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Robin Courtright
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Aginfeld…a planet in the final phases of a thousand years of bioforming. Men rule technically advance Aginfeld through brutal vendetta and feudal law. Captured by Aginfeld's Commandant, Nickal McDirk, thief Alix Risseu is held for crimes against Aginfeld. The sentence... death. Only this time, Alix is innocent.

Zach entered the office of ‘And Music’ wishing he had more time to spend on Celeste. It was a magnificent place and held promise of exciting entertainment. The McDirk Bull wouldn’t be swayed by personal pleasure. He would insist on immediate return to Aginfeld. Passing a reflective panel, Zach covertly inspected himself. He had spent a long time grooming with the goal of impressing Alix without overwhelming her. In the end he wore typical Aginfeld suit suitable for the Commissioners’ Chambers. He knew he looked as good, or better, than she had last seen him.

Alix glanced up as he entered. Her appearance differed from his memory image. She seemed less carefree, more structured and controlled. The mouth was as shapely, and the green eyes as intelligent, warm and friendly, but the face seemed more relaxed, less driven, although thinner. Her hair was drawn behind her head and twisted into a simple design. The casual elegance of her clothing ran through the room. Only her desk and a few chairs occupied any space, which indicated a small, semi-successful business. The walls, however, were covered with holo awards and digital promotion art. It held none of the opulence common in a Habitat Lord’s residences, but an easy charm.

It took her an unflattering moment to recognize him. “Zach?”

He smiled. “As you see. Hello, Alix. It’s been a long time.”

She was stunned. He watched the emotions play over her face, until at last she smiled and rose, spreading her arm toward the chair before her desk. He took the seat as she resumed her own.

“I’m flabbergasted. What brings you here?”

“You.” He settled back, resting his elbows on the arm rests and clasped his hands.

Her mouth twisted in a disbelieving smile. “I find that hard to believe. We didn’t part on cordial terms.”

“Partially why I am here. I’ve come to try and renew our acquaintanceship without the rancor of the past.”

Her eyebrows rose in a well-remembered way. “An Aginfeld man apologizing?”

Something in that expression struck an offended cord deep within him, but he smiled away any implication. “I didn’t say that, did I? Do I have to?”

Alix gave him a twisted smile at his plaintive tone. “No. I don’t expect it.”

“Actually, I came on Habitat Rosly business. You know Quentin is now Lord?”

“I knew your grandfather had died and Quentin inherited the title before you left Earth.”

“Just so. Presently, I have taken the job of finding markets for our products and sources for provisions we need.”

“So why now?”

“As I’ve matured from my youthful indiscretions, it came to me that at one time we had a satisfactory friendship. It seemed a waste not to let bygones be bygones. I am often in this sector and have no friends here.”

“And what about ‘If you aren’t my friend, you are my enemy?’”

“You have too good a memory for Aginfeld peculiarities, Rosly in particular.”

“I hung around with a couple Rosly men in my college days.”

Rhobin lives and works in the Northern Michigan where she draws inspiration for her art and her scifi/fantasy stories.

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ISBN: 1590885392
ISBN(13-digit): 9781590885390
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 348
Paper Weight (lb): 13.8

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