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The Man Within
Ruby Moon-Houldson
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Diana meets a man who was everything she ever hoped for but he was untrusting and fearful of women. He had been told that he was incapable of loving a woman, yet when she was with him, he awoke within her very being – raw, wanton desires. How could she convince him that he was the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with? Could her steadfast belief in the power of love heal the wounds of a beaten soul and draw out…the man within?

His life had been a living nightmare. He had been married to a cruel and heartless woman who had convinced him that he wasn’t husband material. He had endured years of mental abuse, of being trapped in a marriage brimming with infidelity. Now that he was free, could he trust another woman ever again? Then he met Diana and she mysteriously captures his attention. Could he place himself in a vulnerable position once more after years of struggling to regain at least a small fraction of self-confidence? Dare he take a chance and risk giving his heart to her? But most importantly, could she trust her heart to a man who was a werewolf?

Now, shaking from fear and from uncertainty, Diana shifted her weight and the animal’s attention was immediately drawn back to her again. It looked to have tears rolling down its face. Its desolate eyes met hers and she stared deeper into them. One of its furry hands then encircled one of the bars. Diana swallowed hard as she slowly reached out and touched it. She gazed deeper into the animal’s sad, forlorn eyes. This animal was lonely, sad, lost, suffering from despair. It reminded her of...

“No,” she whispered as she nearly choked on the word. The animal quickly shrunk back and released a low, warning growl. “No,” she said again with a catch in her voice. “Dear heaven, it can’t be,” she whispered, her voice wavering. But there was no other answer. What she was seeing was... a werewolf. This creature standing before her was a werewolf.

Diana immediately sat down hard upon the ground in front of the cell and embraced herself with her shaking hands--realization hitting her like a ton of bricks. “It can’t be,” she whispered once again. She watched as the animal edged back into the shadows. It then went to the window and clutched the metal bars in its furry hands. It growled then released a soft whimper. It stared outside at the moon. Its actions, the way it stood and looked at the sky, it reminded her of...

“No, no, no!” she suddenly cried aloud. The animal, the werewolf, turned to look upon her and she saw a gleam of golden yellow flash through the dark space between them. “Oh, no, oh...” A tear suddenly rolled down her cheek and then one more followed. Soon, a torrent of tears flooded her eyes and flowed freely down her face. So this was the big secret. This was what Daxton had been afraid to tell her. “Daxton,” she whispered. “Oh, Daxton, how terrible,” she cried in a crushed tone of voice. Diana fought to get a grip on herself as she wrung her hands in disbelief. She then spied some clothes piled up in a corner of the cell. They were... Diana immediately cried out once again as her heart nearly shattered from the blow which befell it.

So this was it. Daxton was a werewolf. This was why he left her and the kids every month. Diana’s mind suddenly flashed back to the dates he’d been gone. They were always at the time of the full moon. It was then she suddenly realized they had never been together under the light of the full moon. The moon was always on its way out of that phase when she would look at it with Daxton. He had even commented a few times about the moon being a magical entity. He’d spoken often of his dislike of it. Why hadn’t all this registered with her before?

Daxton was a werewolf. It was hard to believe. Daxton was so right, how does one tell another person about their being a werewolf? If he’d presented such an incredible tale to her she would have thought him mad. Daxton had feared she’d leave him once she knew his secret. What woman would want a man such as he? What woman would want a loving husband and father, a hard worker, a man with a generous and caring soul, a man who was also a werewolf?

Diana thought on all that Daxton was. She thought on how much he meant to her. She thought about his loving ways. Who would want a man such as Daxton? She would... she did. She still loved Daxton. George was right. This only came two or three nights out of the month. She’d lived with Dax all these months and hadn’t known. She’d loved him then, what was any different now? The only difference was the fact she now knew what nightmare Daxton lived with every month. Did that make her love him any less? No. When he came home after going through this change, was he not a loving husband and father? Yes. Was he not a man? Yes. Did she not find love and contentment in his arms? Yes.

Ruby Moon-Houldson has written nineteen books to date, five of which are Star Trek books (three of them reference). She is currently working on four more books. Ruby has met, spoken with, and conferred with many authors, actors, and scriptwriters over the years. She has even co-authored a science fiction movie script.

Ruby is an author who enjoys writing in the romance, paranormal romance, science fiction, reference, and children genres. Her reference books are both fiction and nonfiction.

Ruby also writes for PlanetXpo, Inc. in conjunction with Planet Earth Distributions. She creates speeches for some of Hollywood’s stars as they perform at gatherings for PlanetXpo. She also formulates ‘Bios’ for many of the Star Trek stars. She wrote the “Great Bird of the Galaxy” (Gene Roddenberry) speech, which was read by Nichelle Nichols before thousands of attendees and television networks. This past summer Ruby authored the ‘Memory Soliloquy’ written in honor of James Doohan. She also held a book signing out in Hollywood, CA.

Ruby is a member of the Indiana Literacy Coalition, the Greene County Speaker’s Bureau, and the Greene County Writer’s Group. She loves to hear from her readers and takes time out of her busy schedule to answer more than 500 e-mails a day. When not at her laptop Ruby works as a College Nursing Professor and she creates photo art pieces for the ‘Earth Realms Creations’ collection.

For her novels, Ruby conducts in-depth research in order to create a book that has accurate facts in areas where it is essential to the story’s plot. She has visited the Valley of Fire in Nevada, been to Hollywood, Canada, England, really, all over the United States. She has written books where her main characters were firemen, writers, FBI agents, medical rehabilitation specialists, reporters, college professors, and artists. She has interviewed persons in these varying professions in order for the characters in her books to be portrayed as accurately as possible.

Ruby holds a Master’s degree in Nursing and is presently completing her Doctorate degree in Psychology. She has worked as an educator and as a nurse on a medical rehabilitation therapy unit as well as on medical psychiatric units.

Ruby travels across the United States in order to participate in book signings. Her last book signing was held in Hollywood, California when her latest Star Trek reference book was released. She is very active in promoting her work. Ruby is always writing and is always open to suggestion of what readers want to read. A few of her books have been written based on readers input. Ruby is dedicated to writing and to getting the finished product out there to her readers

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ISBN: 1597059145
ISBN(13-digit): 9781597059145
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 345

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