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Glimpse Of Forever
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Having loved and lost Drake in other lives, including her current life in the twenty-first century, Jennifer is delighted when she finds herself catapulted into his life in the middle of the nineteenth century. Mistaking Jennifer for his intended, Drake finds her much easier to deal with after she falls from a tree in his woods. Although he thinks she tricked him into agreeing to wed her, he plans to have a marriage in name only. Now he discovers he wants her to be his wife in every way.

With her gift of sight, Jennifer knows Drake’s charge is impersonating her in the future. When she convinces Drake she isn’t his intended, he promises they will fight the evil wizard who wants her soul together. Then he is thrown from his horse and wounded. Fearing the wizard will never let them live in peace, Jennifer returns to the future only to discover the girl impersonating her is dead and she has no life to reclaim.

Unable to camouflage her excitement, Jennifer grinned. The possibility of seeing Kacy and her babies made her feel giddy. And the fact that Drake had seen them in the spring indicated that time here had elapsed the same as in the future.

Jennifer stared at the familiar mole under his left eye, then at his hair, so blond it looked pearl-white, and at his mouth, sensuous and tempting. Being in the nineteenth century alone with him made her tremble. Could he be Dirk? Had he died in the future and come to live in the past? Taken over someone else’s life? If so, would he forgive her for losing the opal?

Her heart dived when she thought about the opal. She looked away, shaking with despair.

When she dared another glance at Drake, a glimmer of amusement still shimmered in his wonderful eyes. Fascinating blue eyes, so like Dirk’s.

"Kacy’s eyes are blue, too." Not knowing why she made that inane statement, heat crawled up Jennifer’s neck.

"The Countess has lovely eyes, however, they’re no more lovely than yours."

Jennifer’s heart did a flip-flop, then threatened to quit altogether.

"Have you nothing to say?" he teased.

"Look Mr.--?" When he didn’t fill in his name, she said, "I don’t even know your last name."

His amusement gone, he hiked a brow. "Do you not?"

"No. In my vision Miranda only called you Drake."

He looked confounded, and his voice sounded strained when he croaked, "You had a vision? Of Miranda?"

Jennifer nodded. "Yes, the same one you were in, along with Prudence and Sevil."

Drake rammed a hand through his wavy hair, his eyes troubled. "Who is Sevil?"

"A wizard."

"How do you know he’s a wizard?"

"Miranda called him one. And he did unusual things."

"Such as?"

Jennifer shrugged. "Magic."

"What kind of magic?" Drake pumped.

"At the end of my vision he shape-shifted. Then he jumped clear up to the top of a roof, and he took Miranda with him."

Drake looked startled. He folded his arms across his broad chest, his food apparently forgotten. His frown had returned. "Tell me more about--this vision."

"It wasn’t much," Jennifer hedged, not ready to repeat everything she’d seen and heard. If she said Sevil had promised to take Miranda to the future to see Catharine, Drake would probably think she was crazy. Suddenly remembering Miranda wanted Sevil to make a switch, apparently with her, Jennifer almost gasped out loud. But she expected Miranda to return soon. Even though they looked alike, Jennifer couldn’t pretend to be Miranda. Other than what she’d seen in the vision, she knew nothing about Miranda’s life, or what was expected of her. And Jennifer had no intention of being treated like a nineteenth century lady whose activities could be curtailed or restricted. She’d come back in time to see Kacy, and she intended to, just as soon as possible, then hopefully she’d return to her own time.

"I consider myself a patient man," Drake said, "however, I’m impatient to hear about your vision."

Jennifer licked her bottom lip. "I saw a man and lady, who called each other Miranda and Sevil, spying on you and another lady through a window. They called you Drake and Prudence. You were preparing to go out for the evening and I think that upset Miranda because she’s apparently engaged--betrothed to you."

"What did Miranda and Sevil say?" Drake pumped again.

"She said you ignored her and doted on Prudence. Sevil said he convinced you to let Miranda take the Grand Tour last year, then arranged your marriage as he promised. But now Miranda wants more."

"More what?"

Jennifer stared at the food on the table. She hadn’t been very hungry, now she felt even less so. "Miranda doesn’t want Prudence to be your mistress."

"I see," Drake said, but he didn’t look convinced. He looked doubtful.

At a loss for words, Jennifer picked up her fork and stabbed a piece of cold ham. When Drake remained quiet, she reminded, "You haven’t told me your last name."

Born in Utah, Evanell graduated from Orem High School, and attended both Brigham Young University and the University of Utah. After working as a secretary in Salt Lake City, and putting her husband through college, she moved to Denver, and worked in the oil and gas industry, operating her own consulting firm.

From Colorado she and her husband moved to England, where she joined the American Women’s Club of London. In addition to serving as both Treasurer and President of the AWCL, she wrote articles for and worked on the staff of the London Bridge, a magazine for women living in the U.K.

Upon their return to the U.S., they bought a home in Boulder City, Nevada. Four years later they relocated to Arizona where Peggy joined RWA as well as two local chapters, Desert Rose and Valley of the Sun. She is also a member of the West Valley Authors Association (WVAA), plus a weekly critique group, and she mentors other writers.

Peggy has three sons and nine living grandchildren having lost a twelve year old grandson in 2000. Married to her current husband for more than twenty-five years, she also has four step children and three step grandchildren.

Peggy has always loved to read and vowed to give the characters in her head their own written stories someday. Her hobbies include golf, Mah Jong and being a Queen Mum for the Red Hat Ya Ya’s in SCW.

This paranormal romance has it all—time travel, reincarnation, a fairy, a guardian angel, and a hero and heroine you can't help but like. A humorous and heart- tugging story, with believable characters, a touch of the angelic and fey, a villain, and a glimpse of lovers for eternity, this book will keep you enthralled until the end.—Angela Verdenius , Soul of a Mercenary, The Road to Romance Reviewers Choice Award

Glimpse Of Eternity is both a fairy tale and a romance. A fun read that touches your heart.—Sandra Lee Smith, A Flower For Angela

Glimpse Of Forever: Past and present cross with twists of fate for lovers when Jennifer meets her deceased husband in a past century she knows she is destined to leave. -- Nancy Damato, The Pawn, Wings ePress, August 2005

I like the intimate feel of Glimpse of Never Ending Love. The heartfelt attraction between Catharine and Tyler is perfect.-- Eden Robins, best selling author of ALL OUR TOMORROWS

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ISBN: 1590886941
ISBN(13-digit): 9781590886946
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 297
Paper Weight (lb): 12.4

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