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Janet Cooper
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Sarah Tawes, an independent 21 Century woman, awakens as the daughter of a Quaker in Revolutionary America. Her fight for her freedoms argues with the values she is forced to accept.

Silver Wolf, a Lenape brave, who in the process of avenging his father’s death becomes a wanted man, strives to reject the white woman forced into his life.

How can these two people, from cultures 180 degrees apart, accept the love that begins to grow? What will their future hold?

When Benjamin stopped the wagon a few feet from where Luke stood, the Lenape strode over. While Luke stared at the wagon filled with corn, Sarah let her eyes feast on him. He was nothing like the man she had seen last night at the inn--even his hairstyle had changed. If she were a Quaker lass from the Eighteenth Century, his clothing, or lack thereof, might have embarrassed her. She was glad she had no such inhibition and enjoyed viewing his bare chest. Although Sarah sensed Benjamin’s eyes on her, she refused to look in his direction, fearing the old gentleman would condemn her forthright manner. Instead, she continued to survey Luke Keenan.

He wore moccasins and a breechcloth held in place with a deerskin belt. Her gaze traveled down the length of his body. The strong muscles of his legs and especially of his upper thighs caught and held her attention. Above his slender waist, no clothing concealed his well-defined assets. His broad shoulders and smooth biceps proclaimed his masculinity and heightened his appeal. Black marks scarred his strong face, but in no way deterred from his good looks. Enjoying her perusal, she noted that his compelling, secretive eyes were still as she remembered them. He looked at her.

Having been caught examining him, she tried to cover her less than proper scrutiny by saying, “We heard what happened. Since we have extra provisions, father wanted to share our bounty with thee.” Although she tried, her attention returned to his head. Instead of the thick, black mane of hair, only a small, scalp lock remained. The new style suited him, yet she wondered, Why had he cut and shaved his head?

“We will pay,” Luke said, his eyes hard.

“Nay,” Benjamin replied. “In times of need, Friends give.”

“I am not a member of your society,” Luke countered.

“Thou and thy people are children of God.”

“Even if we call God, Kitanitowet?”

“Names mean nothing to God,” Benjamin responded, “only our acts.”

Luke hesitated. He looked from Benjamin to Sarah, then to the wagonload of corn. After a moment of hesitation, he said, “I accept your gift for my people. Now, I am in your debt. If you need me or any Lenape, simply ask and we will fulfill your request.”

“That is not necessary,” Benjamin said, as Sarah climbed down off the seat.

“For my people and myself it is.” He signaled to three young lads who had drawn near. “Unload the cart and take care of the horses.” The boys led the wagon near the fenced-in meadow and began working.

A same white-haired Lenape that Sarah had seen earlier approached. The deerskin jacket and matching leggings almost matched the color of his complexion. His face announced his kinship with Luke, only their ages and Luke’s lighter skin differed.

“XhanXhan,” Luke said, “may I present Benjamin Stone and his daughter Sarah? I broke my journey at their tavern last evening.”

The older man’s pitch black eyes closed momentarily as if acknowledging them. Age lines crossed his chestnut colored face, enhancing his regal status.

“Benjamin Stone, Sarah Stone,” Luke continued, “White Owl, my grandfather. They have brought a gift, XhanXhan.” He motioned toward the wagon.

“We appreciate your generosity and your coming,” White Owl said. “Since the hour grows late, will you join our feast and stay the night?”

Before Benjamin could answer and possibly refuse, Sarah said, “We will be honored.”

White Owl glanced at her, and then looked to her father for confirmation.

Benjamin smiled. “As my daughter has said, we are pleased to accept thy generosity.”

“Silver Wolf will act as your host. He will explain our ceremony.”

Janet loved reading and telling stories. Her sisters teased that she didn’t know truth from fiction, perhaps that’s why she enjoys creating characters and writing. As a librarian, with a major in history, she combined her interests to add depth to her historical fiction.

Memories: “Janet Cooper’s book will sweep you away to a hero and heroine whose love refuses to be halted by war, by their families and even by time itself.” Jo Ann Ferguson, historical romance writer.

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ISBN: 1597059986
ISBN(13-digit): 9781597059985
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 312
Paper Weight (lb): 13.0

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