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Last Resort
Cheryl Norman
booksXYZ price: $19.95
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He’s ready to die…

Riddled with survivor's guilt, Detective Kevin O'Brien stoically accepts his doctor’s diagnosis. He gets his affairs in order so he can spend his last days in comfort and peace in a quaint bed and breakfast inn. What he finds is a charming young woman who can use his help.

…but she makes him want to live!

More than anything, Bethany Miller longs to have a baby before the alarm sounds on her biological clock, but without the hassle of a husband. She fights her attraction to the mysterious Kevin; he doesn’t fit into her plans. She reconsiders when he proposes a no-strings offer of fatherhood...and marriage. But Kevin and Bethany learn that the best-laid plans are subject to change.

Slumped over the stack of mail piled on the ancient trestle table, Bethany Miller hovered her pen over her checkbook.

"Are you expecting any guests this week?" Debbie stood gazing out the kitchen window, her arms buried in a huge pottery mixing bowl.

"Not until Friday," Bethany answered. "Why?"

"Someone’s pulled in. I don’t know the car." The older woman stretched her slim body across the counter for a better view. "Could be someone looking for a place to stay."

Bethany’s answering chortle held no humor. "I wish! Until Friday, our only guest is Mr. Gibb."

"Humph. Don’t you mean Mr. Glib?"

"Debbie! Lower your voice." Bethany shook her head. "Although, I agree, he isn’t exactly the conversationalist."

"It’s a shame. I thought he was cute." Debbie stood on tip-toes now, the dough she’d been kneading forgotten. She twisted her neck and pressed her cheek against the glass pane. "I was just wondering who this guy is with the Indiana plates. Now he’s getting out."

"Indiana, eh? That wouldn’t be the Reynolds couple. Anyway, they aren’t due in until Friday." Bethany joined Debbie at the window, flattening her face against the cool, hard glass. A late model car pulled even with the front of the house; a low palm tree blocked her view of the driver. "Is there a television crew behind him? Maybe I’ve won the Publisher’s Clearinghouse Sweepstakes."

"Sorry. No TV cameras in sight."

"That’s too bad." She ran a hand through her unruly curls as she turned away from the sink. "I ran out of money after the electric bill. There’s still the November mortgage payment and I’ve yet to pay October’s. Then there are the groceries--"

"He’s coming to the door," Debbie broke in, spinning from the window. "You’ll have to handle this. I’m up to my elbows in flour."

"Sure." Bethany arched her back in a stretch, then headed toward the front door. "Thank goodness the mortgage company isn’t in Indiana."

Since starting her career with Wings ePress in 2001, Cheryl Norman has enjoyed the status of best-selling author, when her debut mystery Full Moon Honeymoon was the top selling launch title for Wings, and award-winning author, with her 2003 EPPIE win for her contemporary romance, Last Resort. She also self-published a healthy-eating cookbook, Hasty Tasty Meals, which is now available from her website. Some of her recipes also appear in Winging It in the Kitchen, also available at www.wingsepress.com .

Cheryl and her husband divide their time between their pine tree farm in northern Florida and their motorhome, in which they travel throughout the United States. In addition to her writing, Cheryl enjoys running, hiking, cooking, and sewing. She serves as a newsletter editor for her local RWA® chapter, volunteers for Good Sams of Florida, and is active in her local Women’s Club. At the end of a busy day, she loves to relax with a good book to read.

Visit her website at www.cherylnorman.com for grammar tips, recipes, and the latest on her writing career, which includes another mystery in her Full Moon series.

…a book of the heart, one that stays with you.” --Jessica Holmes, Romance At Its Best

"Full Moon Honeymoon... a great read--wacky characters, fun set-up, but with a serious side, too--and a clever plot. Fantastic job, lady!!” --Joanne Pence / Avon author of To Catch A Cook, An Angie Amalfi mystery, and Bell, Cook, and Candle (01/'02)

Praise for author Cheryl Norman’s previous novels: STORMS OF THE HEART -- ...totally engrossing tale of murder and suspense.” --Faith V. Smith, Romantic Times Magazine

FULL MOON HONEYMOON“…a wonderful few hours of suspenseful reading pleasure…enjoy every word of this suspenseful, entertaining tale.” --Faith V. Smith, Romantic Times Magazine

"The humor of Full Moon Honeymoon, romance, mouth-watering pastries, blended family relationships, and a mystery full of surprise twists add up to an enjoyable read that is anything but lulling. This is a don't miss read by a talented author." ~Fran Keighley, author, Burnout and its award-winning sequel, Trick or Treat, Wings.

“Cheryl Norman has penned another great mystery novel in Full Moon Lullaby. It's filled with wonderful characters that keep you turning the pages and wanting to read more. ” --- Judy Leigh Peters, author, A Father’s Hope, Wings 10/03.

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ISBN: 1590889312
ISBN(13-digit): 9781590889313
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 246
Paper Weight (lb): 10.6

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