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A Life Hidden
Barbara Wilson Wright
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Annie Collins, or Anusha, as she is known in London’s high fashion world of modeling, has achieved everything in life a young woman could want. She has it all, fame, fortune and the growing interest of one of England’s most eligible bachelors. Then an accident sets in motion a chain of events which begin to reveal a life hidden. Born to rank and privilege, Anusha lost it all in an instant escaping only with her life. Re-discovering her past could cause her to lose everything again, this time her life at the hands of a woman who was once her governess and whose husband is Anusha’s lover.

This is a women’s fiction novel filled with suspense and intrigue. Set in London in the early 1950’s there is a flashback to the heroine’s life and escape from Nazi occupied Poland.

Kralowiecza, 1937

The door to the study opened and in ran a little girl dressed in her nightgown and robe.

"Papa, I’ve had my bath and I’m ready for you to read me a story and play with me," the child announced.

The Duke looked up from his newspaper and smiled at the five-year-old. She was his only child, a daughter, blonde, with blue eyes that changed to turquoise when the light shone on her a certain way. And she was very spoiled. How much she reminded him of her mother who had died two years ago.

Several years previous, the young Duke Mikhail had been asked to represent Kralowiecza at a royal wedding abroad. This he was more than happy to do because he was very restless and bored in his own country. He spied his future wife at one of the official balls and fell in love immediately, completely, and totally. Instead of returning to Kralowiecza, the Duke went to Sweden with his newfound love and shortly thereafter was married causing the King, in a fit of anger, to exile him. In 1932, however, quite unexpectedly, his mother became very sick and King Vlat relented and allowed Mikhail to return. The joy of the reunion was short lived as Mikhail’s mother and only sister to the King died. By that time the Duke and his beautiful wife, Odile, were expecting their child. King Vlat demanded that this possible heir be born in Kralowiecza and assume its rightful position in the country. So it was that Anna Natalia Ursula Susanna Helen Alicia was born.

"Such a long name for a small baby," her father exclaimed and using the first letter from each name called her Anusha. She grew up a happy, spoiled child, the delight of both her parents.

Unfortunately tragedy struck. Odile, who was expecting another child, returned to Sweden for a family visit and to attend her younger sister’s wedding. One day, while the family was sailing, a boating accident claimed them all. The Duke was grief stricken and only the fact that he was now responsible for raising his daughter kept him alive.

One of the Duke’s pleasures was to read The London Times. Although it was at least a week old by the time it arrived in Plonsk, he delighted in catching up on world news and events. He always read the paper from cover to cover. This is what he was doing when his daughter walked in.

"I am ready for a story now," said Anusha impatiently.

"One moment darling, I just want to finish this article."

"But Papa, if I have to wait until you finish then I’ll only have time for a short story and I wanted a long one." Anusha emphasized the word long.

"Anusha, I said one moment please. Find a book on the shelf and I will read it to you." He returned to his paper.

Anusha went over to a shelf. She chose one, struggled to get it off the shelf, then dropped the heavy book to the floor. She looked at her father, "I want you to read a long story."

"That’s not much of a story book, Anusha. That is a dictionary and you are lucky that it landed on the floor because if it had hit your toe, there would have been no story tonight. You would have had to see the doctor."

"Why can’t you read me the dictionary?" Anusha asked.

"Because it only contains words. It helps a person spell correctly."

"I know how to spell," said Anusha emphatically. "I can spell a lot of words." She launched into a recital of her spelling list.

"Papa. Did you hear me spell my words?"

"Yes my pet," he answered, "you spell very well."

But this did not mollify Anusha. She continued, "You know I can read and I can also speak French." She began another recital. The Duke lovingly looked at his daughter standing in front of him.

"I’m very impressed. You do indeed spell, and speak French well. My compliments to Chrysja. She taught you well."

"Well, she just taught me," Anusha said indignantly. "I had to do all the studying."

"My compliments to both of you," said the Duke, bowing his head. "I shall tell Pani Chrysja what a good job she is doing."

Someone asked me “Why do you write?” To paraphrase the French philospher Descartes, “I dream therefore I write.” This is my third book I’ve had published by Wings Press and I still get a thrill when the newest “Baby” comes to life.

A special thanks to Dannie Browning, a true Renaissance man, equally at home with fine wines and explosives.

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ISBN: 1590889002
ISBN(13-digit): 9781590889008
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 400
Paper Weight (lb): 16.6

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