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Glimpse Of Eternity
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He wanted to kiss her again. Giving in to the impulse, he lowered his head.

She thwarted him by scooting off his lap, jumping to her feet. Instead of dashing away, she stood before him, her mouth swollen from his prolonged kiss, her eyes blazing with unfulfilled passion. And then to his utter amazement, she said, “Thank you.”

Startled, and still on the bed, his gaze level with hers, he said, “If you like my kisses, why did you stop me?”

“Because that’s not why I’m here. And I’m sure my guardian angel wouldn’t approve if we did anything more.”

Clay breathed in and out, slowly. “Why then, did you thank me?”

“For the reunion.”

Puzzled, he frowned. “The reunion?”

She nodded. “I think we’ve known each other before. In prior lives. But I don’t expect to stay in this century. So I don’t think we should kiss again. I need to try to help solve your problems, not complicate them, so I can go home.”

"It’s sad that people in the twenty-first century don’t play or learn the pleasure of simple games like these. If parents don’t hire clowns or magicians, or spend huge sums at restaurants or movies theaters, parties aren’t considered fun."

Although Fey nodded, Thorne frowned. "I don’t wish you to speak of the future in public."

Kacy lowered her head, raised a finger to her scar, feeling chastised for no good reason. They were alone. If anybody else could have heard, she wouldn’t have said what she did.

When the games ended, Bardsy announced in a voice that rang with confidence, "We have musicians." Deferring to Thorne, he asked, "Will ye dance for us milord, with the lovely Miss Rose and show yer tenants how talented the gentry be?"

In a corner of the ballroom the human-size fairy musicians, nattily dressed in clothes fit for London’s symphony orchestra, picked up their instruments and played a slow waltz. Without a word, Thorne stood and offered his arm.

Kacy placed her shaky hand on his dove-gray sleeve. When he turned her into his arms, her mind emptied of every thought. For a few moments she forgot she was mad at Thorne and that she didn’t belong here. "I wonder if any other earl has ever entertained his tenants and servants in his ballroom. That you’re doing so makes me proud, Thorne."

He stared hypnotically into her eyes but made no comment. Pleasure rippled through her as memories of other lifetimes blended with the emotions Thorne evoked with just his stare. His strength, his graceful movements, the glint in his riveting green eyes, his left hand clasping her right and his right arm around her waist guiding her with expert skill--all had a devastating effect on her.

As they waltzed, tenants and servants swayed to the music, while children and stable boys gathered on the sides to watch. Kacy wished other couples would dance too, but she knew that wouldn’t have been deemed proper. She saw the Duke return. Moments later he and Fey joined them on the dance floor.

After three glorious dances, Thorne nodded at the musicians to stop. He released Kacy near the children, his gaze on her as little Lamont said, "You wook wike Cinderella dancing wiff the Prince, Miss Rose."

"Wud ya tell us Cinderella again?" Janey begged, her previous bashfulness as forgotten as last year’s rain now that she no longer had a lame arm.

"Yes, do!" Lamont pleaded.

Before Kacy could protest, Thorne motioned the children to sit on the polished floor and instructed servers to bring chairs for Kacy, himself, Fey and the Duke.

Faced with no other choice, Kacy repeated the fairytales she’d told before. Children, parents, tenants and servants appeared spellbound. Even Drake and Thorne, with Timothy and Thadius sitting at their feet, seemed to enjoy each tale.

Summoning her nerve Kacy dipped deep into her memories and created a tale of a young couple who loved so intensely neither time nor death, nor distance, could keep them apart. Like all fairytales it had a happy ending but she didn’t think Thorne understood why she told it. Was her love for him as hopeless as it had been in past lives?

The vicar’s arrival drew everybody’s attention.

Thorne urged Kacy from her chair and escorted her from the crowd. When they reached the vicar, he asked, "When do you wish the ceremony to begin, my lord?"

Turning his gaze to Kacy, Thorne said, "As soon as my bride is ready."

Her heart began to pound. "Your bride? Who... where?"

"Please join the crowd," he told the vicar, then he led Kacy to a private corner before he said, "The vicar is here perform a wedding ceremony. Ours."

Stunned, Kacy stammered, "Ours?"

He nodded.

"But I’m not dressed for a wedding and... and we haven’t discussed marriage at all. It’s... its serious business!"

"Of course it is and the arrangements have all been made. The Duke brought a gown for you and wedding me is what I claim for the bargain we struck."

Born in Utah, Evanell graduated from Orem High School, and attended both Brigham Young University and the University of Utah. After working as a secretary in Salt Lake City, and putting her husband through college, she moved to Denver, and worked in the oil and gas industry, operating her own consulting firm.

From Colorado she and her husband moved to England, where she joined the American Women’s Club of London. In addition to serving as both Treasurer and President of the AWCL, she wrote articles for and worked on the staff of the London Bridge, a magazine for women living in the U.K.

Upon their return to the U.S., they bought a home in Boulder City, Nevada. Four years later they relocated to Arizona where Peggy joined RWA as well as two local chapters, Desert Rose and Valley of the Sun. She is also a member of the West Valley Authors Association (WVAA), plus a weekly critique group, and she mentors other writers.

Peggy has three sons and nine living grandchildren having lost a twelve year old grandson in 2000. Married to her current husband for more than twenty-five years, she also has four step children and three step grandchildren.

Peggy has always loved to read and vowed to give the characters in her head their own written stories someday. Her hobbies include golf, Mah Jong and being a Queen Mum for the Red Hat Ya Ya’s in SCW.

This paranormal romance has it all—time travel, reincarnation, a fairy, a guardian angel, and a hero and heroine you can't help but like. A humorous and heart- tugging story, with believable characters, a touch of the angelic and fey, a villain, and a glimpse of lovers for eternity, this book will keep you enthralled until the end.—Angela Verdenius , Soul of a Mercenary, The Road to Romance Reviewers Choice Award

Glimpse Of Eternity is both a fairy tale and a romance. A fun read that touches your heart.—Sandra Lee Smith, A Flower For Angela

Glimpse Of Forever: Past and present cross with twists of fate for lovers when Jennifer meets her deceased husband in a past century she knows she is destined to leave. -- Nancy Damato, The Pawn, Wings ePress, August 2005

I like the intimate feel of Glimpse of Never Ending Love. The heartfelt attraction between Catharine and Tyler is perfect.-- Eden Robins, best selling author of ALL OUR TOMORROWS

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ISBN: 159088759X
ISBN(13-digit): 9781590887592
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 346
Paper Weight (lb): 14.6

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