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Jemma's Heart
Kay Layton Sisk
booksXYZ price: $17.95
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Life is trying enough for Jemma Lovelace without the unwanted presence of Eddie C Samuels. So when he wants to put down roots in Jinks TX, she’s suspicious.

Eddie C wants what his brother has—hearth and home. Jemma should want his business and his money, but she spurns both, as well as him personally.

There’s nothing like a challenge to bring a man back to life.

"So this kiss would be an apology for the first one?"

"Whatever you want it to be. Me? This kiss makes it or breaks it." He pulled back, balanced her with the palms of his hands. "What if it’s awful? Why should I pursue this with a woman I can’t stand to kiss?" His attitude was pure righteous indignation. "I’ll need to pack up my bags, kiss Norm good-bye and head on back to where my considerable talents are appreciated."

"So I’m supposed to say ‘okay, go on, kiss me’ and then make it awful?"

"No, you’re supposed to say, ‘okay, go on, kiss me’ and then knock my socks off with how wonderful it is." He gathered her back into this arms and Jemma didn’t resist him. "Because the memory of it has to do me until the next time."

"So there’s going to be a next time?"

"Not until you ask me."

"Are you making this up as you go along?"

"No, I’ve given this considerable thought. I’m going to kiss you and it is going to be a to-die-for kiss. One kiss." He looked at her sternly. "Just one. That is all this offer is good for. Then when you want another one, you’re going to have to ask."

She started laughing. "Buddy, you have the biggest damn ego! Like one kiss from you and it’s all over for a woman!"

"Trust me. One kiss from me has never been enough for any woman."

"Well, one was enough for me!" She pushed at him gently.

"That one didn’t count. We were under duress." He took her arms and put them around his neck, scooted his body to match hers. "Ready?"

"I think you’ve ruined Norm’s pictures with all this movement on top of them."

"We’ll get more. Now, are you ready?"

Her hands cupped the back of his neck, felt the weight of his ponytail as it rested against them. She tried to draw her eyes away from his lips but she couldn’t. "Since when did I agree to this?"

"Since you didn’t say no." He lowered his mouth to hers. "Close your eyes, Jemma."

She didn’t know why she obeyed, but she did. She closed her eyes and gave herself over to the touch of his lips. Soft, experienced lips. Lips that moved over hers with a lightness she wouldn’t have thought possible. Lips that molded; lips that caressed. His tongue eased in to touch hers, then withdrew and invited her response. And she had one. Unbelievable to her, she had one. Her lips parted and a little gasp found its way from her betraying throat. Her body completed its betrayal by arching to him and desiring his hands on her hips. He kept them above her waist, didn’t even move them to the sides of her breasts. He’d asked for a kiss and that was all he took.

The sound of the open office door crashing back against the wall tore them apart as if cold water had been flung on them. Mandy lay on the floor in a faint.

Jemma scrambled to her feet and ran to the girl. From the other room, Carolynne hustled in. The three of them stood over her.

"Funny," C said as Mandy stirred, the newly minted driver’s license clutched in her hand, "that’s the reaction I expected from you."

Writing is second nature to Kay Sisk, and she’s been doing it since she wrote stories with her fourth grade friends as heroines. She enjoys writing about her native Texas, where she lives with her husband of 35 years and “third family” of three cats, the first family of dogs and second family of sons, having left the nest years ago.

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ISBN: 1590886208
ISBN(13-digit): 9781590886205
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 327
Paper Weight (lb): 13.8

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