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Killing Time
Sharon Woods
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Growing up in a small town wasn’t easy for Angelica ‘Jelly’ Ryan. She feels pressure to leave her father’s home after graduating from high school but she can’t decide what to do with the rest of her life. After the death of a good friend, falling in love seemed easy. Soon Jelly’s worries concerning her future are over…or so she thought. They were only beginning.

Jelly felt the car stop and knew they were parked under the big elm tree at the end of her driveway. She felt Jerry Don’s magic hand. Okay, she’d stop it just as soon as they kissed one last time.

As soon as the car went in park and the ignition turned off, Jerry Don turned and wrapped his free arm around Jelly. They scooted over to the passenger side of the car. Jelly discovered that Jerry Don had two magic hands and one was now under her arm, just barely touching her breast. She tried not to moan because it seemed his breathing was getting a little labored. She’d read about this part, too. It made her feel as if she had some magical power over him. It made her feel needed and wanted. It made her feel strong.

Her arms went up. His other magic hand went under her breast and brushed across her blouse. Her hands grabbed his head just behind his ears, and her fingers were moving in that blond hair. His body was nearly covering hers now. Her eyes were closed, and she couldn’t hear much besides that roaring in her ears.

When she became conscious she remembered she wasn’t suppose to do this stuff--that "nice girls" didn’t make out on the first date. But she wanted to experience just a little more of what the "bad girls" experienced. Her back arched, and her breasts pushed closer to him. It seemed she couldn’t get close enough to him. Just a little more and she knew she would stop him. She was surprised when it was he that stopped the making out.

"Damn!" Jerry Don said as he straightened up in the seat, disgusted.

Jelly opened her eyes and was surprised to see red and blue flashes in the car.

"Oh, my God! Daddy’s home!" she said breathlessly, scared and yet still excited from the wild kissing. Daddy had always thought it was funny to turn his flashing lights on her and her dates. Usually her dates didn’t think it was very funny. At least he didn’t turn the siren on this time. Being the sheriff’s daughter had its drawbacks.

"Yeah," Jerry Don sighed. "Daddy’s home."

They turned, straightening their clothes but laughing just the same. She opened the passenger door, and they both slid out of her door.

Jake Ryan turned off the lights on his cruiser. "Hey, kiddo, what you doin’ sittin’ out here in the dark with that no-good Hunt boy?"

Jake was laughing quietly. The laugh seemed to have a definite edge to it that could turn deadly anytime.

"Don’t you know," he continued as he walked up beside them, "he’s just a horny old boy getting’ ready to leave town?"

Jerry Don gave him a tight smile and a nod of his head. "Jake. How you doin? Been to Lawton tonight?" He just wanted to remind Jake that he wasn’t the only one that got horny.

Jake eyed Jerry Don warily. This boy was getting’ a little too big for his britches. Thank goodness he was leavin’ town pretty soon. He said, "Yeah, I been to Lawton. When you leavin’?"

Jerry Don stared Jake in the eyes, but answered respectfully. "Two days, Jake. I leave for Basic in two days."

"I meant now. Tonight. I meant you best be getting’ on home, Jerry Don. Wouldn’t want your folks worryin’ about you."

Sharon Woods lives in central Oklahoma with her husband of 42 years. She was born and raised in a small town in southwestern Oklahoma. Blessed with a good memory she entertained her friends and family with her stories of her childhood. After a while she began submitting a few of those stories to newspapers and when they were printed she discovered others enjoyed reading about a more simple time in history, too. When a well known local author encouraged her to compile her stories into book form she decided to give it a try. Sharon was happy to find that she is able to write more than one book and is currently working on two others. She is the mother of two daughters and six grandchildren. She enjoys oil painting as well as writing.

Killing Time by Sharon Wood is a great read. Woods captures the early 60’s in a small Oklahoma town with an eye as accurate as that of a photographer. Her dialogue rings true, and her minor characters march through the pages as real as if they had just left the A. and B. Café in Love, Oklahoma.

Angelica Ryan, called Jelly, has grown up without a mother, but her father, town lawman, makes sure she understands the facts of life by taking her to his maiden aunt to discuss things. Jelly is a “good girl,” but she is also in love, or at least she thinks she is. She is about to graduate from high school, and she does not know what the future holds for her. Vietnam is important in Jelly’s life, just as it was in the lives of all of us who lived through the 60’s. Jelly’s longings and confusions will stir memories in the hearts of readers, and when, at the end, the girl finally knows who she is and where she is going, the reader too will have grown. -- Anna Myers, Author of 13 young adults novels

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ISBN: 1590888235
ISBN(13-digit): 9781590888230
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 362
Paper Weight (lb): 15.2

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