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Lavender and Love
Rosemary Goodwin
booksXYZ price: $17.95
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Lavender’s intertwined in Angela Newlin's life - from the family's lavender fields in England, to the lavender fields of France.

Angela, a single mother and divorced from both Jon, and Giovanni, takes control of her life, transforming herself into a successful entrepreneur. The only thing missing is her truelove, Jon.

"Creep," she said under her breath and followed him down the flagstone path. How could she still love this man? she asked herself. He took every opportunity to hurt her feelings yet she kept coming back for more. Rummaging in her big bag, she found her quarry and pulled out a huge old brass key, inserted it in the large, timeworn keyhole, turned it in the lock, and the door swung open.

It was four years ago that Jon’s grandmother had died, leaving him the charming cottage. He was brought up in the village. As a little boy he loved to spend time with his gentle Granny who kept him spellbound with stories of long ago. It held his fond childhood memories, and he vowed he’d never sell the place.

Granny’s part-time housekeeper, a woman from the village, had stayed on. She’d been in earlier that day and aired the feather bed and arranged the teapot and cups on the kitchen table. Jon switched on the electric heater set into the old fireplace, and it soon heated up rosy red and filled the room with cozy warmth.

"Let’s make a nice cup of tea, then we’ll talk." Angela said trying to be complaisant. Changing the subject sometimes jerked Jon back to his sense of civility.

"Is that all the English ever think about? Whenever there’s a crisis or something, they pipe up ‘let’s have tea’," he sneered.

"Well, if you want to get into stereotypes, let’s go Welsh. Would you like to swill back a pint o’ beer instead?" she snapped back.

"I’m not going to let you drag me into an argument." Jon moved some pillows around on the soft sofa and flopped down on it. "So, Polly put the bloody kettle on and we’ll all have tea!"

"No need to be sarcastic." She plugged in the electric kettle. "We’ve been terribly British and stiff-upper lipped up to now. I think we can keep it up for a few more days."

Angela walked over to the other end of the sofa and sat down with her knees drawn up, hugging one of the pillows to her body. She felt so vulnerable. For most of her adult life she’d had Jon to depend on, both as a friend, and as her lover. Over the past few months, he had separated himself physically and emotionally from her. She missed him so much.

"Will we still be friends? After this mess, I mean," she said biting her lower lip to keep it from trembling.

"I hope so. I honestly want us to be friends." And he really meant it.

They had grown up together over the past five years and, he confessed, he alone was responsible for their present situation. If only he didn’t have this seething urge to plow ahead with his career--without any ties. But he did have this need, and he was determined to follow this new path. Angela would have to step aside.

"I really don’t want a divorce. You know that." Angela got up and went over to the old, cracked wooden counter and unplugged the kettle that was crackling and about to burn. She’d forgotten to fill it with water.

"Can’t we try to work things out?" Angela plopped back onto the couch.

"There’s nothing to work out." He stood up and walked over to the kitchen cabinets and reached for a glass, which he filled from the water tap. "I’ve made up my mind. I want to be free. I feel like an old man tied to one woman. It’s nothing against you--it’s me. I’m going to the States in a few days, and I’m starting a new life."

"Don’t pull that stale line on me, Jon. ‘It’s not you--it’s me’ bullcrap."

"But it’s the truth." He leaned against the sink with folded arms. His stance was resolute.

"We’ve been married since we were nineteen," he went on. "We never had any teenage years. We both worked--you days--me nights. What kind of life is this? We hardly ever see each other. No--it’s over."

Angela squeezed the pillow to her breasts, holding on to it like she was trying to hold onto Jon.

"It’s not the end of the world you know. Millions of people get divorced every year."

"Yes, but they’re not us. We could see a marriage counselor, or a minister. Someone to help us over this hump."

Rosemary was born in a lovely country town, Bury St. Edmunds, in Suffolk County, England. Her heart is still there even though she has lived in Maine, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and now New Jersey.

She was a "late bloomer", attending college and Law School at night while she worked a full-time job and took care of a family. She graduated Law School, practiced law for a couple of years in New Jersey, and then worked for a large investment company from which she retired. She’s now enjoying her “new life” as a fiction writer.

She's written award-winning environmental research papers on such topics as whales and uranium mining but now writes mainstream, women's fiction. Rosemary is also an accomplished painter and a world-wide traveler. Of course she returns to England every year to visit relatives and to research her current projects which are all set in England. Rosemary writes under her maiden name, Rosemary Goodwin.

Why not visit her site at www.Rosemary-Goodwin.com and leave her message? She’d love to hear from you.

Lavender and Love is quick paced and reads like an enchanting movie. Ms. Goodwin intimately portrays a strong heroine and the hardships she endures with the men in her life. She proves a woman’s personal goals and dreams and her eventual pursuit of them is the way to gain self-esteem, confidence and self-respect.

With unique attention to detail, the author will liven your senses as she introduces you to the English countryside, France, other intriguing European settings and the United States. With a sweet and surprising end, Lavender and Love is a must read for anyone who needs encouragement in their personal life. Three cheers for Rosemary Goodwin for a well written, snappy and captivating sweet read. I look forward to reading more from this highly talented author. -- Reviewed for The Road to Romance, By Jan Springer, Romance Author

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ISBN: 1590887697
ISBN(13-digit): 9781590887691
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 222
Paper Weight (lb): 9.6

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