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Heroes And Hunks
Christine Poe
booksXYZ price: $16.95
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Twyla Twitt hires photographer Brad Denton for a road trip to launch her new magazine for women about men, in an attempt to save her late father’s newspaper. Brad is the perfect hunk...until he tries to become Twyla’s hero.

Brad is working undercover for his brother to spy on Twyla, but he can’t control the gravitational pull toward her. They lock horns over everything from map directions to how to take a picture, and then Brad discovers his brother’s little secret...

"Hello?" Twyla Twitt propped the telephone receiver on her shoulder as she dug through the refrigerator. She almost dropped the phone as she reached for the milk carton. "No. I’m not looking for a hunk. I want photographs and personal data. Yeah…you know...their interests and favorite food. What they look for in a woman--Huh? Sure, this is for real. I think a lot of women out there would buy this magazine."

The doorbell buzzed. She turned around, wrapping herself in the telephone cord. "Look...someone’s at the door. Send me what you have. Bye."

Twyla dropped the receiver in the cradle as she passed the sofa and hurried across the living room. She jerked the heavy door open, the telephone cord tightened around her ankles and she landed flat on her stomach, "Oomph!"

She sputtered and blinked to focus. Brushing her blond hair out of her face, she came eye to eye with the shoes of her visitor. These were not her sister Jewel’s tiny feet; these were huge dusty cowboy boots. Her eyes blazed a path up faded denim jeans and stopped on a large silver belt buckle. Oh no. It couldn’t be!

"Of all the stupid, dumb, idiotic things to do." Twyla bent sideways and tried to untangle the cord. "Just a minute please. As you can see...I’m a little tied up…at the moment. Darn old cord!"

A deep chuckle brought her gaze up again to meet the sexy green eyes of the man squatting before her. He wasn’t her old beau as she had first thought, but he was definitely a cowboy. She was both relieved and irritated at the same time. She had no idea what she would say to Luke if he ever showed up again--the big jerk.

"Need some help?" The stranger held out his hand.

Was he blind? Of course, she could use some help. But for the life of her, she could not find her voice. His rugged male presence literally took her breath away. She nodded and found herself immediately swept up into strong arms. He carried her across the room, with ease, and set her down on the sofa.

"Does this happen often?" His brow furrowed while he attempted to unwind the mischievous phone cord. "You could get hurt doing a fool thing like this."

She shot him a steely look and wished he would disappear in a blink of an eye...zap! "I’ve only tripped twice since I put in the hundred-foot telephone cord," she admitted with arms crossed defiantly.

His smiled broadened. "Haven’t you heard of cordless?"

Twyla closed her eyes and fumed. When she opened them, he wasn’t looking at her. He was struggling to unwind the cord from her ankles. She noticed the fall of his dark wavy hair, the thick kind women love to run their fingers through. He pulled the last bit of cord away and gently rubbed her reddened ankles with his big rough hands, sending delightful little shivers up her legs.

"Of course I’ve heard of cordless, but then I couldn’t have my Garfield phone." She pointed at the large, bright orange, cartoon-character telephone sitting on the table beside the sofa. "I love that telephone."

His gaze followed her gesture. "Oh, I see. Garfield, huh? Are you a cat lover?"

She had to smile. Boy, did he ask all the wrong questions! "Only of one fat and very contented feline named Tuna."

At the sound of his name, the twenty-five-pound, cream-colored cat bounded into the room. He jumped up on the sofa beside Twyla and blinked big, round, baby blue eyes at her adoringly. His loud contented purr vibrated the air around them.

The cowboy brushed off his knees. "That’s not a house cat, that’s half mountain lion!" He chuckled and reached over to pet Tuna.

Twyla smiled. She couldn’t help herself. He liked cats. Good. But who in the heck was this guy? Her curious thoughts must have coincided with his. Their eyes met at the exact moment their fingers touched on the cat’s fur coat. Sparks! Did she feel sparks run up her fingertips?

Christine Poe grew up in California, moved to Utah, married and raised four wonderful children. She has been writing books since her early teens, mostly to entertain friends. Many of her schoolteachers encouraged her to write. Her high school play “Take A Trip” was a hit comedy and received great reviews. She has completed seven manuscripts in various genres, and has many more in the works. She has also written several children’s stories and over two hundred poems.

Christine currently resides in Virginia with her devoted husband, a large multi-generational family, lots of Blue Ridge Mountain wildlife, and far too many pets to enumerate, but cats are her favorite animals.

“This reader thoroughly enjoyed Heroes and Hunks; it was sexy, humorous, and guarantees a happy-ever-after ending that is most satisfying. I would recommend this book to everyone who loves a story filled with great real-to-life characters, sensual imagery, sexual tension, humorous moments, and an everlasting love.” Five Roses Kari Thomas

Christine Poe has come up with a real winner with Heroes and Hunks. A sure-to-please romantic comedy about a modern day, oh-so-sexy cowboy and a strong yet feminine heroine. The main characters are both strongly developed and readers quickly find themselves rooting for their inevitable union. Air filled with sexual tension each time these two powerful characters went head to head from a verbal sparing to a passionate embrace. The worst part of this book was that it ended.

This excellent romantic comedy is highly recommended and a definite addition to this reviewer's keeper shelf. ~Miriam van Veen ~ Love Romances Reviews

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ISBN: 1590889258
ISBN(13-digit): 9781590889251
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 192
Paper Weight (lb): 8.4

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