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Maggie and Ice
Book 1: The Patterson County Chronicles

B.G. McCarthy
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Out of the blue, Ice Newman’s back in town and he’s brought big trouble. As far as Patterson County Sheriff Maggie Sloane is concerned the sexy biker can find what he’s looking for and get out. Maggie’s going to find out that there’s a dark side to sunny Patterson County and that Ice is hotter than most women can handle.

"Just give me five minutes of your time. I am so dying to see how this thing will look on someone with the right figure. Please, Maggie." Like all of the charming but lethal Newmans, this woman could probably talk the birds right out of the trees.

"No, Starr, I have to get back--"

"I know you’d love to see yourself in it."

"It’ll complement the regulation steel-toed boots."

"I know it’ll be perfect. Are you wearing a bra?"

She flushed. "I just have a sports bra on. I don’t need a real bra with my uniform."

"I’ve got something that’ll push up what you have there. You’re not really flat at all, are you? You have nice ones. Ice told me this joke about the biker breast rating system once. It was hilarious. A for Almost Boobs. B for Barely there. C for Can Do. D for Damn Good. E for Enormous. F for--"

She gave Starr her best I’m-giving-you-a-citation-glare. "Starr?"

"F for Fake. Oh, Maggie, humor me."

Maggie looked around, frowning harder, trying to look like the authoritarian figure she was paid very well to be by the town of Preston. Oh, what would it hurt? She was curious anyway. No one was going to know. The shop didn’t even open to the public until ten. She’d be long gone before that. "Okay. Just don’t tell me about Ice Newman’s appalling breast rating system ever again. I’ll do this just so you can see what the dress looks like. I have no intention to buy it."

B. G. McCarthy has dreamed of writing since reading Ivanhoe at twelve, mainly because she thought the hero ended up with the wrong girl. Still suffering an irresistible urge to rewrite other peoples’ stories, B. G. started writing Internet fan-fiction for a television spy show. Encouraged by fans of the storyboards, she decided to leave that realm and weave her own stories where the right girl gets the guy and there is always a happy-ever-after. She loves quirky heroes, slightly snarky heroines with issues and swears that the ubiquitous secret baby plot will never show its diaper in her own fiction universe. She walks, gardens, paints, is addicted to the BBC channel and Food Network and is raising two almost-perfect teenage girls, a neurotic Jack Russell Terrier and a husband who races sports cars.

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ISBN: 1590886682
ISBN(13-digit): 9781590886687
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 320

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