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Jeweled Seduction
Carol McPhee
booksXYZ price: $17.95
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A rejected son aims to win his dying father's approval by recovering an heirloom necklace gambled away by the father years ago under suspicious circumstance.

Bent on revenge against the man he's convinced acquired the necklace through cheating, Calum MacAllister never thought his chief obstacle would be the cheater's gorgeous and gutsy daughter.

Val found herself holding her breath just thinking about the experience. She exhaled and breathed in fresh sea-swept air. The washing of soft, frothy waves blended with the distant dance music drifting from the celebration. Calum’s compelling presence striding beside her and his firm grip on her arm dispelled any hope for a pleasant stroll.

Her nerves had braced for trouble the moment he touched her. She quickened her pace. Her fear came to fruition when he transferred his strong hands to her shoulders. Val struggled to free herself from his grasp, but his vise-like grip twisted her around, forcing her to face him. "Calum, what is going--"

"Don’t put up a fuss, Valerie, and you’ll get through this all right. Cause trouble and there’ll be a problem."

She opened her mouth to scream but only an ummm came out when he clamped his hand across her mouth. "I told you not to try anything. There’s little chance anyone could hear you above the music and reception merriment. Save your breath. You’ll need it." The husky pitch of his voice sent shivers through her, yet she didn’t dare show weakness. She stilled. He removed his hand from her mouth and put it back on her shoulder.

"Get your hands off me!" She glared at the storm brewing in eyes whose blue coloring no longer appealed to her. "What’s this about, Calum?" In an attempt to lessen her panic, Val planted her feet firmly, estimating her chances to outrun him. Although she wanted to hide her fright, she couldn’t control the quivering of her lower lip.

"We’ll discuss it inside." He glanced around, then grabbed her forearm and hustled her into the winery, bolting the door behind him.

"Let me go, you pathetic bastard!" she yelled, then jerked her head away from him lest she feel the hard press of his hand against her lips again.

Calum’s tightened hold cut off her blood’s flow. Her fingers became a hotbed of pinpricks. She couldn’t escape his clutches... but she could attack. She shifted her body and swung ferociously toward him.

His face mirrored his surprise. She clawed her fingers down his face, gouging narrow furrows on his cheek. In the faint light she could see the streaks welling with blood. He quickly loosened his grip on her.

Remembering her self-defense course, Val brought up her knee and thumped it viciously into his groin. While Calum doubled in pain and shock, she squirmed free of his reach. With the entrance latched just behind him, she dashed into the cavernous wine chamber and slammed the heavy door. She searched frantically for a lock or bar to keep him out. There was none.

Two rows consisting of four wine vats each, separated by a wide aisle, towered above her. Without thinking, she ran to the far end of the room, hoping to find another exit. Two narrow, barred windows set far up near the ceiling let in only the slightest bit of light. The shadowed dark was her salvation for the moment.

The aroma of Pinot Noir--that another time might be pleasing--repulsed her when mingled with the taste of fear. She heard the door creak open, followed by muffled footsteps on the earthen floor.

Val waited for Calum to flick on the lights. The switch clicked, she gasped, but nothing happened. He snapped it again. The room remained dark, dank and scary. She breathed out the air held captive in her lungs.

She backed against the wall, waiting and listening to the footsteps that were in no hurry to claim her. Why should Calum rush? He had her trapped, no doubt hoping that incapacitated by fear, her resistance would lessen. With none of the protection she had so belittled, he forced her to at least keep her wits about her.

Carol lives in Nova Scotia, Canada with Karl, her hero of forty plus years. Now that their four children have left the nest, there is time to enjoy taking trips to scout out locations intended for her stories. As fast as she finishes one story, another is burning in the back of her mind, its characters urgently needing release to continue their development. She would love to hear how you like her stories in the guestbook of her homepage at: http://www.geocities.com/carolmcphee2003

"Dietitian Andrea Martin has a special connection with the cardiac patients in the hospital where she works. She believes in living life to the fullest, without regard for time. Dr. Braeden Landry is an overworked but brilliant heart surgeon who has forgotten that life is meant to be lived, and not simply saved. Andrea helps Braeden reconnect with his patients and shows him he needs to live life too, while Braeden gives Andrea her heart's desire. With vivid descriptions, well-drawn characters, and touching plot twists, Carol McPhee brings this romance to a happily-ever-after that is as real as it is satisfying." -- Paula Altenburg, President, Romance Writers of Atlantic Canada

Jeweled Seduction by the wonderfully talented Carol McPhee is an absolute delight to read! Impressive characters, compelling plot twists and the delectable sexual tension will delight all. I gladly recommend this well-crafted novel to all readers who enjoy a great suspense.-- By Romance Junkies Reviewer, Nadine St. Denis

Carol McPhee’s Jeweled Seduction is an intricately woven tale of love, treachery, betrayal and lies. The heat sizzles between the feisty heroine and determined hero as witty dialogue, heart-pounding adventure and deep, dark secrets keep the reader spellbound -- Leanne Karella,, Wings Author, www.leannekarella.com

Carol McPhee’s None So Blind is an above average soap opera with willful, redheaded Kate McTavish continually trying to run away from herself and her problems, real and imagined. Dayton Deveraux, is the man who rescues her from her burning car. However, he is wary of hot-headed, redheaded women. I found this book well plotted with emotional conflicts and problems for both hero and heroine. It makes you wonder if love can really overcome their dilemmas. -- JoEllenConger, Queen Of Candelore Review Rating: 4

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ISBN: 1590886216
ISBN(13-digit): 9781590886212
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 330
Paper Weight (lb): 13.8

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