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A Good Place To Land
Jaxine Daniels
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In a blinding snow storm, wize-cracking Air Force Colonel Rick MacIntyre, crashes his Black Hawk. His lifeline, as he awaits his own rescue, is the voice of Lily Atherton. If he gets out of this alive, he wants to meet her. Thank her. Fall in love with her. Marry her.

But fairly tales like that don’t happen. Or do they?

Okay, he carried a hand-held radio in the lower right pocket of his survival vest. If he couldn’t reach the RCC, maybe he could at least reach his PJ’s on the mountain a few ridges over. For the life of him, at the moment he couldn’t think who he’d just dropped off.

He keyed the mic. “PJ’s on the ground, this is Scarecrow.”

No reply. He repeated.

Another long pause, then a voice.

“Scarecrow, this is Search Base. How copy?”

Not his PJ’s? Search Base? He scrambled his brain to make sense.

“Scarecrow, Search Base, how copy?”

Oh, Daniel’s base. Oh. Okay.

“This is Scarecrow. I hear you fine.”

~ * ~

Lily let out her breath. After listening to the edgy calls from the PJ’s to their commander, both on the RCC frequency, then on hers, with no reply, she’d begun to panic.

Then Rick’s voice. It was a voice she knew, a voice she always listened for.

She’d only been on the team for maybe two weeks when she’d first laid eyes on Colonel MacIntyre. He’d meandered into the SAR headquarters during a particularly ugly mission to toss ideas around with Daniel. He wore his flight suit. Even then his brown hair was starting to gray at the edges. Prematurely, no doubt. The guy couldn’t have been much over forty.

The man was--well--beautiful. Not in a Hollywood glamour sort of way, though. He was well built, maybe six foot two. Lily was used to well built guys in SAR though. There was little middle age spread in guys who did this for a hobby, even if they were middle aged.

No, what made Colonel Rick MacIntyre beautiful was his personality. He struggled with seriousness, which was quite a contrast to Daniel Fraser, who rarely even neared frivolity. To Rick, everything had a humorous side, and he made good use of it. He tried Daniel’s patience, but delighted Lily. The odd thing, though, was that he didn’t smile much. The laughter was mostly in his eyes. Smiling, somewhere in his past, had worn deep lines in his face though.

She only met him that day, but had been watching--and listening--from afar, ever since.

For what it was worth, he wasn’t married.

But, he was nearly old enough to be her father.

Lily keyed the mic. “Scarecrow, what’s your status?”

Jaxine Daniels lives with her hubby and some of her family in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She spent ten years as an emergency medical technician and worked both on an ambulance and on Search and Rescue. She created Stress Arrester, a company that provides stress management to individuals and corporations. She speaks nationwide on a number of topics, including writing.

A SOFT PLACE TO FALL is the first in a five book series by Jaxine Daniels about pararescue jumpers. Nic D’Onofrio, "Batman" to his friends because he was forever saving the day, has recently lost one of his best friends in a training exercise in Afghanistan and is taking a short skiing vacation for his mental well-being...

...Jaxine Daniels has written an excellent book with A SOFT PLACE TO FALL, about a group of five pararescue jumpers who are all extremely loyal to each other. They are a brave and daring group, totally dedicated to their job, their friends and their families. Insight is given into this fascinating job, which only adds to the intrigue. I personally had never given much thought to this type of rescue and found Ms. Daniels’ descriptions enlightening. The love story between these two characters is very sweet with love scenes that are satisfying without being overly explicit or highly erotic.

I found this book enjoyable and very interesting and look forward to reading the four books that will follow. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a sweet love story wrapped in adventure and excitement. -- Laurie Damron, Romance Junkies

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ISBN: 1590885457
ISBN(13-digit): 9781590885459
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 236
Paper Weight (lb): 10.0

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