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A Mistress Gets A Master
Lois Wencil
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Broke, blind, and divorced but not defeated. Lisa Mechintka will fight to keep her son from her ex and the newest member of his harem. To gain her independence, she goes to train with a guide dog. No man will ever get the chance to betray her again. She'll find a job and raise her son by herself.

However, Amber, the golden retriever with whom Lisa is matched, has had enough of change in her life. She may guide her blind mistress, but she's not going to give up the master she loves. Boyd Westin, their trainer, works to forge dog and handler into a team that can travel safely together. Lisa may be beautiful, but she's his student. Boyd is a professional by day and a happy bachelor at night.

Who'll win in the struggle that ensues?

Job prospects? None! Experience living on her own? Little! Rejections? Many in every facet of her life! This relentless litany drummed its hard rock beat within Lisa’s throbbing head as she paced from desk to door and back again.

Forty-eight hours had passed since she had checked into this school for guide dogs. Several walks with her trainer, Boyd Westin, had taught her how to hold the leash and harness handle that would link her to a canine companion during travel. Lectures had instructed her how to meet and bond with a dog when it arrived. She had sat through gourmet meals during which she had been bombarded with experiences of those who were returning for second and third guide dogs. "Seventy six percent of blind persons are unemployed," her job placement counselor had told her. Yet her co-students had not only jobs, but also careers, and full active lives filled with family, friends, and fun. All this because of a dog? They had to be either delusional, demented, or the best group of liars ever assembled under one roof. Lisa had eaten little. She had instead gorged herself upon the hope that their stories had gifted to her doubting heart.

She would grasp at anything that might enable her to take care of herself and her three-year-old son. This month at the school was demanding many sacrifices including putting her job search on hold and sending Tommy to Florida to vacation with Dave’s very senior citizen parents. In their retirement complex her son would be doted upon, indulged, and watched over by hundreds of experienced child-raisers. Marge and Mike could be trusted with her precious boy, unlike their son, her soon to be ex-husband. They wanted to have others to care for. Hadn’t they begged her to live with, depend on, and be taken care of by them? She would not! She could not! This dog wouldn’t be a panacea. It would be the first step on her road to self-sufficiency for her in the role of single parent and breadwinner.

In frustration, Lisa pressed the button on her talking watch. 9:00, one hour to go. Since she’d lost her sight, she could hardly trust herself. Now she was waiting to entrust life safety to a dog? Would it work? She’d soon find out.

Maria and Fred, the two other first-timers, had invited her to play Scrabble. She could read the braille letters now slowly. The effort required to read with her fingers made it hard to think of the spelling and placement of the words for maximum point value. Speed would come with practice her braille teacher had assured her. The retrains had urged her to join them as they shared their grief at the loss of their former dogs and their preferences concerning their soon-to-come new teammates. Breed, beauty, size, and color seemed so important to them. Lisa just wanted a living mobility tool with a brain that would safely get her where she needed to go with speed and a remaining ability to function when she arrived. Traveling with a cane could be so slow, tedious, and frightening. Most dogs did like kids, didn’t they? This one had better. She couldn’t stay still. So she had escaped to the privacy of this room to indulge herself in the hope, anxiety, and frustration of waiting for it. Wasn’t one trained guide dog as good as the next? Apparently not. Even now her trainer was working to choose the right one to match with each of his students’ individual requirements.

Once upon a time, I dreamed the dream of becoming a romance writer. I longed to share the stories of those who dare to meet challenges, dream dreams, find love, and live to enjoy happy endings. You will find all of these in my books.

Lois Wencil calls New Jersey her home. She is an active member of New Jersey romance Writers and Guide Dogs users of America. However, now that her two children are grown, you'll most often find her off on adventures with her guide dog, Timber Wolf.

However, since email travels, you are invited to write at lois.wencil@earthlink.net.

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ISBN: 1590886852
ISBN(13-digit): 9781590886854
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 246
Paper Weight (lb): 10.4

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