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Idle tuesday
Courney E. Michel
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Rae Ann Lewis needed to escape a life that included her shattered marriage and ruined career. Kyle Bennett wants to help her start over but he has secrets of his own. Now they both must confront their fears and pasts in order to survive a raging snowstorm and relentless murderer.

She wanted him desperately.

Rae Ann pulled him close and kissed the smooth spot behind his ear. He shuddered and reached out to encircle her waist with his powerful arms.

“I love you, Rae Ann,” he muttered softly. She knew it was true, felt it in the room like another physical presence. There was no way she could deny it any longer.

“I--” Rae Ann started.

Unexpectedly a loud banging on the apartment door interrupted her speech and sent both Rae Ann and Kyle to their feet. They both glanced around awkwardly like kissing teenagers caught by their parents.

“Rae Ann? Are you still in there?” a voice called out from the hallway.

“It’s Klein,” Kyle said matter-of-factly starting for the door.

“Oh you’re here, too. Is everything all right?” Klein’s words were breathless.

“Fine,” Kyle said, wiping the last of his tears.

Klein nodded with a look that said we’ll-talk-about-it-later and continued into the apartment. “Rae Ann, dear, have you seen the news?”

“Yes, I know I owe you an explanation. I was just about to tell Kyle.”

“Tell Kyle what?” Kyle asked.

“I have to go back to Wisconsin.”

“Rae Ann, I thought we just--” Rae Ann held up her hand to silence his words.

“Kyle, Grant is dead--and they think I killed him.”

Kyle stood stunned gawking back and forth between Klein and Rae Ann.

“I know you don’t understand. I don’t understand either,” Rae Ann whispered sympathetically. Klein ushered her into a chair at the kitchen table and then joined her.

“Honey, what would give them the impression that you had anything to do with this?” Klein inquired.

“Well, even I can admit that it looks suspicious. Everyone knew that my marriage was on the rocks and I vanished from town virtually overnight.”

“This doesn’t make any sense,” Kyle said, finally speaking up, “What happened? Where did they find him?”

“I don’t know what happened,” Rae Ann shook her head, “but he was found in our house. The news report said it had been ransacked. A robbery or something. So you see, I have to go back. I have to find out what’s going on and tell them I didn’t do it.” Kyle began pacing back in forth in front of the kitchen table.

“Rae Ann, you’re safe here,” Klein said, softly, “and it’s too late to do anything about this today. We’ll all get a good night’s rest and figure this out in the morning.” Rae Ann glanced towards the front window of the apartment and was shocked to realize that it was dark outside. She had been so involved with Kyle and his heart-wrenching story that she had not noticed the hours ticking away. She nodded her head in agreement and reached across the table for Klein’s hand.

“Thank you.”

Courtney lives in Central Illinois with her husband and two sons. Although she has written for many years this is her first published novel. After completing her Master’s Degree in Gerontology, Courtney hopes to soon explore the psyche of the elderly mind in a future work.

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ISBN: 1590885945
ISBN(13-digit): 9781590885949
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 316
Paper Weight (lb): 13.4

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