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Luther's Cross
Therese Kinkaide
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Ellie Jordan believes she will never forgive herself for mistakes she made in the past. She is content to live alone, dividing her life between the public library, where she works, and the plain, little, empty house where she lives.

Jay Bryant is a divorced ‘Summer-Vacation-Only’ dad, who is more drawn to Ellie Jordan than he was attracted to his model beautiful ex-wife. Jay befriends Ellie and draws her deeply into his family. But can Jay’s love and acceptance of Ellie’s past heal Ellie? Is his love enough for Ellie to forgive herself and move forward in a life with him?

Memorial Day is for remembering, and she does. She remembers picnics in the backyard that consisted of raw hotdogs, which she still thinks are disgusting, and grape soda. Oreo cookies, because for him, she didn’t mind splurging. A one-on-one baseball game, which always involved more giggling than baseball, and lying on their backs in the grass, finding shapes in the clouds. He was good at that, just like he was with stargazing.

That last Memorial Day, he’d seen an elephant in the clouds, and she’d looked for several long silent minutes without seeing it and finally turned her face to look at him. He’d grinned, and she’d thought he was joking with her, but when she looked again, she’d seen it. An elephant with its trunk raised. And then she’d seen a cloud that looked like a big hand, reaching out to her. She supposes some people would say it was the hand of God, and she supposes that it just might have been the hand of God reaching to take back what was His. The billowy outstretched fingers had climbed her spine and left her chilled. She’d tried to hide her unease by suggesting another inning.

This kind of remembering is dangerous. The good kind has such narrow boundaries she’s almost always doomed to fail. She can live with memories, but sometimes the ghosts of the past haunt her and break her down to nothing, and she hates to become that person. She hates to feel, and she hates to lose control, and she hates to break. Each time it happens, it gets just a little bit harder to put herself back together.

Sometimes she runs. She runs to escape, and she runs to search, and she runs to turn the sorrow into a physical hurt. It’s always so much easier to deal with physical pain. She’s not the squeamish type; she doesn’t get all girly and sick at the sight of blood. In fact, when she was twelve, she and Tony Spinelli had bumped noses while they fought over a rebound. The crack of the bones and the jolt of pain had slowed her down, but she’d taken the rebound, put the ball up again for two points, and then turned to see if Tony was okay. They’d ridden to the ER together, had their noses set at the same time in different exam rooms, and then ducked off to the corner of the waiting room to whisper while their parents talked by the triage desk. She’d promised him she wouldn’t tell anyone that his nose had bled and hers didn’t and therefore she must be tougher than him. He’d kissed her; her first kiss on her mouth, and they were both taped up like hockey players after a night on the ice.

She supposes, as she rides her bike south on Eighth Street, Tony Spinelli was her first love. When her mind starts to click, to remind her of things best left alone, she pulls herself to her feet and pedals like the hounds of hell are following her.

Therese Kinkaide holds a BS in Political Science, with a minor in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Education. She obtained both degrees from Quincy University in Quincy, IL. She is a former member of the National Writers Association, as well as a former president and current member of the Quincy Writers’ Guild, a local writers’ group. Ms. Kinkaide has a self-published book entitled Betrayal. She has had short stories published in the ezines Lovewords, Pens on Fire, and Crime & Suspense. She is a member of the Illinois State Poetry Society and has had poems published in The Poet’s Pen. Ms. Kinkaide lives in the Midwest with her husband and children.

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ISBN: 1597056762
ISBN(13-digit): 9781597056767
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 413

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