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A Gift Of Trust

Margaret B. Lawrence
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Someone is stalking Attorney Michael Mainwaring. Is it police detective J. B. Anderson? Can she trust him¾put her life in his hands. Michael isn’t sure.

J. B. is determined to protect his lady. And he’ll catch the person threatening her sanity¾her life.

Michael lay in her bed and, as her grandmother was fond of saying, she was as nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. She fidgeted. She tossed. And turned. She punched her pillows. She got out of bed and smoothed the sheets and blankets, crawled back into bed—and began the process all over again.

J. B. Anderson lying on her sofa led her mind in a direction she didn’t want to go. She recalled his kiss...and how it felt. Every nuance came back as if it happened only moments ago.

She thought about his caring concern for her safety. Of how he always tried to put himself between her and any perceived threat. And the way he came running the moment he thought she was in trouble.

He was kind, and considerate. He had a dry wit, and she loved his sense of fun. And yes, he was tenacious. He refused to go away, just because she asked him to. He was so determined she didn’t think she’d ever get rid of him. She smiled. “I could count on him to always be there.” Her whisper startled her and she jumped, surprised she’d spoken her thoughts aloud.

She raised her head and looked at the bedside clock. Half past one. She’d better get a little sleep or she wouldn’t be able to function in court in the morning. She turned on her left side facing the window and drifted to sleep watching the shadows of the leaves cast by the bright light of the moon.

Michael slept soundly, dreaming of warm arms holding her safe. Of soft lips smiling before swooping down for a quick kiss. And of laughter.

A sound intruded. She fought to drift up from the dregs of slumber. While her mind lay muffled in the cotton wool of sleep, the sound invaded again. She struggled to identify it. A ripping sound. Fabric tearing?

Suddenly she was mentally alert before her eyes opened. She wondered, did the alarm buzz? Her eyes fluttered open. Like a living thing, darkness as black as pitch hovered in the corners, ready to suck her into its inky desolation. She raised her head and peered at the bedside clock. After blinking a moment, her eyes focused on the digital readout. Two-thirty.

Something moved in her peripheral vision. A shadow materialized at the window. Like a doe trapped in the beams of oncoming headlights and frozen by fear, Michael couldn’t move a muscle to protect herself. Her breath came in short, sharp pants. Gasped in through her open mouth, it whistled into her lungs.

She watched his arms raise high above his head. In his hands he clasped a knife. Riveted by the sight, her heart pounded...pounded, too fast. She couldn’t think. Her breath rushed out leaving her lungs empty. She fought to pull it back through her wide open mouth.

She shook her head in negation. She wanted to deny the evidence before her eyes. Her hands gripped the comforter. Rhythmically wadding and releasing the fabric. She heard a scream, unaware it issued from her throat. Nor, in her terror, did she realize for whom she called. “Jaaaa Beeee!”

To keep herself entertained, while awaiting sleep, for most of her life Margaret told herself stories. It never occurred to her that other people might be interested in reading the tales she wove in her imagination. Then in the mid-80s a friend encouraged Margaret to write a book. After getting over the initial surprise at her friend’s suggestion, she started writing her first novel. It was To Touch The Sky, a western historical set at the time of the Oklahoma Land Run.

After completing the first draft and while working on editing and revising, life intervened with the long illnesses and and eventual deaths of family members. The writing had to be put aside. For more than ten years her stories waited until Margaret could begin writing again. Then in late 1993 she began working to rewrite and revise her story.

This project was interrupted by the writing of two romantic suspense novels: Caresse; A Loving Touch and Michael; A Gift Of Trust. The former was released in January by Wings ePress, Inc.

She is currently working on Brianna; A Badge Of Honor, the third book in the romantic suspense series. She is having a difficult time trying to convince two other characters in this series that she will get to their story eventually if they will only be patient.

...This book has edgy foreshadowing that keeps you smiling and screaming at the heroine. True to the classic “Don’t open the door, don’t go down the stairs” plot, this books is a teasing pleaser.” -- 3 STARS, Kerrie Colantonio, Romantic Times Magazine

... Margaret B. Lawrence sets up a terrifying premise that of an unknown stalker, in Michael; A Gift Of Trust. After the truly sad, abused life Michael has led, almost any loving man would seem like a savior. J. B. happens to be tall and handsome, too. Suspenseful and heart-wrenching. 4 STARS, Rickey Mallory, Affaire de Couer

... Ms. Lawrence wove in the previous characters with dexterity and pulled me right into the story. For anyone looking for a ‘hero to die for’, I highly recommend this book., 4 Stars. Reviewed by Karen Larsen ,Assistant Coordinator ¾ Reviews Scribes World

MICHAEL; A GIFT OF TRUST is a must read for romantic suspense fans. Margaret B< Lawrence knows how to write a story that will keep your attention till the very last page. Readers be on the look out for the next novel by Margaret B. Lawrence. This is one writer to watch as she rises to the top of her profession.-- 3 stars***, Reviewed By Jewel Dartt:, Midnight Scribe Reviews

Margaret Lawrence’s gripping, fast-paced story full of unexpected twists and turns, and the growing romance between a relentless homicide detective and a woman in peril who must learn to give him her gift of trust – and love, will keep you rooting for Michael and J. B. to the stunning end.-- Barbara Clark, author:, TEARS OF THE HAWK, A BREATH OF HEATHER, A TOUCH OF FIRE,

“A suspenseful, beautifully written, heart-grabbing tale of how love and perseverance overcome fear and trauma to join two hearts as one.” -- Ann Bachman, TOGETHER AGAIN and BROKEN DREAMS,

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ISBN: 1590889606
ISBN(13-digit): 9781590889602
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 312
Paper Weight (lb): 13.2

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