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Goodbye Is Forever
Mary Jean Kelso
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While visiting her aunt in Virginia City, Nevada, Lynne Garrett tries to adjust to life altering effects of a deadly car accident and finds herself embroiled in a mystery that threatens her life.

Lynne Garrett’s smile wavered as a member of the flight crew greeted her outside the doorway of the shiny metal jet.

“I’m Lisa, one of your flight attendants for this trip,” she introduced herself. “Please give your ticket to Marcy, and she’ll show you where to sit,” Lisa added, pointing out a second flight crew member.

Lynne looked hesitantly at the plane once more before she entered. The image of a TV commercial advertising the airline flashed teasingly through her mind.

Inside, fingers of sunlight filtered through the plane’s small windows and fanned across the seating area. Lynne walked, unevenly, down the narrow aisle toward Marcy.

“First flight?” the young woman, not much older than she, asked as Lynne surrendered her ticket folder.

Lynne nodded. And a solo one, she thought, as she sat down where Marcy indicated next to a window. From there, she could see her parents and younger sister, Amy, standing near the departure gate. Amy bounced up and down excitedly and a breeze puffed the skirt of her dress into a tiny parachute.

Suddenly Lynne felt very young herself, like a robin shoved from its nest--apprehensive of its freedom. As she moved her feet beneath the forward chair, she heard the now familiar squeak of her artificial leg as it adjusted against her thigh.

A slight welling of remorse turned in her stomach. She fought back the hard lump in her throat and the burning tears that threatened her eyes.

Through blurred eyes, Lynne watched Amy tug at their father’s light jacket. She knew Amy was anxious to start the trip to Disneyland their parents had promised as soon as Lynne’s plane departed.

“Disneyland!” Lynne had exclaimed when she and her mother had discussed the family’s summer vacation plans. “That’s for kids.”

“Not really, Lynne,” her mother had said patiently. “There’ll be a lot of teenagers there, too. Besides, Amy starts kindergarten this fall and, well, we thought it would be a good experience for both of you.”

Lynne had mulled over the idea. She really didn’t want to mingle with a bunch of little kids and Mickey Mouse in the heat of Anaheim or walk all day long trying to keep up with Amy. To her a wheelchair was definitely out of the question!

Her mother had seemed to read her thoughts. “It wouldn’t be all that bad, Lynne. We’ll take three days to drive down, three to come back, spend a couple of days at Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm. Maybe we’ll even go to the beach, you love the beach. We should be home in a week or ten days.”

But Lynne had persisted. “No, thanks,” she had said. “I’d rather do something else.”

So, here she was, on her way to visit her Aunt Pat in the famed old Nevada mining town of Virginia City. She waved against the double surfaced window at her family before she tightened her seatbelt.

The plane’s brakes held the plane to the runway against the force of its large engines, whose whine roared to a crescendo at takeoff.

The pilot released the brakes and the passenger jet climbed sharply, then circled slowly above the familiar streets and landmarks of her hometown. Even the television station atop Blanton Heights seemed to be wishing her a happy journey as the sun glinted a farewell from the station’s expansive windows.

When the plane leveled off, Lisa, the older appearing of the two flight attendants, moved among the passengers, while Lynne unhooked her seatbelt and began to observe her fellow travelers.

The seat immediately next to her was vacant so she moved over, next to the aisle, to get a better look at a tiny baby whose asthmatic sniffling, as it fought for breath, piqued her senses.

Mary Jean Kelso is a multi-genre author and a correspondent for The Lahontan Valley News, Fernley Today and other Nevada Appeal subsidiaries. She has been published in many newspapers and magazines, both as a writer and photographer. She was an Assistant Editor for three pharmaceutical magazines before concentrating on fiction. Her books include titles for children, young adults and adults. They are the historical and contemporary mysteries, romances and suspense novels. Previously published novels by Mary Jean Kelso include: Mystery in Virginia City, A Virginia City Mystery, and the third printing, Goodbye is Forever. The sequel is Abducted! The third in the series is Sierra Summer. Other titles include Goodbye, Bodie, Kat’s Cradle, The Homesteader, The Homesteader’s Legacy, Blue Coat, The Christmas Angel, its sequel One Family’s Christmas and the Andy and the Albino Horse series. Back to the Homestead is the 3rd in The Homesteader series.

Goodbye Is Forever - Nancy Drew has competition, Lynne Garett is in town. In a well constructed tale, a young woman learns how to deal with her amputation and how to rely on herself. On a vacation she becomes involved in a mystery that, in fact, is related to her. Mary Jean reveals the mystery layer by layer. The author has created a role model for young women everywhere. I enjoyed this story and found it easy to identify with the heroine. I look forward to other books from this talented author. -- A.Dee Carey Wings-Press Author, Fox in the Mist 2004, Mark of the Fox 2005

Goodbye Is Forever - Ms. Kelso has written a very intense story. She weaves action with a great plot leaving the reader mesmerized until the dramatic conclusion. This story keeps one guessing until the last page. Ms. Kelso made the characters very believable all the way down to their expressions as well as the whole setting of the story. -- Linda L. Lattimer, Wings-Press.com Author, Skeletons Too Close To Home

Goodbye Is Forever - This book contains a lot of interesting characters and unforeseen plot twist. The bad guys really gave me goose bumps. It also gives the reader a little bit of Virginia City history, but it is written so well into the story that you don‘t even realize your learning until you put the book down. Lynne Garrett is an excellent role model, she doesn’t let her disability stop her from pursuing whatever it is she feels needs to be done. When you have finished reading this book you can find more of Lynne’s adventures in Abducted and Sierra Summer. -- Terri, Fallen Angel Reviews

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ISBN: 1590885422
ISBN(13-digit): 9781590885420
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 148
Paper Weight (lb): 6.6

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