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Lately Of England
Sara V. Olds & Roberta O. Major
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Lady Elene, sheltered and naive, follows her twin brother from England--and soon finds herself in a struggle to survive in the rough and fertile country of the American Colonies.

Glen Rose, carrying the deep wounds of a broken childhood, leaves a tavern-keeper’s bed, and finds her heart is a place rich with possibilities.

Daughters of letter-writing cousins Catherine and Fraser of Letters From The Attic, Book One: YOURS IN HASTE, Elene and Glen Rose correspond with each other as their paths carry them from their sheltered and shadowed pasts into a bolder and brighter future.

"Why must we meet every ship, Glenny?" Tendrils of Iain’s copper hair, having escaped the black riband at the nape of his neck, now blew into his face as the stiff breeze from the sea whipped across the Philadelphia wharf.

Glen Rose Chase looked at her foster brother and allowed herself to smile, lacing it like spices in a pandowdy with both exasperation and affection. "Aunt Catherine’s letter only said that Cousin Richard would be here in April and that, if Mother would take him under her wing until he goes on to Albany, she would be--"

"--very grateful indeed," Iain mimicked. "Mother is ever taking stray children under her wing." The look he slid at her from the corner of his eyes was impudent, but wholly devoid of malice.

"For which Alyssa and I have cause to be grateful," Glen Rose said.

"Indeed you do," Iain said with a self-righteous smirk belied by the mischievous glint in his green eyes.

"As do you," she said, "for how else could you have enjoyed the attentions of charming young ladies of our caliber for all these years if we two had not graciously agreed to play sister to so scapegrace a brother?"

"There are ways," Iain said with a sly smile. "And for more attentions than I get from the two of you."

"I don’t wish to hear the particulars," Glen Rose said, though there was a twinkle in the depths of her brown eyes.

"My particulars," Iain said, "are sure to be more interesting than anything that passes between you and that hulking creature you call husband."

"As Simon has been gone these several months," Glen Rose said with a repressive look, "my particulars are, at present, very little to make mention of anyway, besides being none of your concern."

"Do you care to expound?" Iain asked, his eyes alight with a naughty interest.

"No." Glen Rose turned and her eyes widened. "Look! Isn’t that the Edna Pettigrew?"

Iain followed her gaze, squinted, and then nodded. "I believe it may be. What are we to look for?"

"I suppose Richard won’t be in his regimentals," Glen Rose said, "and we may thank God for that." There was a tightening of her lips that her foster brother didn’t miss.

"I never liked those scarlet coats," he said with studied carelessness. "Too damned flashy. Clash with my hair."

Her chuckle was almost natural. "He is close in age to you and Alyssa, I think. Mother says he and his twin were born exactly between your two birthdays."

"God save us," Iain said, "there are two of them coming?"

Glen Rose shot him a look of amusement. "No, Elene is on her way to school in Italy. Aunt Catherine wrote that this will be their first separation."

"Too bad Aunt Catherine timed it to coincide with Father’s mishap in Charleston."

"Mother thought they’d be back from their trip in plenty of time."

They looked at the Edna Pettigrew, which was now easing alongside the wharf.

"Will he be a pleasant fellow, this English cousin of ours?" Iain asked.

"I hope so. Mother has a great affection for Aunt Catherine, I know, for all they haven’t seen each other in over twenty years."

"He’ll be tall," Iain said with a wry certainty.

Sara Olds and Roberta Major met in college, but their partnership didn’t begin until a few years later and several states away. With a mutual background in theater, they collaborated as puppeteers and storytellers, while Sara pursued her Masters degree in British history and Roberta worked as a children’s librarian.

They began the first Letters From the Attic project, YOURS IN HASTE, as a writing exercise to keep them connected when Sara and her husband moved. It wasn’t until they were halfway through the second Letters project, LATELY OF ENGLAND, that they realized they had something more.

Though they’ve only lived in the same town for one year out of the past dozen, they meet often in cyberspace--and once in awhile in person, thanking God for the wonders of technology--and the blessing of frequent flyer miles.


“Highly recommended

Authors Roberta Major and Sara V. Olds draw from the eighteenth century convention of epistolary novels to present YOURS IN HASTE. The letters cousins Fraser and Catherine exchange span a year of change in both their personal lives and the world in which they live.

When her father passes away, rather than accepting charity from an ill-tempered cousin, Fraser chooses to accept a position as governess to the children of an English officer posted to Scotland. Fraser looks forward to the opportunity to become acquainted with the place of her mother's childhood. Soon Fraser finds her loyalties painfully divided.

Catherine's father plans to align himself with the visiting Prince by allowing his daughter to meet the prince's needs, berating his daughter and stating that she should be grateful for his attentions. Longing for more power over her circumstances, Catherine's wish is granted when her sympathetic grandfather whisks her away. She then meets with exceptional intrigue and adventure.

YOURS IN HASTE began as a writing exercise designed to keep authors Roberta Major and Sara V. Olds connected when Sara and her husband moved. Their remarkable voices create a novel that gracefully captures the flavor of the eighteenth century with its dangers and political intrigues. In the days when arranged marriages create a woman's fortune, and she must only speak his language and bear his children, these authors provide a tantalizing glimpse into the rebelliousness that frequently characterizes the fiction of the era. While remaining within the social mores of the time, they also provide powerful female characters that will delight the modern reader.” -- Word Weaving reviewer Cindy Penn

“This story, told in the guise of correspondence, kept me reading late into the night. Setting description and dialogue were well done.... -- Romance on AOL


“LATELY OF ENGLAND by Sara V. Olds and Roberta O. Major explores three love stories set in colonial times. Lady Elene Hollyforth follows her twin brother, Richard, to the American Colonies. Arriving in Colonial Philadelphia, the siblings meet their cousin, Glen Rose Chase, a tavern keeper’s wife. As the paths of their lives take different turns, Elene and Glen Rose share their journeys through mail correspondence. “…one pleasant reading experience!” *** (three stars) --Gina Bernal, ROMANTIC TIMES MAGAZINE

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ISBN: 1590888855
ISBN(13-digit): 9781590888858
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 490
Paper Weight (lb): 20.2

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