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Mystery at Eagle Harbor Lighthouse
Carol Parsons
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In upper Michigan, a haunted lighthouse looms over Lake Superior watching everything and everyone that comes by. In its day, it saved many ships from storms, but it also didn’t save others. These ghosts have found their way to the lighthouse where they haunt three children that have come to stay in it.

Stuart, Dawn, and Ron find that there is another mystery to the lighthouse. When their father disappears one night, the three children learn that they can go back in time through the lighthouse. They decide they have to go back to find their father because an evil man is after him.

Will they find the father before Bruce does and learn to live with the ghosts in the house?

“Go back, Dad,” I said, as I reached up to take hold of Dad’s shoulder. “Something is going to happen. Something bad.” Whose voice was that I just heard? That wasn’t my voice. It was much deeper and more frightening. Where did that sound come from?

“Very funny, Stuart,” Mom said, but she looked just as afraid as I felt. “It’s just a storm brewing over Lake Superior and coming across.”

“We are going to be lost if we don’t turn back,” I said. “Barney or whoever is in there is going to kill us, one by one.” I looked at my mother, pleading with her, because deep down I felt I was right.

Mom’s eyes were bigger than normal and it suddenly seemed as if all the color from her eyes had been taken away and replaced with nothing but darkness. Her skin was a very pale white, as was her normally blonde hair.

“Mom, by the look of you and Stuart, I don’t want to go there either,” Dawn said. Tears were forming in her eyes as she pleaded to go back. “I can feel it, too. Something feels like its pulling me closer, watching us, but I don’t want to go.”

Dad was the only one in the family that wanted to move to this new place. He had expressed his desire many times to move to a lighthouse and now that he was driving up to it, he had a grin on his face that I’d never seen before, and his eyes almost seemed to glow a strange sort of red. Something was very wrong with the Eagle Harbor Lighthouse.

“Dad, did you look around and see that the storm is only over the lighthouse?” I asked.

“That’s because it has just washed up on shore. It’s okay, son,” Dad said.

“Maybe he’s right, Jake,” Mom said. She was the one that always tried to think logically, but I knew that Dad would follow his heart. Mom always lost the battles. Sometimes I wondered why she let him tell her what to do all the time. She said it was to keep peace in the family. I think it’s because she’s afraid of him. I’m not sure why I think that. Dad has never beat us or anything, but he does always manage to get his own way.

“Yeah, Dad, let’s go back,” Dawn said.

By then the thunder was loud and the flashes came so close together that it was like looking at an old strobe light. I had to close my eyes several times because of the brightness.

“We will have to leave everything in the car except what you can get to. The big stuff is already in the house so we will be okay,” Dad said, ignoring our pleas to go home. “This is our home. Get used to it. Not another word about it,” he said. “The next words I hear had better be about how much you like it here.”

“Yes, sir,” I said and sat back with my arms across my chest. My insides quivered as I watched the lightning flash over the house.

I looked over at Dawn, who was white as a ghost herself. “GO BACK!” Dawn suddenly screamed as we pulled up in front the house. Then she passed out.

Carol Parsons lives in a small town in Northern Michigan with her two children.

She enjoys writing for children and making learning fun for them.

Her hobbies include sports like basketball, baseball, and NASCAR. Her favorite teams are the Detroit Pistons and Detroit Tigers. Because of her love for sports, she intends to write a mystery sports series for children.

She hopes that her books not only teach, but be entertaining.

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ISBN: 1597059854
ISBN(13-digit): 9781597059855
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 148
Paper Weight (lb): 6.6

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