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A Mission Of Evil
Barbara Wilson Wright
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June McDowell, Terri Jewell, Ahmed Zawaibi and Kim Bessinger were innocent bystanders pulled into a whirlpool of conspiracy by terrorists plotting to destroy Denver Internatioanl Airport. Khalid Kadrim, Ahmed’s cousin, came to Denver on the pretext of a visit. He brought a group of terrorists with him and invaded Ahmed’s home and life. June did not know her act of kindness to Teri would put her life and her family’s in danger. Terri perished but her friend Kim doggedly searches for her not realizing that she too would be drawn into the maelstrom. She is aided by Lt. Schonen but even the smart detective does not know the disappearance he is investigating is just a small part of a sinister plot.

The practice run to the airport went well, thought Khalid. The three cars arrived within minutes of each other and parked in the short-term parking lot. Mishal stayed behind while the six men, Tarik, Jamal, Aziz, Naib, Abdullah and Khalid entered the terminal. Each carried a nondescript satchel or backpack. They went their separate ways to different men’s rooms and there they changed into brown shirts similar to what the cleaning teams wore. Abdullah was left to take charge of the bags. To a passerby it looked as if one man had a lot of bags to carry. Nothing unusual in an airport. He sat down in the waiting area while the rest of the men nonchalantly passed by the security area and walked through the employee line. They flashed their employee badges and were admitted inside.

Since they didn’t walk together, no one got suspicious. They walked across the bridge and then down the escalator. Khalid took notice of every trash container along the concourse corridor. Then, as casually as they walked in, they left. One by one they went into the bathroom where Abdullah was waiting with their bags and changed back into civilian clothing.

Aziz called Mishal on the cell phone. Then, one at a time, they made their way back to the short-term parking lot, got in their cars and drove out. Back on Peña Boulevard, on to I-70 and then to the rented garage which was their home for the past few days. They were jubilant! For a half-hour they congratulated themselves, Khalid especially, on their brilliant performance.

Ah yes, thought Khalid, today was a good day. Thirty-seven minutes to complete their holy mission. And tonight the other problem will be taken care of. God is good!

Someone asked me “Why do you write?” To paraphrase the French philospher Descartes, “I dream therefore I write.” This is my third book I’ve had published by Wings Press and I still get a thrill when the newest “Baby” comes to life.

A special thanks to Dannie Browning, a true Renaissance man, equally at home with fine wines and explosives.

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ISBN: 1597059390
ISBN(13-digit): 9781597059398
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 334
Paper Weight (lb): 14.0

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