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To Take A Stand
A Futuristic Adventure Novel

Ann Allee
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Alaska, Site of Future Battle Over Animals Survival

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Alaska, in the
year 2050, is the site of a showdown between The International Hunting
Club of America and the Animal Rights Group in this new adventure novel
by Ann Allee, "To Take A Stand"
In the future,
most of the animals have been hunted to the point of extinction. A small
number of wild animals escapes the hunters and is secretly kept alive and
hidden by the Animal Rights Group. Hunters find that these animals still
exist deep in the wilderness of Alaska. It is there in that frozen land
of the North that the previously nonviolent Animal Rights Group contrives
a plan to hunt the hunters and save the animals. In the midst of these
dangerous times, romance evolves.
The story
leads the reader into the lives of those who kill for sport and those who
vow to protect. Sadly, it takes a tragedy to change one man's way of thinking.

3 Millennium Publishing

"Your wonderful book, (To Take A Stand)!! I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book. Once I accepted the premise that people could possibly
be cruel enough to do what you suggested, it was a great read. Am forwarding
a copy to a friend who does some stage/screen play rewriting.
Liuz DeNeui
Hill City South Dakota

A powerful book (To Take A Stand)!! Makes one think!! So many animals have already been lost to "Sportsmen". It's great to read a book that tells it like it is, or could be in our future. Our whole family enjoyed it from beginning to end!!
J. Sweeney
Anchorage, Alaska

Every once in awhile a new author and story surface. (To Take A Stand) If you believe in the balance of nature, environmental posterity, or an animal rights friend, here is a story.
Ralph Powell
Hemet, California

Wolves, romance, intrigue, and standing up for what is right! It's all here. I loved the book (To Take A Stand), and hope there will be more like it!
Robin Dayes
Sn Gabriel, California

"I'm a sucker for action and romance, but I usually don't see them together... At least until now. I enjoyed it (To Take A Stand), and
if you like that mix, you will too!"
Ralph Jessop
San Diego, California

I love stories about Alaska and the wilderness. It's even better to find one that "Takes A Stand" on the issues of the future of the wild animals there! If we don't protect them, we might lose them. I salute the writer of this book, and enjoyed every minute of reading it.
Jon Cooper
Manager at Sea World, California

Great Book (To Take A Stand)! This might be a good story to put into film.
Chase Jazzborne - CEO, ARIA Motion Pictures
San Diego, California

The initial premise was difficult to accept, however, the story
was quite interesting once I got into it (To Take A Stand).
Millie Hoffman
Villa Park, Illinois

ISBN: 0929526422
ISBN(13-digit): 9780929526423
Copyright: 2000
Library of Congress: TXu 785-171
Book Publisher: 3 Millennium Publishing
No. of Pages: 365
Paper Weight (lb): 60 #
Illustrations (B&W): 51

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