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My Sister The Ghost #2
Escape From Ghost Island

Linda Joy Singleton
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A visit from ghost twin Melody is just what Miranda has been hoping for. Especially now that she’s stuck with that bully Heather for a stepsister. Fun-loving Melody is on the run from all the silly rules in Ghostland and needs Miranda’s help to keep their Grammy from catching her and bringing her back to the other world. But when Miranda tries to keep her wacky twin’s whereabouts secret without lying to Grammy, the mischief and mix-ups begin. The trouble is, while Miranda is working things out with her ghost family, that sneak Heather is busy trying to make herself Mom’s favorite daughter.

The movers had arrived with Mom’s and my stuff.

A big lump formed in my throat, and I felt scared. Up until now everyone’s focus was the wedding. But the wedding was over, and two adults plus five kids would begin their lives together. And the worst part was that instead of having a bedroom to myself, I had to share Heather’s room and I already knew she didn’t like pink. My quilted bedspread was pink, my curtains were pink, and some of my stuffed animals were pink.

How could Heather and I possibly share a room?

While Heather and her brothers raced into the house, I stood uncertainly in the driveway. Mom had to call my name three times before I finally trudged inside the house. Timidly, I entered Heather’s room and peered inside our bedroom.

"Oh, no!" I cried. "This is never going to work!"

One room multiplied by two sets of furniture equals disaster. My trundle bed, desk, and dresser were squashed together against one wall. The other three walls had Heather’s stuff: sports trophies, car models, posters, grubby piles of clothes, a desk, a dresser, and a huge waterbed.

"Whatsa matter?" Heather asked, coming up next to me. She shut the door behind us and plucked a crumpled pair of striped overalls from a pile.

"I can’t live like this!" I told her.

"Huh?" She was already unzipping her frothy pink gown and tugging on her overalls.

I made a sweeping gesture. "Just look! Your stuff is everywhere and my stuff is crowded in a corner."

She shrugged. "So? What’s the problem?"

"It isn’t fair!"

"I was here first," she said in her old bully tone. "You should be glad I’m willing to share." Heather plopped on her waterbed, which made a swishing sound. "And you’d better not put anything pink in my room!"

I was so mad I couldn’t speak. If Donovan Drew hadn’t knocked and entered right then, I might have said something terrible to Heather. Instead, I whirled on my new stepdad and insisted, "I want to go back home!"

Donovan frowned and ran his fingers through his dark-blond hair. "Miranda, this is your home now."

"But there’s no place for me! Heather is hogging the room! And it’s so messy! I can’t live here!

Mom appeared behind her groom. She’d changed out of her bridal gown and into neat slacks and a floral print blouse. "Is there a problem?"

"You bet there is!" Heather answered, pointing at me. "She’s the problem."

"Me?" I squawked.

"Yes! Who needs a sister anyway? Three brothers is more than enough."

Mom and Donovan exchanged tense glances. I expected Mom to hug me and make everything better, but instead she walked over to Heather and hugged her!

"Heather, calm down," Mom said gently. "I’m sure you and Miranda can work this out."

"I offered to share my room. I tried to be nice,"

"You’re as nice as can be, honey," Mom said, stroking Heather’s wispy blond hair as she used to do with me.

Which hurt.

I wanted to hurt Mom back, so I snapped, "Heather is not nice! She’s a gross slob! And I don’t want to live with her!"

Donovan rubbed his chin. "Simmer down, Miranda. We can work something out."

Mom gave me a stern look. "I think you owe Heather an apology. You insulted her."

"But I didn’t do anything!"

Mom’s gray eyes clouded over. "This is supposed to be a day for celebrating our new family, not arguing. I’m disappointed in you, Miranda."

I glanced down at my clasped hands, feeling guilty.

Mom had been uptight and stressed lately. Quitting her job, starting a new business, and marrying a man with four kids was a lot to deal with at once. I knew she didn’t need problems from me, too.

Donovan gently rubbed Mom’s shoulders. "Relax, hon. In a few hours we’ll be on our way to Lake Tahoe. Two nights alone, away from all worries."

With plots involving twins, cheerleaders, ghosts, psychics and clones, Linda Joy Singleton has published over 25 midgrade and YA books. Her REGENERATION series from Berkley Books was chosen by the ALA as a 2001 Quick Pick Choice for reluctant young adult readers.

Her midgrade series, MY SISTER THE GHOST, is about a shy girl who meets her wild ghostly twin sister. Her YA series, REGENERATION, dealt with the ultimate identity crisis for teens: discovering they are clones. Her two new series are STRANGE ENCOUNTERS and THE SEER.

Linda keeps in touch with young readers through her a reading club, speaking at schools/libraries, corresponding with fans and reading terrific juvenile books by favorite juvenile authors.

When Linda is asked why she’d rather write for kids than adults, she says, “I love seeing the world through the heart of a child, where magic is real and every day begins a new adventure. I hope to inspire them to reach for their dreams. Writing for kids is a gift, a responsibility, and an honor.”

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ISBN: 1590886925
ISBN(13-digit): 9781590886922
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 132
Paper Weight (lb): 5.8

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