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Kentucky Green
Terry Irene Blain
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Journeying to her childhood home in Kentucky, April Williamson allows nothing to deter her. Certainly not Dan McKenzie who’s duty bound to escort her. Dan believes the frontier is no place for a woman. In spite the mutual attraction, a dark secret in his past means April cannot be his.

The dinner hour at the inn over, April decided to take a short rest before tackling the dishes. The special dinner party in the Congress Room, in addition to the regular supper served in the common room, made for a busy night. When Sam had asked her to help out, she jumped at the chance.

She stepped from the warm kitchen onto the back porch, letting the cool evening air caress her overheated body as she looked over the peaceful alleyway, the gravel path pale in the moonlight. A three-quarter moon hung low in the southern sky, its cool brilliance lighting the evening. Relaxed, she leaned against the porch railing.

How would she get to Oak Point? Her thoughts turned once again to her hand pale against Dan McKenzie’s brown one. In his warm, solid hand, she’d felt his strength. A man who was capable of taking her to the frontier. The memory of that warm strength under her fingers still made her feel peculiar. She’d never felt such sensations before. What ailed her anyway?

She shook the thoughts away. Time to get back to the kitchen. Before she could move, the crunch of gravel on the alley pathway announced someone’s approach. A tall, lean man appeared, his strides rapidly carrying him from the shadows into the light that spilled from the kitchen windows. With a quick intake of breath, she recognized Dan McKenzie.

Dan walked back from the stables, satisfied with the re-shoeing job the farrier had completed that afternoon. Unlike most frontiersman, he always kept his horse shod. On the frontier, a fast horse was just as important as a good rifle in escaping trouble. A mindful man took care of his equipment, no matter where he was.

The shadowed alley gave way to the muted light of the inn yard and Dan noticed the Williamson girl on the back porch. Did she have to turn up again so soon? This evening she wore a plain, dark dress with a square neck and elbow-length sleeves. To his surprise, her hair was uncovered like the women back home. He frowned. Why did she have to look so natural without the fancy dress and bonnet.

Dan slowed as he neared the steps. One of her hands grasped the porch rail, the other smoothed the apron as if she was nervous. He touched the brim of his hat. “Evenin’, ma’am.”

“Good evening, Mr. McKenzie. Was your day successful?”

He nodded.

After a moment, she smoothed the apron again, and glanced over her shoulder. “I help in the kitchen here,” she explained.

Dan leaned his hip against the step railing and looked up at the girl. “So I understand.”

She stood straight, her shoulders back, as if prepared to challenge him.

“You’re serious about going to Kentucky, aren’t you?” He climbed the first two steps, close enough to see her face in the muted light.

Terry Irene Blain was lucky enough to grow up in a large Midwestern family with a rich oral tradition. As a child she heard stories of ancestor’s adventures with Indians, wild life, weather and frontier life in general. So she naturally gravitated to the study of history completing a BA and MA in History and taught History at the college level. Married to a sailor, now retired, for over thirty years, she’s had the chance to live in various parts of the country as well as travel to foreign places such as Hong Kong, Australia, England and Scotland. “My degrees and my teaching experience make me a natural to write historical romance. Writing historical romance gives me the opportunity to pass on stories of who we are and where we come from while exploring the relationship between men and women. What could be more exciting than that?”

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ISBN: 1597056946
ISBN(13-digit): 9781597056944
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 310
Paper Weight (lb): 13.0

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