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Love In The Mist
Scott C. Ristau
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Nigella Ranun is a morgue attendant at Cook County Hospital. She is intelligent and pretty yet very shy. Her loneliness is relieved by the arrival of a corpse brought into the morgue who, except for the inert condition of his heart, is physically the man of Nigella’s dreams. His ghost pursues Nigella with an ardent passion and his spirit is nourished by her surrender. As their romance evolves, however, Nigella discovers an evil aspect to her spectral suitor. It is then that a long-forgotten childhood friend reemerges in her life, offering the possibility of redemption and a chance at true love.

In the bedroom, Nigella switched off the lights and took off her clothes but left the necklace with the odd markings hanging around her neck. The chilly air raised gooseflesh on her skin. However, fatigue dragged at her. So, instead of taking the time to put on pajamas, she quickly pulled back the covers and slid into the moonlit bed in the hope of getting warm and recovering her strength.

Outside, the wind died down, bringing peace to the urban neighborhood. Somewhere beyond the window of her room, a dog barked to the accompaniment of subdued traffic noise. Otherwise, all was quiet.

After she closed her weary eyes, relaxation slowly crept over Nigella. She stretched beneath the sheets and felt the linen caress her naked body. Long and lustrous, her coal black hair streamed out over the pillow. As somnolence again took hold, her connection with the waking world grew more tenuous. Her thoughts lost all coherence and began drifting into the smooth, dark oblivion of the night.

An hour passed unnoticed. Then, uncertain if she was awake or asleep, Nigella began to experience strange sensations. With fearful wonderment, she felt someone touch her. The strong, firm hand of a man came to rest upon her calf. His fingers flowed sinuously along her leg as the meandering progression of his hand glided toward the velvety flesh of Nigella’s inner thigh.

Lost in the chaos of her thoughts, she remained motionless as the phantom palm explored further north, proceeding with purpose across her slender waist and settling over the slope of Nigella’s warm breast. Gentle, clutching fingers massaged the bountiful meat of her bosom, and she imagined her stiffening nipple first encircled by hungry lips, then moistened by a playful, flickering tongue.

Unable to distinguish between reality and dreams, Nigella could not be sure how frightened she should be of these sensations and her own escalating arousal.

Enveloped in a half-luminous cloud, a mysterious weight settled on top of her. The masculine force descended upon her recumbent form with amorous vivacity and a conquering virility. She opened her eyes but saw nothing within that white, transparent mist. Yet she clearly heard the hypnotic rhythm of his excited breathing. Its warmth pulsed against her ear and she was kissed by unseen lips about the face and neck.

The amorphous mist raised a baffling fog inside her head. Reason became obscured. Logic lost its definition. However, the exaggerated details of this fantastic dream seemed crafted with a jeweler’s precision. Nigella, petrified with astonishment, tried to rouse herself from the tantalizing terror of her dream, but to no avail. The press of her ghostly lover’s embrace would not allow escape.

Yet intertwined with her fear was a wholly unexpected emotion. Nigella’s fright was overwhelmed by a surfeit of tactile wonders and the building intensity of her libidinal desires. She discovered the phantasmal form atop her to be astoundingly adept at provoking her animal appetites and inciting her sensual instincts. Filled with rapturous sensations, her body ignited with wanton sensuality, and the supreme intoxication of these voluptuous impressions numbed her mind to rational thought. She no longer cared to understand and so gave up trying to think.

Embracing her mental and physical helplessness, she fell back upon the bed, welcoming defeat. Aroused beyond all endurance, Nigella surrendered to the madness of the moment and abandoned her self-control. Drunk on an inebriating brew of staggering thoughts and sensations, she chose to accept her weakness, her indefensible vulnerability, and take pleasure in submission.

Scott Ristau is the author of Death Brand, The Maul of Murgleys, Love in the Mist, and Master and God. He received his Masters degree from the University of Illinois - Springfield and lives in Illinois with his wife, Allison, and two children, Jarrid and Jordan.

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ISBN: 1597057142
ISBN(13-digit): 9781597057141
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 300

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