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The Fox and the Swan
A. Dee Carey
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She became a swan to avoid marrying the evil Pheland. Rory became a fox to restore her to womanhood. He risked his human existence for all time that Fionna would not have to remain a bird.


My Uncle Elidor was as dear to me as my own father. My mother’s brother was a kind and unusual man. He’d studied many years to become a Druid and was a master of his craft. When my dear mother died, he returned to our island to help my father raise my brother and me. When we were very young he kept a close watch on us. As we grew older, he provided us with an education that could not be obtained anywhere outside of a Druid tutelage.

Elidor was my uncle, my friend and my most trusted confidant. He was always able to answer questions I dared not ask of my father. We talked long hours of my mother’s childhood. To speak of mother to Papa wounded him so; I did not trouble him. But Elidor was more than eager to tell me of his sister’s childhood exploits. You could tell he and his sister were very close as children. It seemed he regretted the time he spent studying, away from his sister. Uncle believed family was the most desirable structure for the preservation of all that is good in mankind. He revered all life, human, animal, even the plants were held in high esteem. If he were to come across an injured animal he would tend it carefully until it was strong enough to return to its home. Though he cared for many animals, none were caged. They knew they could rely on Uncle Elidor to do his best for them. Passing his love of creatures on to Sully and me, he taught me how to communicate with the birds and oftentimes I could get them to sing along with me.

Times were becoming meager for us. The loss of a full year’s wool and Mrs. MacTaggert’s accounts were straining on our family’s finances. When Mr. MacTaggert handled all the funds and we had a slim year, he would extend funds against the following year. Mrs. MacTaggert, however, was not so generous. She hoarded every penny. It was my belief she told her husband she extended the same courtesy, as did he, then pocketed the difference herself.

Papa worried that he could not provide for us as he always had. I was of marriageable age and he thought to find me a husband who could provide for us all. Not considered a beauty, he sought out older men, who would not be offended by my unusual coloring.

We owned three quarters of the land at the rim. The remainder belonged to a man new to Scotland. He was a Briton of some royal heritage and my father thought him to be a fine match.

I did not like the man. He frightened me. When Papa told me he had betrothed me to Laird Arwan Pheland, I fled to the comfort of my brother and Tag. Surely, they could come up with a remedy for this terrible mess.

The boys were fishing at the edge of the island’s rocky coast. As I approached I heard Sully taunt his friend, "So you think my sister is pretty? Jeeze, I love her, but that white hair separates her from the beauties.”

Tag turned abruptly and cuffed my brother. "Don’t you say another thing about Fionna. She’s perfect just as she is. Her white hair does not separate her from beauties; it elevates her. She has a beauty that surpasses all others.”

Though I was truly upset about my betrothal, Tag’s words made my heart sing. To know someone treasured me was some comfort. I loudly cleared my throat, to alert them of my presence. When they looked up at me Tag’s face quickly turned crimson.

Even as I smiled at him my tears began to flow. Soon I was consumed by my crying. They both rushed to me. My brother, angered, wanted to murder the one who’d harmed me. Tag however made the quick assessment I was not physically injured, merely gravely offended.

He rushed to my side and placed his arm about my shoulders. He rubbed his sleeve across my face wiping away my tears. "What happened? What have you been told that alarms you so?”

"Papa wants me to marry Laird Pheland.”

"Pheland, that pig?” Tag replied. "He’s so old and ugly in a strange sort of way. Why would he offer his daughter to a man old enough to be your father?”

A. Dee Carey started writing as soon as she could hold a pencil and will continue to write until she can no longer hold the pencil. She is married to a wonderful man who puts up with her zany imagination and encourages her to follow the dream. He has been her helpmate in all endeavors for 48 years. Having support is the life blood of writing. Dee continues writing about her beloved foxes and hopes many will enjoy the fox "tails.”

In FOX IN THE MIST Dee Carey has created a thrilling fantasy wherein appealing characters, both human and animals, excitingly strive to oust a usurper and return the rightful heir to the throne. The heroine is equally charming as both a fox and a girl, and the young hero has just enough vulnerability. Now--I want a fox! I want a tiny unicorn to dance in my palm!, Fran Keighley, award-winning Wings author.

FOX IN THE MIST - Dee Carey has a flowing, somewhat unusual style, and Fox in the Mist moves quickly. Her descriptions are simply fantastic, and I had no trouble picturing every single element- from the prancing of a tiny unicorn to the thrilling sensations of a single romantic touch, to the idealized sweeping vision of Arthurian castles. What a lovely, lovely book I look forward to more unusual magical tales from A. Dee Carey -- Fox in the Mist 5 unicorns from Enchanted it Romance

The Vixen: Ms. Carey spins for her reader a fine "Tail.” With a carefully structured plot, this author weaves her unique braid of Arthurian legend. If only "The Vixen” was required reading during my study of British Literature. -- Laura Turner noted journalist

The Vixen: Within the body of a fox lay the spirit of the vixen, awaiting the female human vessel it would finally inhabit. At the base of the neck, the boy will bear the fox-shape mole. When these two shall meet, they will rule Ireland as it has been foretold…

Travel back in time to the ancient Druids, to a time of magic long lost in the mist… to a time of the Vixen…

If you love the tales of olde, that touch of magic that has often been lost in stories of fantasies written in a modern world, then read one of A. Dee Carey’s books--she writes with the finesse of the ancient masters, perfectly capturing a time when magic lingered and anything could happen… -- Angela Verdenius, Heart of a Peacekeeper

The Fox and the Chalice is a fascinating blend of the history of The Catholic Church and the religion of the ancient Druids. There is amazing detail that draws you into the characters’ world and doesn’t let go. The characters are rich with emotions ranging from avarice to selflessness and from raging lust to eternal love. I highly recommend this unique, absorbing read from the very talented A. Dee Carey. -- Mary Paine, A Dangerous Dream, www.marypaine.com

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ISBN: 1597059293
ISBN(13-digit): 9781597059299
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 216
Paper Weight (lb): 9.4

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