world of Griffin Grimesly. Come along as he shares his off-beat and colorful observations of his quirky world and the odd characters he meets. Enjoy plentiful laughs, a few twists, and occasional heart tugs.

I didn’t sleep a wink. From sunset to sunrise my imagination was held captive by a gripping account of Sol Invictus and his less than honest affair with a sultry sea nymph. Sol gave the beauty of the sea a high-hard-one in her enchanted cave. Those were the days. What’s the point in being God if you can’t seduce the odd sea nymph now and then? I give the ancients credit. Their gods had real gusto. Destroy cities, tell lies, take sexual advantage of mortals; those are my kind of gods. Modern deities? Who needs them? I mean, what good are they? Floating about strumming harps and waxing piety? Fuck that. If I’m God, I’m banging the hell out of every sea nymph I can get in my deified hands. I suppose there is always a slim possibility I might encounter a woman so beautiful she would freeze me in my tracks; a lady of such stunning perfection she would force me to set aside my philandering ways. Nah, no way.

I will say one thing for my absent father; he constructed one hell of a library. We had books no one else even heard of. His library stood fifty meters from the floor to the ceiling with shelves stuffed full of rare volumes and wonderful manuscripts. Lucky for me I loved to read. The library was the only room in the house with a lock. My father frequently tossed me inside and sealed the door. What can I say? I enjoyed soapy showers with the servant girls and I never heard a single one complain. If my behavior was particularly out of line, into the library I was tossed where I spent many days and nights doing nothing but reading.

So anyway, I was up all night and then I had to work on my model of the Pantheon. I don’t mean some chicken shit plastic model. I mean a genuine scale recreation of the Pantheon to the very last detail. I learned about ancient mathematics, architecture, and engineering from these models. I constructed boats, amphitheaters, the Cirrus Maximums, the great pyramids, and so on and so forth. I had a fondness for high ceilings and marble floors. My Pantheon was perfect and I almost had the last block in the roof when Mason interrupted me.

“Good morning sir,” he drawled in his monotone voice. “Sleep well did you? Dreams keep you awake?”

He offered me a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice. Mason looked exactly the same all the time; rain or shine, good or bad; he was a poster child for regularity. He must have leapt from his mother’s womb at the age of fifty-five and never aged another day. Mason was an adroit, thin man with a rather long nose and a buffed bald head. I have no idea if he simonized his cranium or if the sheen was entirely natural. His ever-searching eyes called to mind a futuristic robot forever on the prowl. Like a buzzard, he endlessly circled looking for trays and teacups to collect. He wore a black tuxedo and a pressed white shirt with sufficient starch to deflect an anti-tank round. His movements were predictable and precise. Mason straightened his spine and made an unexpected announcement.

“Your aunt wants to see you, sir.”

“Don’t be ridiculous,” I scoffed.

Although we lived on the same grounds, I hadn’t seen my Aunt in ages. She had the good sense to stay on her side of the compound and I stayed on mine. This separation was a mutually beneficial arrangement.

“She will receive you in her breakfast room sir, if you don’t mind.”

“Mason, did one of my cousins sneak into the compound? Did one of them put you up to this?”

“Your cousins are forever banned from the estate sir, if memory serves.”

I finally put down my glue gun and gave Mason a hard stare. He stood rigidly at attention as if expecting an order.

“My Aunt wants to see me?” I asked with a questioning gaze. “Mason, are you serious?”

“When am I ever otherwise, sir?”

I currently have four books with Wings: The Debt Collector, Twisted and Other Tales, Mythradies Boutique, The Blue Orchid and Other Tales, and I currently have one soon to be released science fiction novel: Iceworld

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ISBN: 1597057487
ISBN(13-digit): 9781597057486
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 280
Paper Weight (lb): 11.8

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