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Edible Wild Mushrooms of Illinois & Surrounding States
A Field-to-Kitchen Guide

Mcfarland, Joe
Mueller, Gregory M.

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The comprehensive guide to wild mushrooms in the heartland--perfect for the coffee table, glove box, and kitchen

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Lavishly illustrated with nearly three hundred gorgeous full-color photos, this engaging guidebook carefully describes forty different edible species of wild mushrooms found around Illinois and surrounding states, including Iowa, Wisconsin, Missouri, Indiana, and Kentucky. With conversational and witty prose, the book provides extensive detail on each edible species, including photographs of potential look-alikes to help you safely identify and avoid poisonous species. Mushroom lovers from Chicago to Cairo will find their favorite local varieties, including morels, chanterelles, boletes, puffballs, and many others. Veteran mushroom hunters Joe McFarland and Gregory M. Mueller also impart their wisdom about the best times and places to find these hidden gems.

Edible Wild Mushrooms of Illinois and Surrounding States also offers practical advice on preparing, storing, drying, and cooking with wild mushrooms, presenting more than two dozen tantalizing mushroom recipes from some of the best restaurants and chefs in Illinois, including one of Food & Wine magazine\\\'s top 10 new chefs of 2007. Recipes include classics like Beer Battered Morels, Parasol Mushroom Frittatas, and even the highly improbable (yet delectable) Morel Tiramisu for dessert.

As the first new book about Illinois mushrooms in more than eighty years, this is the guide that mushroom hunters and cooks have been craving.

7 x 10 in.

Joe McFarland has been an outdoor writer for nearly twenty years and is a staff writer for the Illinois Department of Natural Resources magazine Outdoor Illinois. He lives in Makanda, Illinois.

Gregory M. Mueller, an internationally known mycologist, was curator of fungi at the Field Museum of Natural History for over twenty-three years and is now vice president of science and academic affairs at the Chicago Botanic Garden.

Preface xi
Acknowledgments xv
Do Not Ignore This Warning! xvii

1 Tips for Beginners 1
How to Find, Identify, and Understand Wild Mushrooms
Mushrooms grow everywhere. Here's how to start finding and identifying the best ones to eat-- and how to bring them to the table.

2 Common and Poisonous 19
A Few Toxic Mushrooms
Poisonous mushrooms grow everywhere in Illinois. Before you pick and eat any wild mushroom, learn to recognize toxic species.

3 Into the Forest 33
Mushrooms Found with Trees
Edible mushrooms often grow on or around living and dead trees.

4 The Morels 79
Morchella esculenta, Morchella elata, and Morchella semilibera. The most popular wild mushrooms in Illinois look like a sea sponge.
There are three basic morel species-- plus several varieties.

5 The Chanterelles 99
Cantharellus cibarius, Cantharellus lateritius, Cantharellus cinnabarinus, Craterellus cornucopioides, and Craterellus foetidus
Yellow, black, orange, and red-- wildly popular chanterelles are a group of vase-shaped summer mushrooms that often grow near oaks.

6 The Boletes 119
Xanthaconium separans, Strobilomyces spp., and Gyroporus castaneus
These terrestrial mushrooms have pores on the underside of the cap.
There are hundreds of bolete species; here are a few easy ones to identify.

7 The Puffballs 129
Calvatia gigantea, Lycoperdon pyriforme, Lycoperdon perlatum, Calvatia cyathiformis, and Calvatia craniformis
You can stomp on them when they're old, or eat them when they're fresh.

8 Take the Field without Getting Hurt 137
Agaricus, Coprinus, Macrolepiota, and Lepiota
Wherever there's grass, look for these edible wild mushrooms.

9 Let's Eat 159
Recipes and Advice for Cooking Wild Mushrooms
From simple fried morels to a champagne breakfast with fungi, fourteen great chefs from Illinois tell you how they get wild with mushrooms.

Index 205

"Edible Wild Mushrooms of Illinois and Surrounding States should be required reading by all wild mushroom hunters in the Midwest, especially beginners. It will be an instant success throughout the Midwest and beyond!"

"Finally! This is the mushroom book we've all been waiting for. Any mushroom hunter in the Midwest will find it incredible. If we owned only one mushroom book, this would be it."
--Tom and Vicky Nauman, founders of Morel Mania, Inc.

"This book should be required reading for all wild mushroom hunters in the Midwest, and especially beginners. McFarland and Mueller have come up with an entirely new format for getting the uninitiated involved in the joys of wild mushrooming. The writing is learned but very easy to understand, entertaining, and witty--at times hilarious. Bravo!"
--Britt A. Bunyard, publisher and editor in chief, Fungi magazine

"An important contribution to the culinary world as well as to the world of amateur mycology. This book will appeal to anyone interested in edible mushrooms, their identification, or how to prepare them for the table."
--Andrew N. Miller, Illinois State Mycologist, Illinois Natural History Survey

"Complete with interesting vignettes and delightful recipes involving wild mushrooms, this book will be of use to anyone interested in collecting and eating wild mushrooms in the Midwest. A thought-provoking, humorous, and practical guide."
--Andrew S. Methven, professor and chair of biological sciences, Eastern Illinois University

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ISBN: 0252076435
ISBN(13-digit): 9780252076435
Dewey Decimal: 579.6/163209773
Library of Congress: 2008040179
Book Publisher: Univ of Illinois Pr
Language: ENG
No. of Pages: 210
Illustrations (Color): 292

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