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Freak City
Sage Williams
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It’s taken Ben Dalmas a while to learn to control the Wolf Within. But learning this discipline has made him a formidable young man. The question is, has he become formidable enough to deal with the challenges in front of him?

With the help of Amanda Keening, mage and Federal Agent, he’s going to find out exactly who and what he is. And woe to anything that stands in his way. Nothing stands between a werewolf and what he wants. Not for long, anyway.

Jaz watched the whole thing unfold from her hidey-hole, jaw slackening with each development. Who is this guy? she thought. When the gun came up the last time she thought it was over, that this guy, whoever he was, was history.

That’s when his clothing seemed to explode away from him as his muscles swelled and fur sprang from his flesh. He leaped the distance between them--an easy fifteen feet--like an angry gorilla. He landed in a squat, arm sweeping out as the gun roared twice at point-blank range.

The guy with the gun went over hard, slamming into the sidewalk with a sickening crunch she could hear from where she hid. The stranger leaped his body and turned. Jaz gasped. He looked like a werewolf out of a movie, but his movements were those of an ape, blending the musculature of a primate with the savagery of a wolf. He slammed the side of his fist into the gunman’s midsection, then scooped him off the ground and hurled him back into the gully from which they’d emerged. He snatched up the leader next and sent him tumbling after him.

The one uninjured ganger gave a frightened shriek and ran. The werewolf froze, staring after him, and seemed to shake off the urge to give chase. "Better run, asshole,” he barked. Then he threw back his head and howled.

~ * ~

Jaz flinched, then nearly bolted as the werewolf twisted around and stared directly at her. She stiffened, a tiny cry escaping her lips of its own volition. He turned slowly, as if checking the surroundings, snatched up his backpack in his mouth, and loped up the street toward Pacific Avenue. Again, she noticed that his gait was more like an ape’s than either a wolf or a werewolf from the movies.

She crept out of her hidey-hole and slipped up to the edge of the gully, staring down at the battered remains of the gang unwise enough to attempt to mug a werewolf. Her gaze lingered for several moments as she considered slipping down the bank and sliding the edge of her knife across a few throats. The image danced in her mind for a while. She backed away finally. They haven’t done anything to deserve that. Not yet.

Give them time.

Saje Williams lives in Washington State with his wife, four dogs, the world’s politest cat, a ball python, and a mouse named "Leftover.” He’s been involved in canine rescue for years.

Of Man and Monster: "With the fast pace, this reviewer was hard pressed not to scream and shout as the heart-pounding ride felt like a roller coaster that wasn’t going to stop! With each page, Mr. Williams will capture the readers’ imagination and deliver them to the brink and back with every word!” -- Dawn, Loveromancesandmore.com .

"Saje Williams has written yet another compelling and complex story in Freak City. The world-building is vast and brilliantly done and the variety of characters is immense.”—Kelley Hartsell, Kelley’s Kwips and Kritiques

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ISBN: 1597059021
ISBN(13-digit): 9781597059022
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 308
Paper Weight (lb): 5.0

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