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Jared's Promise
Jeanne Howard
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Jared Fowler was almost perfect, or so his daughter Marina thought. After his death, she uncovers his secret love affair that had lasted for almost four decades.

When her son Jason learns about his grandfather, it takes intervention from beyond the grave to teach the power of forgiveness and love.

She was totally unprepared for what she felt when she walked into the house. It was so quiet. No music blared from the second floor. Jason’s room looked barren and cold, posters off the wall, knick-knacks and photos missing from the dresser. No computer, no stereo. She sank onto the bed and caught her breath. Andy found her after he’d roamed the first floor calling her name.

“You okay? Miss him already, huh?”

She didn’t trust herself to answer without crying.

Andy looked around the room. “Yeah, me, too. I guess this is what all parents go through when the baby bird leaves the nest. Wonder how long it takes to get used to the quiet?”

Marina looked up and gave him a slight smile. “I bet he’s not homesick. He’s probably having a ball with all his new friends and looking forward to the start of classes. I think we were wise to let him go so far away. Even if it is Manning with all its ghosts, he’ll be totally on his own and whatever he does with his life will be his own choosing. Sure does make for a big adjustment here, though.”

~ * ~

Actually, Jason was homesick at first. His days were filled with new experiences, new people, new places, but at night after everyone had closed the doors to their rooms, he lay awake, wondering how things were going at home, wishing he could tell his mom and dad about everything that was going on.

Gradually, that feeling diminished. In its place, Jason often found himself up well into the night drinking black coffee while finishing an assignment or compiling research for a required paper. Amazing how fast these professors threw us right into it, he thought. I guess if we’re good enough to get in here, we’re good enough to hit the ground running. No review or easing into anything, that’s for sure.

Surprisingly, while he enjoyed his introductory courses in music, Jason found himself delving even more deeply into composition and reading. A freshman year Language Arts course was required, taught by a likeable young instructor, a graduate assistant who pushed his students to write. Getting A’s proved easy for Jason. At the end of the first three weeks, he knew he was polishing his writing skills already, thanks to the careful critiques of his instructor and his determination to be an effective communicator.

Being where his grandfather had been, looking across the quad at the window of what had once been Jared Fowler’s office, walking the same polished halls to and from some of his music classes, Jason felt he was never alone, that his grandfather walked beside him, encouraging him, smiling with him at each new discovery.

Jeanne Howard has been writing since she was old enough to hold a pencil. From poems to essays and now to women’s fiction, she has used the power of words to entertain, move and captivate her readers.

Jeanne holds a Bachelor’s degree in English and a Master’s in Counseling Psychology. In 1973, she was co-founder of a successful group of weekly newspapers, which she continued to operate until 1994. Her weekly essays were read by thousands and often reprinted in other area publications, including one that was chosen for inclusion in the College Guide to Better Reading.

A native of New Jersey, Jeanne works as a Director of Communications for a large school district. She is a member of the Romance Writers of America and the New Jersey Romance Writers.

Seasons Of Forgetting: “It’s not your average predictable romance novel. A compelling book that creates characters so realistic you will share in their happiness, pain, frustrations and love. So emotional that you’ll have to keep reminding yourself that it’s only a book. Jeanne Howard is an inspirational writer who tells a story with passion and conviction.” -- Joy Snyder, Women on Writing Spotlight Editor

“Seasons of Forgetting shows Jeanne Howard to have a genuine gift for entertaining and involved storytelling.” -- Midwest Book Review

“I will not soon forget this poignant and intelligent novel. Joanna and Jared’s doomed love affair has left an indelible impression on this reviewer. I just wish I could shake off the yearning for a second chance at a happy ending, for a season that isn’t colored by the awful pain of remembrance.” -- Cheryl Jeffries, Heartstrings

Jared's Promise: “The emotions are gripping and the beauty of Ms. Howard’s words makes this a work of art in women’s fiction. There are a few surprises along the way that stun the reader, bring a tear to the eye and touch one’s heart. This is a story that is passionate, totally emotional and which will reinforce the bonds and feelings of family, make you cry and keep you enthralled from beginning to end. A story of love, compassion, forgiveness and family, add to that a talented writer and it is a perfect addition to one’s keeper shelf.” -- Tracey West, Road to Romance Senior Reviewer

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ISBN: 1590885449
ISBN(13-digit): 9781590885444
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 294
Paper Weight (lb): 12.4

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