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Heart Of A Peacekeeper
Angela Verdenius
booksXYZ price: $18.95
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Something is coming…

Bad-tempered, bad-mouthed, tough-as-nails Head Peacekeeper, Desdemona, keeps a tight grip on her settlement on the outskirts of the Outlaw Sector.

A rising body count, attacks, escalating outlaw activity, and clashes with the dangerously handsome Daamen trader, Simon, can only culminate in two things - one hotly intimate, the other so very deadly…

The discs swung out into the street, and she tried to force her disc down even as the outlaw tried to force his higher. His disc clicked down atop the edge of hers, pulling her off balance.

There was only one way to fix this. Spinning dizzily down the street, the height from the ground fluctuating wildly, Des kicked free of her disc and slammed both her feet onto his disc.

The outlaw punched out at her, and she grabbed his arm with one hand while releasing his other wrist and grabbing hold of the verandah post once again. The disc sheared around and she let go of both the outlaw and the post.

The outlaw on his disc went straight through the window, but as there was no crash of glass, he obviously hadn’t done any more damage. The crunch of glass beneath her boots as she landed in a crouch on the verandah alerted her to the fact that this glass had been broken already, which meant she was in front of the tavern. Backing against the wall, she scanned the lit street for any signs of more attackers, her gaze flicking up from the dead bodies to study the night sky.

Silence fell upon the street; the only sound that of the excited whispers behind her from the tavern.

In the night sky, a glow appeared, the lights atop it flashing yellow. The pursuit craft was approaching, three more behind it, and the outlaw ship suddenly spun and took off, heading out into space.

Three of the pursuit crafts soared off after it while the fourth pursuit craft headed for the settlement.

“Raf?” Des asked softly.








“About bloody time you got here with the craft.”

He chuckled.

“Huxley?” Des queried.

“I’m here.” His breathing was labored.


“I’m hit, but I’m okay.”

“Raf,” Des said immediately. “Scout him out.”

“Yes, Boss.”

“Anyone else hurt?” She straightened slowly, her gaze sweeping the street.

Behind her the lights flared on in the tavern, accompanied by the excited voices of the observers.

“A burn, nothing more,” Yucel replied.

“Looks like the coast is clear.” She moved slowly out into the street.

Nothing moved around them, except for a few cautious faces peering out of windows.

The peacekeepers gathered around her, lasers in hand.

“Collect the bodies,” she instructed them. “Yucel, go and see to the one inside the tavern.”

Born in Victoria, Australia, my childhood was spent in a variety of places, both in towns and the outback. Now settled in Western Australia, I work as a nurse. A love of animals has me involved in animal welfare, and certainly explains why the cats hog my bed and the hot water bottle!

Reading has always been my escape, writing my dream. Horror, myths, legends, fantasy and history – there are no limits to the wonders to be found. And romance? Well, that adds the spice, hope and happiness ever after.

"...a very powerful story, full of action and feelings. You won't want to put this book down until you have finished it." Lydia Funneman, Writers Unlimited reviewer

Heart of an Outlaw is one action packed thrill-ride! New author Angela Verdenius has made quite a debut with her cast of strong characters that will have readers begging for more. If readers are fans of the futuristic genre of romance, then Heart of an Outlaw is not to be missed. The continuous action will keep readers glued to the pages. Rating: 4, Miriam van Veen, Love Romances

There is plenty to like about this book. The characters are adventurous, the world intriguing with plenty of room to expand... making this one adventure story hard to stop reading. , Janet Miller, reviewer , Science Fiction Romance

Love's Sweet Assassin: "...oozes sensuality in this epic tale of seduction and danger." -- Joanna Challis author "The Secret of the Phoenix"

Love's Sweet Assassin: "She takes you inside the heart and mind of her character's." -- Tamia Dawn Osburn author "The Guardian of Paradise

Soul Of A Hunter: “…a beautiful romance packed with adventure and a hero to die for. Simply un-putdownable!”-- Joanna Challis, Silverthorn, The Secret of the Phoenix

Soul Of A Hunter: “Once you enter the soul of the bounty hunter you do not want to leave. From the powerful Daamens to the dark magic of the Overlord, Soul of a Hunter keeps you reading and wanting more.” -- Steve Gambuti, Stone of Cordova

Soul Of A Witch: “…leap into mysticism. Her explanations of the different spiritual planes that are traveled and of the mystical battles that are fought are concise and riveting.” -- Brenda Edde, reviewer, Romance Junkies

Soul Of A Witch: “Ms. Verdenius has a way of making other worlds come alive. Once you start reading you are so into the story that everything about these worlds seems real.” -- Lydia Funneman, reviewer, Writers Unlimited

Soul Of A Witch: “This is an absolute great book to read. I didn’t want it to stop. I loved the way Ms.Verdenius makes the characters believable.” -- Lynne Latimer, author.

“Soul Of A Witch: …makes you believe in the powers of the unseen. You don’t want to miss this struggle between good and evil…” JoEllen Conger, author, Return of The Goddess

“Soul Of A Witch: …loaded with action, suspense and of course romance… combines, science fiction, fantasy and romance with a touch of humor. If I had to rate this story on a scale of one to ten, I would give it an eleven!” -- Steve Gambuti, author, Center Moon: Stone of Cordova

Heart Of a Traitor “…makes your heart pound, the blood race through your veins, and makes you hold your breath…” -- Lydia Funneman, reviewer, Writers Unlimited

Heart Of a Traitor “…an intriguing story where the black and white of right and wrong blur.” -- Brenda Edde, reviewer, Romance Junkies

Heart Of a Traitor “…fast-paced and unpredictable, leading to an exciting melee. Once again, I cannot urge readers strongly enough to read Angela Verdenius’ Heart and Soul series. It is an exciting futuristic world, one that you will want to revisit many times over.” -- Naomi, Fallen Angel Reviews.

“This is without a doubt one of the best futuristic romance series I’ve ever read and HEART OF A TRAITOR proves that Ms. Verdenius is at the top of her game.”-- Susan Biliter, eCataRomance

Heart Of a Traitor “Like a black hole, Angela’s fun-loving sojourns draw you into her ever expanding galaxy, from which there is no return.“ ~ Jemma Hipper, Intrepid Explorer ~

“If you love futuristic romance, you will probably already be familiar with Angela Verdenius’s Heart and Soul books, if you are not, Soul of the Forgotten is a perfect place to start; prepare yourself for a real treat and a new addiction!”, -- Naomi, Fallen Angel Reviews, 5 angels & RR angel

Soul of the Forgotten: “…your heart will feel battered as you ride the emotional roller coaster with Liane as she fights to come back into the worl

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ISBN: 1597057878
ISBN(13-digit): 9781597057875
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 416
Paper Weight (lb): 17.2

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